15 Best & Most Popular Crossword Puzzles to Play on the Planet 2023

The satisfaction of completing a crossword definitely boosts confidence. However, there are more concrete advantages to solving crosswords other than self-esteem.

Simply put doing crosswords is basically similar to eating vegetables for your brain. However, crosswords are far more enjoyable than salad. Here’s where you can find the top crosswords on the internet for free.

best crossword puzzles

There are plenty of crossword puzzles available as well as many publications are famous by their crosswords daily. Each puzzle offers a daily crossword which means you’ll have plenty of chances to work on them throughout the week.

On this page we have listed out 15 best Crossword puzzles to play for beginners & experts. Most of them are available for free and for few crossword puzzles to have to pay subscription fees.

15 Best Crossword Puzzles to Play 2023

The New York Times Crossword

The New York Times Crossword is among the most loved and well-known crosswords puzzles on the planet. The puzzle is known for its challenging questions and wide variety of subjects The NY Times crossword is a must-try for all crossword enthusiasts. You can access more than 10,000 crosswords when you subscribe to the newspaper. Here is the link to subscribe for New York Times crossword.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post publishes its daily puzzles online. Begin with Monday crosswords, the easiest, then gradually progress to the more difficult and longer weekend puzzles. If you are looking for free crossword puzzle from popular platform then WashingPost Crossword puzzle is the online. Here is the link

The LA Times Crossword

The LA Times Crossword is another crossword puzzle with a lot of popularity that provides an original challenge for players. It has a lower difficulty degree that those of the NY Times crossword and a slightly lower difficulty level, the LA Times crossword makes a fantastic alternative as a crossword puzzle for those who are intermediate.

Official link for Los Angeles Times Crossword

Boatload Puzzles

Are you looking to begin your crossword game? Boatload Puzzles provides a vast variety of simple puzzles to help you get used to the crossword’s clue structure. 

Official link

The USA Today Crossword

USA Today Crossword is a exciting and enjoyable crossword puzzle that’s perfect for novices or for anyone seeking a short and simple game. With its simple-to-read clues and easy format The USA Today Crossword is a ideal choice for anyone who wants to begin their journey with crosswords.

The Wall Street Journal Crossword

It is the Wall Street Journal Crossword is an intense crossword puzzle which offers an exciting challenge for players. The puzzle is known for its tricky clues and diverse topics that can be solved, this Wall Street Journal Crossword is an essential puzzle for the experienced crossword solvers.

New York Magazine Crossword

New York Magazine Crossword

These Sunday-sized puzzles are packed with pop-culture references and clever games with words. If you enjoy filling out crossword puzzles in groups then these are the puzzles you need to solve. Here is the link to visit NewYork Magazine Crossword page.

Daily Themed Crossword

The Daily Themed Crossword is a type of crossword puzzle based on a particular topic or topic. The subject could be anything related to a holiday, a famous person, pop culture reference, or even a current or current event. The theme is evident by the puzzle’s clues as well as terms included in the puzzle that are all connected in some way to this theme.

Cryptic Crosswords

Do you think that the standard crossword on Sunday isn’t that difficult ? Check for “cryptic crossword,” a kind of crossword that is which is popular in UK as well as Australia. Each clue is an individual puzzle that requires words and tricks. Take a look at The Guardian’s useful strategies for starting these puzzles. Here is the link

Eugene Sheffer Crossword

The Eugene Sheffer crossword is a daily crossword that is published in numerous newspaper throughout the United States. It is well-known for its challenging and clever clues, and its straightforward and easy grid layout. It was created by a well-known editor and constructor, Eugene T. Sheffer and is highly appreciated by those who love crosswords for its challenging level and its emphasis on providing an enjoyable and comprehensive solving experience. Eugene Sheffer’s crossword provides solvers with the chance to test their wordplay, vocabulary and problem-solving skills in an exciting and enjoyable manner.

Thomas Joseph Crossword

It is a crossword puzzle that has been designed for all levels. Thomas Joseph crossword is a daily puzzle designed to appeal to puzzle lovers at all levels. It has a traditional grid design with a variety of clues, including words, trivia and pop culture references. The clues vary from simple to difficult and are accompanied with humorous illustrations. It’s a popular genre and frequently published in both online and print media that makes it easy and entertaining for a wide population.

AARP Crossword Expert

AARP promises that their crosswords are guaranteed to “wake up your brain.” If you’re competitive think about establishing an AARP membership to keep track of your scores and challenge others.

Official link

Universal Crossword

Universal Crossword is a daily puzzle offered in a range of newspapers in the United States as well as different websites. It is well-known for its carefully crafted clues as well as its wide array of subjects, which makes it a favorite choice for puzzlers of all levels. The puzzles are designed by a group of skilled builders and editors to ensure accuracy and fairness.

Crosswords With Friends

Crosswords With Friends is a popular mobile game that provides daily puzzles for players to solve. It has a clear and user-friendly interface that makes it simple to play while on the move. The puzzles were created by a team of skilled creators, that are created to test players but also be accessible.

Download from Google Play store

That’s it from our end.. We have gathered and compiled all the leading crossword puzzles available on web. If you want us to include any other crossword puzzles in the list, then please do let u know in the comments section.


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