5 Most Unbiased News Sources 2020

Media is a powerful instrument that can make or even break a country. People fail to comprehend just how much power journalists hold because we citizens can get swayed by every word they write. This makes it important to ensure that you get your daily dose of news from authentic and unbiased sources.

While on the political spectrum, right-wing conservatives would always hunt down its left-wing counterpart, regardless of the country, the citizens deserve to get their news from media outlets that are not affiliated to any political ideology. Such media houses convey nothing but pure facts. This ensures that the citizens get authentic information irrespective of the story that is being covered and allow them to form their opinions without any malign sway.

So, how would you know if a News Source is biased or not? The one way to detect prejudiced sources is to compare the stories they cover across a political dichotomy. If the source is a biased conservative, the tarnished image of Liberals would be portrayed at every given opportunity. This could be your clue. Nonetheless, I have compiled a list of all the unbiased news sources which can become your daily dose of news.

5 Best Unbiased News Sources [ American ]

If you ask some random people which news sourcethey find to be most unbiased, you will get varying answers. This indicates that you cannot find a middle ground with another person on anything. Your perception of biased sources could be different from the next person. In fact, no media source can claim themselves to be 100% unbiased. We are humans after all, with an allegiance to some degree. However, you can still know about the news sources with menial degree of bias.

The New York Times

NY times is a newspaper based in the New York City which has a worldwide coverage and readership. The articles and journals of the NYT has been cited by many scholarly papers and thus, it gives the newspaper some level of credibility on the global stage.Although, many people have accused the paper of being a little leftist, on the basis of August 2020 Blind Bias Survey conducted by AllSides, in contrast to other papers, NYT seemed to enjoy quite a reputation as a paper for the people.

With numerable sections on news and editorial columns, people from various parts of the country share their opinions on trending topics, thus, people are given a stage on this newspaper. Founded in 1851, it has a vast history of reporting facts and still remains credible almost 2 centuries down the line. Owing to its heritage, it has been dubbed as the “Gray Lady”.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post has been around for as long as other renowned papers such as NYT and Wall Street Journal and has garnered multiple Pulitzer Prizes for its phenomenal reporting. After exposing the Watergate scandal which brought about the downfall of the then president Richard Nixon, Washington Post enjoyed a position of veneration and vast viewership. It is easily one of the most unbiased news sources out there.

The opinion section of the Washington Post invites journalists from worldwide to enable them to give their first-hand experience on the events happening in their native country. Therefore, the Washington Post also have a massive coverage.

Associated Press

Associated Press is an independent non-profit global organisation with a sole mission to report facts, without any prejudice or bias through political influence. It has been credited for reporting facts without giving off the hint of favouritism towards any group.

The audience reach of the organisation is said to reach almost half the entire population of the world. Moreover, it has been reported to function in 250 regions worldwide, which indicates their massive global presence. Although, they may not be a part of the America Holy trinity of the media, their journalists consist of some of the top-notch people that bring news with indisputable evidence and without any bias.

BBC News

BBC news is a British news television channels that covers political, cultural, economic and national news of virtually all the countries worldwide. With a team that is quick to gather facts and probe into them to deliver authentic news reports before anyone, BBC has left a massive imprint on the global stages, wherein, the reporters take a neutral tone and convey the factual information to the viewers without any bias.

It has been credited By AllSides, Check and Media/bias and fact as neutral when it comes to reporting contentious news pieces. The daily regional segments also include weather and sports. In addition, they have also been credited for the creation of documentaries on myriad of social events and controversies. The meticulous coverage and interviews conducted during the phase of creating a documentary will leave the viewers enlightened than ever before.

CBS News

CBS news is the television and radio branch of the CBS that relays factual news about the worldwide affairs on the various segments it manages, including CBS Evening news, CBS the morning, CBS news Sunday morning, 60 minutes and 48 hours. The argument that CBS news leans towards liberal ideas has often been raised, all the while the reporters of the channel maintain a neutral tone while conveying the news.

The articles published on the channel’s website evaluates all contentious issues from all sides and draws conclusion without giving off a hint of bias. While the channel has a history of covering all major political events, the element of holistic analysis has always been present in their articles


Although, the argument of whether or not a media outlet is bias is omnipresent, there is always one outlet less bias than the other. The consummate non-biased media is a kind of utopia that is still a long way away. The question is, which news source has lesser degree of bias than the rest? These 5 sources have not only been credited by the general public, but official platforms who are meant to keep the biases of media in check have also corroborated the views of general public.


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