Best Browsers for Chromebook [ Chrome Os Browsers ]

Going for a change : Chromebooks are based on the Linux-programmed Chrome OS that offers an interface purely based on Google Chrome and cloud storage like Google Drive or One Drive. Thus, whenever you switch to a new model of Chromebook, you would find Google Chrome as the default web browser on it and all of the accounts would be synchronized with it. However, at times you might be looking for a change in it and expect that like other laptops, there would be options for alternative browsers on your device. Well, here is the good news that it is possible now on Chromebook also. We are detailing out on the 5 best Alternatives that you can go for, apart from Google Chrome.Yes You can install another browser on Chromebook apart from Google Chrome.

5 Best Chromebook Browsers [ Perfect Alternative to Chrome ]

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the first alternative that has been preferred by the other Chromebook users, apart from Google Chrome. The following have been some of the favorable points in this browser:

  1. Security and privacy patches that keep getting updated from time to time to offer a safe surfing environment to the users
  2. Highly trusted browser and has a separate Linux based version for the Chromebooks
  3. A good number of customized themes and add-ons for the user’s personalized touches
  4. Frequent updates to keep up with the user expectations
  5. Plugin support to keep a track on the websites visited

However, issues have been reported of slowing down in case of opening multiple tabs on Firefox and the display incompatibility with the Chromebook screen sizes.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the next-in-line as an alternative, primarily due to its dedicated desktop mode that allows easy functioning on the Chromebook. Its buying points are as follows:

  1. Fast search results and loading time of the webpages
  2. Secured and private connection to the users so that their data stays safe
  3. Optional VPN mode in case if you buy the add-on and thus can mask your location easily for movie downloads
  4. Good compatibility with the latest Chromebook models

But, this might not be a good choice for the older models of Chromebook and so the users might face slow-down or instability in such cases.

Dolphin Browser

The next alternative that you can think about is the Dolphin browser. It is selected for its following features:

  1. Good user community to allow easy troubleshooting of the problems
  2. Fast performance and less loading time of the websites
  3. Easy switch over from Google Chrome browser
  4. Regular updates to enhance the speed and performance of the browser

But, its share of cons comes up with a very limited number of add-ons provided and synchronization issues that come up initially when you try to sync your Google account with it.

Ghostery Browser

Originally started as just a plug-in to Chrome, now Ghostery has also developed its dedicated browser for laptops and Chromebooks. The main reason for its usage is the tracker database that it offers with about 2200 trackers that keep clearing up your cookies and saved data and prevent third party applications from stealing your data. But this feature comes up at the cost of speed and performance and you would regularly face slow loading time or frequent crashing of the browser in case of multiple tabs.

Microsoft Edge

The last and decent recommendation for alternative Chrome Os browsers would be Microsoft Edge. Its compatibility and fast performance have been recorded only for the newer models of Chromebook and hold the advantage on the fact that it is developed from Google’s open-source software named Chromium. Thus in these models, the users have reported pretty decent speed and loading times.

Therefore, we have successfully summed up on the 5 best alternatives that you can think about if you want to go beyond Google Chrome. But, keep this in mind that you cannot expect that level of fastness or performance as Google Chrome, since these are not native to Chromebook and with model versions, the speeds can differ.


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