5 Best Drawing Apps for Android 2023 [ Paid & Free]

Drawing as a passion : For some users, the art of drawing holds a very special place in their hearts and thus they keep following it irrespective of their normal workload. What started with sheets and pencils has now being given a digitized form, as electronic pencils and touchscreen sheets. Now, digital art is something that has been running popular for a significant time and you can even find several pages on Instagram and Facebook dealing with this.

Though there would be some differences between digital art and canvas art, still they are beautiful enough to captivate the viewers. In our blog for the day, we would be focusing upon the best drawing apps meant specifically for Android devices.

5 Best & Top Rated Drawing Apps for Android 2023 [ Updated List ]

There are a large number of applications available in the app stores that deal with this category . However, we handpicked the best ones of 2023 after extensive research and opinions from the current users:

Adobe Illustrator Draw

  • When it comes to digital art or associated fields, it is always that the best comes from Adobe, and the same is the case for Android users also.
  • Equipped with high quality of drawing features like layers, five types of pen tips, fine resolution of the work, and much more to customize in these major tools.
  • Can be used even on the imported drawings from other sources for further editing
  • Free application with many features and literally zero ads
  • However, the professional artists can go for a subscription of $54/month to gain additional features and access to the Creative Cloud for saving of the works.

Download Adobe Illustrator draw


  • Focused on the professional artists who are into in-depth drawings rather than just sketches
  • Equipped with 70 brushes to create different kinds of colored drawings
  • Options for layer by layer sketching up to a maximum of 16 and blending up to a maximum of 11 to give more realistic touches to the final product
  • Intuitive user interface with all of the tools at necessary positions
  • The output files can easily be exported as JPG, PNG and other image formats and the same can also be imported into the environment.
  • Free app with no ads and more features can be unlocked under the premium plans

Download Artflow Drawing App from Play store

Ibis Paint

  • Meant for the casual artists aiming for abstract drawings
  • Comes up with 140 different types of brushes that can be used to make drawings for different occasions
  • The best feature comes in the form of a screen record, where you can record your entire process of sketching and even publish the same on different media.
  • Goes for layers option to offer more in-depth sketches
  • Free application with the provisions to go for premium one at a subscription fee of $4.99/month

Download ibis paint x


  • One of the most reliable applications from its parent organization of Autodesk Inc.
  • Features of 10 varieties of brushes, three layers, six blending modes, zoom up to 2500% and many more to come up with the finest quality of drawings
  • Meant for the professionals into the serious sketching business
  • Entirely free application and can be accessed by an Autodesk account

MediBang Paint

  • Ideal app for the artists into the field of comic sketching or creation of cartoon strips
  • Features for lightweight images with fewer complexities
  • Known for the cross-platform support and cloud feature to save all of the works online and permanently
  • Offers about 100 brush types, tones, textures and strip layout for different occasions

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