25 Best anime Villains of all time

25 Most Valuable Anime Villains Ever : Villains, also known as Antagonists plays most important role in the success a anime. Undeniably these anime villains create some hype for the series.

Although the roles of the villains in anime are often overlooked, they are just as important as those of the protagonists. 

Although there are many anime, not all have eye-catching villains. Here we have listed out top 25 best anime villains till date as per our research.

One quote which grabbed my attention ” Without a great villain, you can’t really have an anime hero.”. This quote shows the importance of Anime Villain.

Top 25 Best Anime Villains of All Time [ Till Date ]

25) Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti


Petelgeuse is the main antagonist of the anime Re: Zero. His presence immediately evokes fear, and his behavior is nothing less than psychotic.

He is an immortal being that has lived for many years. He is an immortal being who has been alive for many years.

He is a cruel torturer and put the protagonist through hell. Petelgeuse’s atrocities are far more than those of all Sin Archbishops.


24) Touichirou Suzuki

Touichirou Suzuki

Mob Psycho II’s Touichirou is a perfect example of great men. This powerful Esper has been a success story since middle school. His natural magic powers have made him a successful entrepreneur.

As time passed, Suzuki’s psychic abilities improved, and he began to trust them more. This gave him more confidence. He grew more confident as he grew older, and he began to act like Mob. He believed that his power was untouchable. He plots world dominance, and he creates Claw to accomplish this.

23) Frieza


Frieza is a villain. He is Goku’s greatest nemesis and the main villain in the Dragon Ball series. He has also appeared in other parts.

The brutality of Frieza’s army is well-known throughout the universe. He is very manipulative and has a dark sense of humor, which makes him mock his enemies. Frieza, unlike many villains, is a skilled speaker who helps to conceal his sadistic nature.


22) Ryo Asuka / Satan

Ryo Asuka

Devilman Crybaby’s main villain is Ryo Asuna, aka Satan. Satan adds so much enjoyment to our viewing experience by altering these twists and turns.

He is a character who plays hard and is a strong force in his world. If you really think about it, his appearance can also be very disturbing.

His eyes seem blue, and his whole body appears to be white. What! That’s a disturbing appearance!

21) Gendo Ikari (Evangelion Series)

21) Gendo Ikari

Gendo Ikari is undeniably the best Anime Villain [ DAD] of All Time. He symbolizes everything a person should not aim to be as a father.

Gendo, who lost his wife Shinji and had to abandon his son Shinji, reconnected with Shinji after realizing that Shinji was the key to piloting EVA Unit 01 as well as fighting giant alien monsters known by Angels.

He is one of most self-serving & dangerous anime villains, and his poor parenting skills only make him look worse.

20) Major

the major

The Major was a Nazi-SS soldier, which tells a lot about the man. Hitler assigned him to create artificial vampires for use in World War II. The Major thrived in chaos and war and did everything he could to bring the world into darkness.

The Major’s plans changed over the years. Instead of creating an army vampires, he decided that a war would be started that would encompass the entire globe. He was also obsessed with Alucard and determined to eradicate the vampire by all means.

19) Mahito (JuJutsu Kaisen)

Mahito (JuJutsu Kaisen)

Although it is understandable that cursed spirits, just like humans, want to live a happy, free life according to their beliefs, this doesn’t excuse Mahito’s horrible actions in JuJutsu Kaisen. Nothing but terrible things have happened since the arrival of this blue-haired, sewed-up spirit in the show.

Mahito will be a terrifying anime villain with more episodes to come. He is not remorseful for his actions and views them more like a game. It seems that he will only get stronger as he grows older.

18) Isabella


We don’t often think of a woman being a villainous, cunning, and gritty character.

For this woman, however, the rules will be changed once for all. Isabella is one the main characters in The Promised Neverland.

She was, I will not lie, horrifying when she was first introduced. That’s why she is here today on this list.

I don’t think there are any more villains like that. Villains who play with victims and give them every chance to succeed in their plans.

17) Muzan


Muzan, along with his demons is the main antagonist in Demon Slayer and has been responsible to many deaths. Muzan is a strong character who can defeat the most powerful Hashira with no problems. His blood allows him to transform humans into demons and then do his bidding.

Muzan is a heartless individual who doesn’t care about the lives of his subordinates or humans. Muzan sees them as disposable garbage and has, on numerous occasions, even killed his own subordinates in an effort to prove his point.

16) Zagred


Patolli is the best choice if you are looking for long-lasting plot relevance.

We get to learn his backstory, his motivations and his character.

However, I am a sucker to demon action so I was riveted when Zagred appeared on the scene.

He is not only a nightmare fuel character, but also has some of most bizarre abilities we have seen on the show.

15) Char Aznable

Char Aznable (Gundam)

Char Aznable is a great example of what an anime villain should be. He has been with Gundam for almost all of its decades-long existence.

Char is a master mech pilot and has near-superhuman capabilities. He commands his surroundings with an almost supernatural presence. His confidence and skills are what amaze those below him.

This is also something he puts to good use. He quickly rose to the top of his ranks as a pilot for Principality of Zeon and gained prestige and power.

So it’s not surprising that nearly every villain in the series tried to imitate him. He is still a memorable antagonist and remains an iconic figure.

14) Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima is well-known for his manipulative nature and ability to persuade people. He has led many people to their graves.

Shogo is a powerful villain because he has no compassion. He has repeatedly shown that he is ready to kill anyone who opposes him. Sometimes, that extends to people he gets tired of.

13) Zeke Yeager

 Zeke Yeager

Annie Bertholdt and Reiner were three of the 104th Survey Corp regiment members who were responsible for the Titans’ carnage when Attack on Titan first aired. This is until Zeke Yeager, also known as the Beast Titan, appears.

This young, cocky, and intelligent man is responsible not only for his smugness but also for much of the action that takes place throughout the series. He not only turns his mother and father in as restorationists but also creates the majority of the plans to kill the characters in Paradis.

12) Griffith


Griffith is the leader of Reborn Band of Hawks in Berserk. Griffith is adored at a point in the story by almost all of the original Band of Hawk members. Griffith, who was on the brink of death, triggered the eclipse that resulted almost in the deaths all of the original members.

He was reborn as Femto and raised a new army of powerful apostles who can raze entire towns to the ground. Griffith put his dream before all else, even his friends and morals. This made him terrifying.

11) Tahoumaru


Tahoumaru is a villain, but it can only be done by circumstances.

It is his father who made the deal with demons and Hyakkimaru often fights them.

His fight with his brother was my favorite anime fight. Without a second thought he is one of the most popular anime villain who

10) Johan Liebert

 Johan Liebert

Johan Liebert, the antagonist to Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, is arguably the most evil villain in anime history. Johan’s mystery and uncanny charisma made him a top villain. He did not possess any superpowers but only an incredible mind that allowed him to cause havoc.

Johan terrorized entire cities and felt no regrets. This makes him different from other anime villains who need unique abilities to succeed.

9) Sousuke Aizen

Sousuke Aizen

Sousuke Aizen, who is often regarded as the most attractive villain in popular anime. 

He is a true badass. His intelligence and skills are unmatched by anyone in the Bleach Franchise.

It is fascinating and captivating to watch him perform his acts.

You will also see his methods and realize his true villainous nature. This is why Aizen is one the most sought-after villains in history.

8) Dio Brando

Dio Brando

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures series has Dio as one of the most beloved villains. His evil nature is brutal is what makes him an exceptional villain.

He’ll do any crime without hesitation, and that’s why his villainous personality is so beloved by people.

DIO was a malevolent character. For him, killing someone was as easy as squashing an insect. He was also able to kill many main characters like Jonathan Joestar and Joseph Joestar, Kakyoin and others.

7) Donquixote Doflamingo

 Donquixote Doflamingo

Doflamingo was previously a Shichibukai who worked under the World Government In One Piece. He ruled the country of Dressrosa for many years after taking over from King Riku.

Doflamingo is a skilled fighter who can use all three types Haki. He had also awakened his evil fruit. Doflamingo, a vicious pirate who was not afraid to kill his father or younger brother, is an excellent example of personality.

6) Pain

Pain best Anime Villain

Pain is the main antagonist in Naruto’s realm. His entry into the series is what makes him so remarkable. Many still consider his invasion arc to be the greatest arc in all of Naruto.

Naruto vs Pain remains one of the most anticipated fights in the series.

That’s probably why Pain is such an inspiration for anime creators.

5) Askeladd


Askeladd was a star of Vinland Saga’s inaugural season. Askeladd was the one who killed Thors, the most famous fighter in the series. Askeladd was very calculated and planned every move.

Thorfinn fell in love with him at one point. He reached his peak towards the end the first season. There, he faked madness and tore off the King’s head.

4) Hisoka


Hisoka is a charming villain who can instantly beat you. Hisoka is the main antagonist in Hunter x Hunter.

His threat level was immediately shown in the anime. He was able fight many of his competitors simultaneously.

That’s why people saw him as a villain. He creates a lot more beef between himself and the boys over time.

His character develops as the series goes on. Hisoka is a formidable antagonist.

3) Meruem


Meruem, the King of Chimera Ants was deemed a threat to humankind .He was the strongest Chimera Ant and was able to fight Netero, one of the strongest Hunters.

Meruem’s character grew when he met Komugi. Meruem became less violent and saw things from a different perspective. He was responsible for many deaths.

1) Vicious

Vicious Anime Villain

Vicious, the antagonist in Cowboy Bebop is one of the most popular anime of the 90s. He rebelled against Red Dragon and became its leader. Vicious was a veteran from the Titan War and had extensive war experience.

Vicious was a cold-blooded killer with no regard for others’ lives. He thrived in chaos, and he made sure it never ended. Spike Spiegel eventually killed Vicious.

That’s it from our end.. We have gathered and compiled the list of top rated best anime villains of all time. Few of them are female anime villains. Any suggestions or queries please do let us know in the comments section.


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