How to Add & Hide Home Button on Google Chrome ?

That’s the fun thing about web browsers- they offer a good number of tools that can help out users to access the websites conveniently. Starting from customizing the browser, creating thumbnails on the home page to add shortcuts to the website, to even creating a pre-determined homepage button, these browsers have made our lives easier.

However, owing to the recent perception of the users having a clean and clutter-free interface, many of these tools have been hidden by the browsers, particularly Google Chrome. With the recent versions of Google Chrome, you can only find the requisite tools on the display.

While this is something good, it might not go well for some of the users who are looking upon the good old days. Thus, in our blog of the day, we would be discussing further on Enable Chrome Home Button.  

Unhiding / Adding home button on Google Chrome

By default, Google Chrome hides the Home button on the browser interface to offer a clean surface for working. In other terms, the users can only find the necessary tools handy. But, it does not mean that the old buttons are gone forever, rather they can be recalled back.

Go for the following steps to add back the home button on the browser:

  • Launch Google Chrome on the PC and go to the settings.
  • Alternatively, you can type chrome://settings/ in the search bar and directly reach the settings window.
  • Scroll down to the section showing the heading of Appearance.
Add Chrome Home Button
  • Under that, you would find one toggle showing the option for the Home button. Turn it on to allow the home button to be displayed on the browser screen.
Enable Home Button on Chrome
  • With this, the icon gets added between the refresh and Omnibox buttons at the top.

Customize Home Button

Simply adding the home button might not be that beneficial after all. It would become useful only when you set the option for it to redirect to your most visited website by simply clicking the icon.

Google Chrome Home Button Customization

To do so, ensure that you see an option of custom under the toggle on of the browser settings. Enter the URL of your favorite website and save the settings. Therefore, from now on, whenever you click on the home button, it would always redirect you to the required website.

Hiding the home button on Google Chrome

In case if you want to Disable back the home button from the display, then go to Chrome->Settings->Appearance->Home button toggle.

Turn off the toggle and the option would go away from the top.

Apart from this, Google Chrome settings also offer other options like setting up the home page theme, dark mode, profile picture, history management, and other required tools that can improve the overall interaction with the user. Thus, feel free to explore those options.

With this, we conclude on our take of hiding and unhiding the home button from the browser. Let us know of your doubts and concerns in the comments section and they would get answered instantaneously.


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