6 Best Chrome Extensions To Identify / Find Fonts 2023

Are you looking to learn the best Chrome extensions for identifying fonts in live web pages? It is possible that you need to know the font used on a specific web page being used but don’t know what font it is. Worry not, here on this page we will provide you the updated information on top font finder Chrome extensions to find fonts in 2023. With these tools you can find fonts from any file like ppt, pdf, images, photos & websites. Especially if you are looking to find what font is used on a website, then these tools would help you a lot.

Here is our compilation of chrome extensions that detects fonts that are used on websites. These font-identifier extensions are available for download on the web store of Chrome.

6 Best Font Finder Chrome Extensions 2023

1) Font Finder

Font Finder lets you easily find any font you see. Click on any word or letter once you’ve activated the plugin you’ll be presented with an extensive pop-up with almost everything you’d want to know about. However, it’s a better option to power user and developers of web. For the typical Chrome person, however, the volume of data it sends out could be excessive.

Font Finder also has the incredible ability to replace the font used on a live page with a different. It’s ideal for situations where you’re looking to see how a specific font might work with the rest of a webpage, however without making any changes in the backend.

2) Fonts Ninja

Fonts Ninja Algorithm analyzes files to provide more precise results about Font Style.

Click on any text to reveal the font’s name as well as CSS properties.

The main extension window will provide a complete list of all fonts that are used on a site.

With this Chrome Extension you can easily locate fonts from any website

3) Font Picker

Font Picker is an intuitive and simple tool to locate the fonts you want to use and the details they have on any web page.

Once you’ve installed your Font Picker extension, you can right-click any text to display the font’s details. A pop-up window that contains all the information you need regarding the font will be displayed when you click”Font Information” from the “Font Details” option. In comparison to accessing direct to the source code of the font, this method is significantly faster and easier.

Locate any Web font that is available on any website regardless of whether it’s commercial or free. You can easily explore fonts using this extension.

They help every designer, whether famous or not, to locate any font or font that is available that is available on any website. They are able to do this using the massive WhatFontIs database. It includes 600K+ indexes of typefaces that are both free and paid, from almost every foundry.

After the font is identified the program will recommend over 60 typefaces which are strikingly like the one you’re searching for. One of the most effective font identifiers is available on the Chrome web store. It is as simple as selecting the icon that says whatfont and click on the word, and the font’s details is displayed.

4) WhatFont

Fontface Ninja is a different extension you can utilize to easily identify fonts and also provides a of value when compared to WhatFont. Simply click on the Fontface Ninja extension icon, and it will create a list of all fonts that are on the page.

By using this plugin, users are able to check the fonts on websites by hovering over them. It’s as simple and stylish.

It is also able to detect the services that are that serve web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font API.

5) Fontanello

This extension to your browser allows you to show the basic typographic styles of a text simply by clicking it with the right click.

Fontanello makes it easy to examine the typography of a web page. It will provide you with information on the typeface, its size, weight as well as color, and other CSS-properties that are not used as often. It will also give information about the contrast of text selected.

6) WhatRuns

The WhatRuns extension is just a click away to discover the technologies that are utilized on every site you go to.

Find out what powers an online site. Frameworks, Analytics Tools, WordPress Plugins, Fonts etc.

When compared to other identifying fonts extensions, WhatRuns runs lighter on your browser, offers higher accuracy in detecting fonts and even recognize the latest plugins and technology.

Above mentioned online fond finder chrome extensions are best in the industry. If you have any queries about fond finders or if you recommend us to add any other font detector extension to this list, please do let us know in the comments section.


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