10 Best Alternative Third Party App Stores for Android

The safe umbrella of Play Store : The users of Android enjoy the haven of Google Play Store. Coming as a pre-installed package while buying out any new device, it offers a wide number of choices of applications of different genres. In simple terms, it acts as the one-stop solution for differing downloads as per the user requirements.

However, there might be cases where you want to download some important apps but it has not been released in the Play Store yet. Alternatively, it is not available in your region and you need to use the same very urgently. In such cases, you might think of going for alternatives to the Play Store. With this, we would be discussing the top 10 alternatives for play store in 2020

Why to go for Third Party App Store ?

When it comes to the reasoning for opting for these alternatives, the list never ceases to end. But, the primary ones include the following:

  • Downloading the app that has not been made available in the existing region yet.
  • Getting the paid apps for free and with required security levels.
  • Discount on the premium apps that cost a hefty in the name of the subscription.
  • Decent deals on the various in-app purchases that often cost a lot while going for Play Store.
  • Getting out of the loopholes of the payment system of the Play Store.

Hence, now you have a good number of reasons to opt for such services.

Change Android Settings to Allow Downloads from Playstore Alternatives

By default, the Android settings prevent downloading any apps from unknown sources. Therefore, the same needs to be activated before beginning with the usage of the alternative. Go for the given steps to execute it:

Settings->Security->Unknown Sources

Tap on the option to enable it and offer the required certifications for the installation of apps from these sources.

Now, the upcoming sections discuss in detail the top 10 alternatives for 2020. The list has been made after careful consideration of the user ratings and feedback.

10 Best Third Party Play store Alternatives 2020

Amazon App Store

When it comes to going for the best alternative to Google Play Store, why not go for the option from another leading Software Giant! The Amazon app store can be availed from the official website of the same and can be found in default on the Firestick devices.

Some of the stark features of it include the following:

  • Repository of a majority of the big shot apps that are also available in the Play Store.
  • Also includes the Amazon-specific apps that are sometimes not available on the Google Play Store.
  • Can run parallel with the default app store.
  • Includes user optimization of the platform and overall profile.
  • Majority of the apps being free, with some costing a nominal amount.

APK Mirror

The next in line is APK Mirror. It is not an app store to be precise, but a website that holds up several applications with different versions. Some of the apps are non-beta versions of the ones available on the Play Store and accordingly you can enjoy the different updates related to it.

It comes in handy only for those users who want to rollback to the previous versions of any app. The primary reason for it is the bugs and inconvenience caused by the latest version of the installation. Along with this, the other classy features are similar to ones enjoyed in Play Store.


Aptoide is the next in line to the list of successful alternatives to Google Play Store. The open-source platform has various features similar to the Play Store and can often be confused with the same. The classy features of it include the following:

  • Different versions for different OS apart from Android.
  • Safe interface for direct downloading of the apps.
  • Meets the safety standards and norms defined by Android for third-party installations.
  • Very few to zero ads during the usage of the space.

APK Pure

Another one on the list is APK Pure. The website gives tough competition to the other alternatives of Play Store and has created its name in the market owing to the friendly interface and hassle-free downloading. The classy features include the following:

  • Big gallery of applications of different genres as per the usage.
  • Single click downloading of the APK versions of the apps.
  • Majority of the apps being free, with hardly any that would cost a minimal amount.
  • Lesser interruption by the ads.


If you want to go for only FOSS apps i.e. Free and Open Source types, then F-Droid is the best alternative for you. It is available in both the forms of website and app store and thus adds up options for the users. Its features include the following:

  • Good categorization and collection of apps from different genres.
  • Easy access to the source codes for the improvisation of the apps.
  • Ideal for the ones wishing to start a career as a developer.
  • Different versions are made available, in case if you want to go for any older one.

Download F-droid


Mobogenie is the perfect alternative for those who are looking for a multilingual alternative to the Play Store. It houses a proper organization of the apps and thus offers a wide variety of alternatives to the users.

Some of the classy features include the following:

  • Also acts as a transfer app for smooth shifting of files between Android and PC.
  • The intelligent engine that suggests apps based on user preferences or search patterns.
  • Free interface with no lags.
  • Very minimal ads to interrupt the search.


Another alternative to the Play Store that matches the levels of APK Mirror is APPVN. Just like the former, it is also a dedicated website holding the repository of the APK versions of several apps. It can be of your use in the following manner:

  • Downloading of an older version of the app that does not have current bugs or fixes.
  • Smooth interface to select the choice and freeze them for downloads.
  • Fast download speed to match the differing internet bandwidth.
  • Compatibility to different Android versions.


GetJar was discovered even before the inception of the Play Store and can act as a good alternative to it, with more than 800,000 apps of different genres, starting from gaming to lifestyle. Owing to its age, it runs well even in the older OS like Windows and Blackberry.

The classy features include the following:

  • Proper categorization of the apps based on user requirements.
  • A friendly user interface to surf the contents very easily.
  • Older versions of the apps, in case, if you want to opt for these instead of the latest ones.
  • Access to a good number of themes beyond the stock ones of the device.


If you are looking for a single source to act as an alternative and developer’s point, then SlideMe is the one for you. It is popular in the circuit for its access to premium apps free of cost and stringent quality control of the availability of the app in the store.

In other words, only the apps that meet the required safety levels are allowed to be in the store. Another budding feature includes the location flexibility to allow usage in different corners of the globe.

Get Slideme.org

App Brain

App Brain is another app store that offers free access to premium apps. And the fun fact is that the access is not for a limited period, unlike the ones available on the Play Store. You can find an extensive list of genres that can easily match your requirements.

It requires you to open up a separate account for free downloads. And it has also been tested for meeting the safety standards of Android.

With this, we end our take of the top 10 alternatives of the Play Store. Let us know if you have any other options in the mind. Till then, stay safe and subscribe to our channel for more of such blogs.


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