10 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android in 2021

Entering the recording mode : The times of pandemic of COVD-19 have set new waves of working styles across the world. Starting from virtual conversations to presentations, people have slowly started accepting the new normal. And when it comes to this, one of the recent trends running is call recording.

In scenarios where people are working from home to complete their daily work, recording the contents has become an important thing. It allows surfing through the important contents discussed in back-to-back meetings and refer them later for official purposes.

Not only the business sides, but the call recording is also seen as important for personal reasons. Especially, it comes in handy when you are in the middle of some cases related to disputes and need concrete proof to support the case.

Thus, in our blog of the day, we would be discussing in detail the 10 best call recorder apps for the Android platform.

10 Best Call Recorder Apps in 2021 for Android

Fair warning!

Before moving ahead with the list, a fair warning needs to be given to the readers. Such recording apps cannot be used for malicious purposes i.e. blackmailing someone or extorting money. Keeping this in mind, the cyber cells of various nations have made regulations and all of these apps fall under the same.

Thus, have a look at the cyber rules of your nation before moving ahead with the download of any of these apps.

The following enlists the best 10 call recording apps for Android. It has been prepared after careful consideration of the reviews given by the current users for the current year.

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is the brainchild of Appliqato and is currently the most favored Android app when it comes to calling recording. Not only does it have a clean interface to support the users, but it also offers a large range of features to seamlessly record the contents. The following enlists those;

  • The option between automatic recording or recording when prompted by the user.
  • Integration of the recordings with cloud services like Google Drive and One Drive to keep all of these handy.
  • Maintains the detailed call logs along with the features.
  • Pro mode comes at an additional payment of USD 6.99 and offers better tracking features when compared to the free one.

Call Recorder-ACR

Call Recorder ACR

The next application in line with the favorites for Android users is Call Recorder-ACR. Its robust recording features, followed by the classy updates have created a chain of followers amongst the Android users. The following elucidate further on the same:

  • Highly easy to use and updated interface with all of the tools at handy locations.
  • Option for switching between automatic recording or manual recording of the calls.
  • Allows matching of the phone numbers with the registered names, in cases of the same coming from unknown sources.
  • The free version allows auto-deletion of old recordings and password protection to the same.
  • The pro version extends the feature of uploading the contents directly to the shared drive or cloud services.

Cube Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder has entered the list due to providing different call recording solutions. In simple words, it allows the recording of normal calls and the calls coming from other sources like Skype, messenger, and other calling apps. The following elucidate its features:

  • Different settings to allow the users to easily configure as per their device requirements.
  • Free to use and no ads during the usage of the same.
  • Support on several recent models of Android.
  • Regular updates to add the security patches and enhance the storage capacity of the recordings made on the phone.

Therefore, if you are using the phone for both business and personal purposes, then this app would surely serve the purpose.

Blackbox Call Recorder

Call Recorder Blackbox

Blackbox Call Recorder is enlisted as a professional tool for recording business calls on the phone. Such is justified by its features and interface that support the recordings. Its list of features extends down to the following:

  • Selection of the quality of audio to tweak with the storage settings accordingly.
  • Advanced features of a security lock, dual SIM support, bluetooth support, and whitelisting of the contacts.
  • Cleaner interface with all of the tools at required positions for easy operations.
  • Very subsidized price for subscription fee i.e. USD 0.99.

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Boldbeast is another of the apps that have gained significant ratings on the Google Play Store. Its clean interface is something to die for and allow smooth usage by the people. The classy features include the following:

  • Manual recording of the calls if the user selects to do so.
  • Independent usage as a voice recorder i.e. works in both of the ways.
  • Support to several recent models of the Android world.
  • Pro mode at USD 9.99 to allow cloud services extension for the app i.e. recordings can directly be uploaded to such websites.

Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice recorder

As suggested by the name, Smart Voice Recorder works with a different approach. It acts more like a voice memo app that can record the notes of any long conversation and save itself in snippets for easy reference. The additional features to this include the following:

  • Smooth selection of the audio input between microphone and phone.
  • Recording of the calls even when the display is turned off (something that is not common in the other apps).
  • Secured storage of the recordings.
  • Allows usage of an external microphone for recording the contents.

Call Recorder by Lovakara

Call Recorder App

The next in line for the list of best is this recorder app by Lovakara. Along with the support of recording the calls automatically, it allows saving of these in MP3 format (to be able to play in different player apps). The app is completely free to use and offers a smooth interface without cluttering by excessive tools.

Though it does not offer cloud support, it allows the users to save their recordings on an SD card for future references. There is one issue of ads that keep popping up every time you open the app.

RMC Call Recorder

RMC Call Recorder

It is [ RMC Recorder ] considered to be the most versatile apps amongst the entire list because it supports different formats of audio, ranging from MP3 to AMR and WAV. The following are its classy features to justify the high popularity in the Play Store:

  • Automatic recording of the calls and thus saves up the logs for future references.
  • In-built trash folder that stores any of the recordings accidentally removed by the users.
  • Customization in terms of the settings, like recording channels, sample rate, bit rate, and other similar ones.
  • Supports cloud integration.
  • Free to use, but comes with ads during the operation.

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder

Originally designed for being a simple recorder, it currently supports all of the features required in a call recorder app. The most interesting take in it is that it skips the silences created during the calls and thus presents the entire recording as a single piece.

It also has a battery saving mode to reduce the consumption of the battery, but it comes at the expense of cut down on the maximum recording time. The overall app is free to use.


The last one in the list of best recorders is Truecaller. It is no longer the app that just identifies the unknown numbers. In its pro version, it allows recording of the calls made by different sources and also aids in efficient tracking of the same.

All you need to do is pay the monthly subscription fee and gain the verified user badge. This is also used by official sources for efficient recording of the audio from calls. Just remember that the feature is available only in the pro mode.

With this, we conclude on our take of the best recorder apps for Android. Let us know of your suggestions or queries in the comments section and they would get answered instantaneously. Till then, stay healthy and hit on like, share, and subscribe to know further about similar contents.


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