How to Add Apps to Your Vizio Smart TV ?

The breakthrough in the market : Vizio Smart TV

The world has been witnessing a shift from conventional TVs towards Smart TVs. As the name suggests, these appliances allow the user to stream video content from different OTTs via a stable network connection and witness them on a big screen (just like you watch movies in the theatres). And the fun fact about these is access to a good number of applications from external sources.

One of the popular giants in the world of smart TVs is Vizio. Based out of the USA, it has been giving tough competition to the likes of Samsung and LG. The fun fact about Vizio smart TVs is that it allows the user to go beyond the limited pre-installed apps and access his or her comfort apps. Thus, the upcoming content discusses in further detail adding your apps to the same.

Vizio Smart TV : Roadmap of upgrades

Since its inception, the Smart TV models of Vizio have undergone a good amount of metamorphosis. The following list defines the same:

  • 2015 and before- Supported only internet apps, with limited choices and compatibility to only a handful of smartphones. 
  • 2016 and 2017– Introduced SmartCast in some of the models for enhanced compatibility with different brands of smartphones.
  • 2018 and beyond- All of the models support SmartCast and thus a good number of applications can be installed in the TVs, without limiting oneself to the existing list.

Therefore, based on the model, the methodology to add the app also differs from one user to the other.

Adding up apps in Vizio Smart Cast

If your Vizio Smart TV is of the latest model and supports in-built Chromecast, then things are pretty like a cakewalk for you. All you need to do is go for the steps given below:

  1. Launch Google Play Store or Apple Store on your device.
  2. Select any one of the streaming applications from it that supports Chromecast (read in the app description to know further).
  3. Download the app and open it for the streaming of the content.
  4. Hit on the Cast icon at the top side of the screen.
  5. Add your Vizio TV as the device and then the connection is established.

Voila! Now you can enjoy a good number of applications on your TV and never get bored out of any of the subscribed OTTs.

Adding up apps in Vizio Internet Apps

In case if your Vizio model is a bit old and does not support Chromecast, then also you can add different apps. Just follow the given steps to understand the difference concerning the previous category:

  1. Access the remote of the TV and hit on the V button.
  2. A home menu would open up that lists down all of the apps that can be downloaded on the device.
  3. Find out the ones that are not added to your device and hit on OK.
  4. With this, the download would begin and the process gets completed after some time.
  5. Go to the My Apps section of the home menu and refer to the downloaded ones out of the list.

An advantage given by these models of Vizio is that it categorized the apps on the home screen based on their popularity. Therefore, it reduces the browsing period and makes it very easy to search.

Customizing the apps row on Vizio Smart TV

You can also arrange the layout of the apps on your Smart TV. Just follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Customize App Row option, present at the top left corner of the screen (highlighted by a blue icon).
  2. Select the app that you want to reposition and then hit on the left or right cursors to move it out to the new locations.
  3. Hit on OK and then finalize the changes by clicking on Done.

Going for the latest updates

With the latest models of Vizio Smart TVs, you can also update your apps to their latest versions. Just go for the below steps:

  1. Press the V button on the remote to open up the list of apps on the TV.
  2. Keep scrolling on the icons and check on any new updates by tapping a yellow button on your remote.
  3. In case of any new update, the option for the same pops up on the screen and you can hit on it to install the new update.

With this, we conclude on our take of the addition of new apps on Vizio Smart TV. Do write back to us in case of further queries and till then, stay subscribed to our channel.


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