Can We Download Games on Chromebook ? 11 Best Free Chromebook Games 2020

Checking on the possibility : Gaming has also become an integral part of the laptop and tablet users. Apart from the general work done, they also look for sources of entertainment and time-pass and this activity tops the list during leisure time. Coming to the Chromebooks, yes you cannot enjoy the high-level games that are played professionally because they are not supported by the Chrome OS and the hardware requirements are also different. But there is nothing to be disappointed because instead, you can play certain basic games that are available on the Play Store and Steam. In this blog, we would be discussing majorly on the 11 best Games to Play on Chromebook.

10 Best Games to Play on Chromebook for Free

Based on the popular choices amongst the current Chromebook users, the following have topped the list:

Alto’s Odyssey :

Alto’s Odyssey

The sequel of Alto’s Adventure, it has topped the list due to the nice levels of upgrades that have been offered when compared to the previous edition, particularly on the touch and tap features. Therefore, keep the Touchscreen activated on your Chromebook and you are must enjoy this game. The visuals and effects have become more vibrant and can easily appeal to your tastes.

Download the game from Google Play Store

Google Stadia :

It is the cloud gaming platform that streams the games available on the Google Cloud, including the Steam Games,and thus allows the users to play them online over the Chrome browser. Just keep the browser updated and ensure a stable internet connection. As a result, you can expect games of 4K quality to come up and the free version of this has a fair share of choices. 

Google Stadia : Click here

Asphalt 9: Legends :

 Asphalt racing

This new version of the popular Asphalt racing is sure to take away your hearts, as the graphics and vehicle controls have become much more smooth. It supports both the keyboard as well as the touchscreen mode, but it is highly recommended to go for the latter that can give better feels to the game.

Click here to visit the website

Pokemon Quest :

Pokemon Quest for Chromebook

This is called as Minecraft version of the popular game because the characters are presented in forms of blocks. You would be directed to an island where the challenges are supposed to be completed via different Pokemons. It also requires touchscreen mode on the Chromebook.

Get Pokemon Quest from Play store

Bullet Hell Monday :

Bullet hell monday

When it comes to Fun games on Chromebook, you can surely consider Bullet Hell Monday. It is a vertical scrolling shooting game where you just need to move your shooters to clear the path of the hurdles. And the best thing is that you do not need a touchscreen mandatorily and can opt for a mouse to tap instead of the touches.

Download Bullet Hell Monday

Baldur’s Gate 2:

Baldur’s Gate 2 is one of the leading Android games that run very well on the Chromebook, without disturbing the quality or controls on the new device. Based on the combat fights, you can select characters as per your needs and complete different quests to clear out the levels. The video quality is sure to reminisce about your memories of gaming during the 2000s.

Download Baldurs gate 2

Threes :

Not to be confused with 2048, this puzzle game has better aesthetics compared to the former and requires the usage of the grey matter to solve the addition of the tile and ensure that you reach the maximum sum possible. The tiles are colorful and you can either use touch or mouse drags to play it.

Threes puzzle game

Injustice 2 :

Ideally meant for the Chromebooks with smaller screens, Injustice 2 for Chromebook is a fair enough version of the original PC one and can be installed easily from the Play Store. The characters can be selected and moved smoothly and you gain a good amount of controls over them. It requires a touchscreen because there is no keyboard support in it, but in upcoming versions, you might expect it to get added.

Download :

Belonging to the minimalistic genre, it is a fairly simple game consisting of circular shapes. All you need to do is use your circle to engulf the smaller ones and keep increasing your size. But you need to stay safe from the circles that are bigger than you and can eat you up.

Visit the site

Fallout Shelter :

Fallout Shelter for Chromebook

Another Android-based game that runs perfectly well on Chromebook is Fallout shelter. Just like the predecessor, it also requires you to build up a nuclear bunker out of the resources available to you, but of course, comes up with a wider number of choices and improvised game display.

Download Fallout Shelter

Quake :

A classic 3D shooting game, you are sure to fall in love and enjoy Quake. Here, you have to move through the corridors and keep mincing down the zombie-like creatures roaming on the corridors into thin pieces. Keep moving up with the numbers and you would complete the levels accordingly.

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Thus, these are our recommendations for the 11 best Chromebook games for 2020. If you have any other in mind, then surely let us know in the comments section and we would keep updating our content accordingly.


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