10 Websites for free online books for kids

The grandeur of fairy tales, the charm of the knight in the shining armour, the adventures of hunters and animal, and the mysteries of magical realms, childhood has been the best time for a lot of us when it comes to books and stories. When I was little, not one night went when my parents didn’t read me a fairy tale before the bedtime. Now that I look back, the stories I read and heard in my childhood have etched so deep in my mind, that the stories are all I remember vividly.

The widespread use of the internet has allowed everybody to reap its benefits. So, why not the little kids as well? The world of internet is filled with gripping stories about fairies, wizards, witches and goblins just awaiting curious children to read them. Here are 10 of the best websites wherein you can find an abundant of kids’ books to read online for free.

10 Websites with Free Books to Read Online for Kids

Storyline Online:

There’s nothing like watching your kids get consumed into the story realm when it’s the famed movie stars that are narrating them. The Storyline Online provides an assortment of books, which are read aloud by some of the famous stars who are member of the Screen Actors Guild such as Elijah Wood, Eva Longoria, Chris Pine and Betty White.

The best part is, the services of this website is absolutely free. With the careful enunciation and a narration filled with emotions; the kids could have a wonderful time in listening to the exceptional voice actors of SAG.

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Oxford Owl:

Oxford Owl is a primary platform developed by the Oxford University Press. It is a home to numerable stories and books for children and is also excellent space for free teaching and learning. The basic viewing and reading on this platform are free.

However, if you grow to adore the platform and would want to reap the premium benefits, you could subscribe to their paid membership. The subscription gives you access to storytelling videos and various learning tools which will boost the cognitive prowess of your kids whilst they have fun in learning.

Storynory: Audio Stories for Kids

Good animation and excellent sound graphics can make up your afternoon if you let your children get consumed into a story while you take a good hour nap. Storynory makes this utopia a reality by offering a myriad of audio story books for free. Moreover, you can also have your child listen to animated poems and rhymes that will lift their spirits in a jiff.

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International Children’s Digital Library:

ICDL provide free access to some of the best children’s literature in about 40 languages and its services are available almost all around the world. It is a non-profit organisation that seeks the betterment of children and embrace the diversity in them through their books. The books are arranged by counties and owing to the multi-lingual approach of the platform, you can find your kids the best kind of books in the language of your choice. 

Book Trust

Book Trust is your one-stop solution in getting your child the best learning means. This website is home to some of the best Children’s classic storybooks, games, coloring activities set, intriguing puzzles and various other interactive activities.

These will not only enable your child to have an excellent time indulging in magnificently narrated stories, but also help them boost their cognitive skills. It is a free website that would not charge you registration or service fee.

National Geographic Young Explorer

This website is dedicated to educating the children about the world around them. National Geographic comes with some of the best videos to illustrate the laws of the universe that governs us, how everything came to exist and how everything works.

While this site may not include the best of fiction, your child will have a great time in learning about the facts of the world. It is a great learning platform for little children. Moreover, this platform could also help your child find his or her career calling from an early age on.

Open Library

Being a subsidiary website of Internet Archive, open library harbors a collection of over 1 million children’s books and stories. You can get free access to some 20,000 books from classics to recent launches all in just one spot.

The registration and limited use are free. You can get the paid membership and get access to all the books updated by the website. It frequently updates its book galleries and introduces all the new releases.

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Amazon’s Kindle for kids

While the adults have their fun with the book collection Amazon’s kindle has to offer, the kids could reap the benefits of kindle to serve their own reading needs as well.

Amazon Kindle has a vast range of children’s books to offer which can be easily accessed right from the phone. You do not need the device to access these books. These e-books are free to read, and you can surf over thousands of e-books to narrate to your child.

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Mrs. P’s Magic Library

This site features the famed star Kathy Kinney who appears as Mrs. P, a heart-warming grandmother who narrates stories to children in her soothing voice.

Kinney and her team have compiled vast video collection in which, she sits back on a couch and narrates stories to the listeners via this website. It is free to access and easy to use. You can leave your child in the humble embrace of Mrs. P, while you take a long afternoon nap.


Starfall offers a collection of fascinating and engaging books for children. Although, the overall pool of services offered by Starfall comes with a price tag, you can watch the sample storytelling videos that are free. If you like what you see, you can head and purchase the premium membership and get full access to the website.


Children’s sole door to the world is through the stories they read, nay, the stories they experience. Stories can help children in forming their personality, whilst enjoying the ride to teenage. Using the means of internet to search for suitable books for kids is easy and cheap. You can access any of these websites without spending a penny and watch your child have a great time at listening new tales, solving intriguing puzzles, doing creative activities and coloring on their favorite pictures.


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