10 Best House Hunting & Real Estate Apps in USA 2021

The job of finding a suitable house for your family is not an easy one. After all, it involves questions from various aspects- like suitability of the house for the family, investment of life-long savings on it, and many more. And all of these require the top level of knowledge to crack the perfect deal.

The conventional process involves the network of brokers and intermediate parties that aid in connecting the interested individuals to the ideal properties. But, it involves a lot of power play and manipulation, enough to revoke your property interests.

But, not to worry, because now several house hunting apps and real estate apps have come up to aid you in finding out the perfect house in the USA. Read on to find more about the top 10 curated by us.

Things to note about the Real Estate apps

As suggested by the name, real estate apps are the repository of information related to the services offered in the field. It can include searching for the house, finding a realtor, looking for the best price to sell your existing property, searching for a commercial plot, and so on.

Some of the features of these include the following:

  • Live auctions to know about the bank-owned houses or other foreclosures nearby.
  • Free interface to surf about the available properties (however there might be a minimal charge in case of putting up a property for sale).
  • Perfect interface to swipe easily through and find the requisite information.
  • Links for recent real estate news, lender referrals, blogs, and others to keep you curated.

With this, we end on the basics of the real estate apps and the upcoming part would be discussing the top 10 house hunting apps for the USA. Remember that the list has been created after careful consideration of the reviews and ratings of the current users.

10 Best Real Estate & House Hunting Apps 2021


Zillow Real Estate App

Zillow is the top-rated app of this genre and has experienced the highest number of downloads for the year. It is considered to be the pioneer in the application that tells about online home estimates, sales prices, NAV of property investment, and many more. Some of its other features include the following:

  • Good support on the mobile devices, thus contributing about two-thirds of its business from these platforms.
  • Easy to create an account by the home sellers, with the dashboard showing the estimated sales value of the property over time. (Dynamism of the application)
  • Perfect filter in the app to select out the hotspot properties for you and your near ones.
  • Safe and smooth interface to use all of the required tools.

The estimates may not be 100% accurate, but they are reliable metrics to decide on further decisions.


Realtor real estate & house hunting app

The next on the list is Realtor.com, another free house-hunting app with a list of perfect properties for sale in the USA. The pivotal feature of this app is the search function or filters that specify the details of the property, like a must-have list. Some of the others include the following:

  • Sign snap feature to take a picture of the nearby property and get instant details on it (like sale value, property age, and others).
  • A large collection of properties with tags attached to each for easy reference by the buyers.
  • Estimates on even the property not available in the market.
  • Android Wear support to optimize the battery performance of the device.
  • Chromecast support viewing the live videos of the real estate on the big screen.

Thus, as a final verdict, this is the app if you have a lot of specifics in the mind about your dream house.


Loopnet commercial real estate app

If you are specifically interested in commercial properties, LoopNet is the one for you. Other existing apps focus majorly on the residential properties and do not provide complete details on the commercial types. But LoopNet is designed exclusively for the latter.

As per the radius set by you, the details related to the nearby commercial units, office spaces, and other requisite details come up. The app also helps out in finding properties out of the town. Therefore, the clean interface is sufficient to aid out in the hunt for commercial properties.


Homesnap Real estate app

Homesnap is a recent addition to the list of perfect real estate apps and has a lot of promising features to offer. Some of these include the following:

  • Perfect filters to aid out in finding the ideal houses as per the requirements.
  • Special filters of school and hospital zones to find houses nearby to these buildings.
  • Chat, Android Wear support, and material design to customize the choices.
  • Takes up minimal space in the storage and yet offers features beyond expectations.


Trulia Real Estate App

Trulia started as an independent platform, before getting acquired by Zillow. But, yet it is one of the perfect apps in cases of the active house search, based on the real-time results and data. Despite the mobile app, it offers a desktop-like interface that enhances user engagement with it.

The other features include the following: 

  • Live polls and their results on the customer reviews for any selected property.
  • Legal protection information on the properties as per the local administration.
  • More customized search for the houses with specific features in the mind.

RedFin real estate

Redfin Real Estate App

RedFin is known in the field as the application that offers discounted prices on the homes put up on sales. In other terms, it is a combination of app and brokerage firms. The exceptional concept of the app allows you to hunt the homes with an even better algorithm than Zillow and show a perfect projection of the property value.

Some of the other features include the following:

  • Live map clubbed with Hot Homes feature to show the properties and associated brokers handling the same.
  • Direct point of contact with the broker to aid in having house tours and other requisites for property selection.
  • Features to mark any house as favorite and keep track of its metrics.
  • Perfect pricing on the brokerage fees when compared to the actual market.

The list of markets where RedFin has association can be enhanced further in the future.


Homes house hunting app

Homes.com is the next in the list of house hunting apps that offer a fair deal on the prices of the estates. Some of the ideal metrics in it to conclude on the properties include buying vs renting, home value estimates, the ambiance of the neighborhood, and so on. Some of the other features to look at include the following:

  • Exclamation tool at the top to help out with the latest properties put up on the list.
  • Perfect database of the agents to narrow down to the perfect one with the best knowledge.
  • Live house search.

There is a scope of improvement when it comes to the option for neighborhood information.


Xome Retail & real estate app

If you are looking for platforms specifically to put up the auctions, then Xome is the one for you. Though it functions a lot like other house hunting apps, it has the specialization in live auctions of the properties, some listed directly from the platform and others from MLS.   

It also includes the properties put up on sale by banks for foreclosures and other legal matters. Besides, it also tells about the perfect time to hunt for a home before the property gets listed in the general market.


Estately Real Estate App

Estately is focused on the market of estate agents, where the customers get connected to the right ones for easy information and perfect deals on the dream properties. Some of the classy features include the following:

  • Property profiles with details like taxes, utilities, applications, schools, market vicinity, and others.
  • Flexible timings to fix the appointments for finalization of the houses.
  • Real-time update on the properties.

Currently, it has markets in only 40 states and thus requires further spread to other regions also.

Century 21 Local

Centruy 21 Real Estate App

The last one in the list of the best is Century 21 Local and it is known for its good association in listing down the properties as per Multiple Listing Services. It connects the buyer to the right agent, who can help out in finding the house in the selected area of interest.

Along with the general house hunting features, it has an additional option to add notes on the personal impressions of the properties and help out in finalizing the perfect deals.

With this, we conclude on our list of top house hunting & real estate apps in United States of America. Let us know of your queries or suggestions in the comments box and they would be answered within time. Till then, stay safe and subscribe to our channel for more of such blogs.


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