5 Effective Ways to Obtain Netherite in Minecraft

Netherite is a highly sought after resource in Minecraft, as it is used to upgrade diamond gear to make it more durable and powerful. Unlike other gear, Netherite gear is also fire and lava resistant. However, players need to take caution with cactus blocks as they can damage Netherite items.

Obtain Netherite in Minecraft

To create Netherite ingots, players must combine four gold ingots with four Netherite scraps. Obtaining Netherite scraps can be a challenge as they can only be acquired through smelting ancient debris or from chests found in Bastion Remnants.

Ancient debris can be found in the Nether and can be mined with either a diamond or Netherite pickaxe. It is typically found in veins of 1-4, but it can also be found as a single block. Netherite is essential for players to progress in the game.

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Mastering Netherite Mining: Best Methods for Finding Netherite in Minecraft

Here are the top 5 ways to obtain Netherite in Minecraft Java and Bedrock:

Strip mining : This is the simplest method of obtaining Netherite and can be done by mining in a straight line, creating a strip, at the coordinate Y = 12. A diamond pickaxe is all that is required, but players must be mindful of lava pockets.

TNT mining : For players who have access to TNT, it can be an effective method of finding ancient debris. By exploding TNT in the Nether at Y = 12, players can clear the area and expose hidden ancient debris. The challenge is acquiring enough TNT, either through gunpowder or looting desert temples.

Bed mining : Beds can be used in the same manner as TNT to find ancient debris in the Nether. When a player tries to sleep on a bed in the Nether, it will explode, exposing any hidden ancient debris. Beds are a more sustainable resource as they can be crafted from cheap wool and wood planks.

Bastion Remnant loot : Raiding Bastion Remnants can yield Netherite scraps or even ingots found in the chests that spawn. Players must be prepared to take on Piglin hordes for this riskier method of obtaining Netherite.

End crystal mining : Placing end crystals in the Nether and shooting them with a bow can clear a large area, revealing ancient debris. This method is expensive as end crystals require ender eyes and ghast tears, but it can be a useful option for players with an abundance of these resources.

By utilizing all of these methods, players can increase their chances of obtaining Netherite in Minecraft.


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