Best iPhone Secret Codes 2023 [ iPhone Hidden Codes ]

iPhone Secret Codes

iPhone offers many features that will ensure that users have a great experience. You can also explore more with the iPhone secret codes. These hidden codes can be used to display information about your iPhone or perform a specific task. Knowing all of the codes will make your iPhone work easier.

Did you know that secret codes can be used to perform different tasks on the iPhone?

Each smartphone comes with its own secret code, which is derived from the manufacturer. Sometimes it can be difficult to find all secret codes and use them.

Best iPhone Secret Codes 2023 [ Hidden Phone Codes ]

You have many codes to perform different tasks. Below are all of the most important iPhone Secret Codes. To understand the purpose of each iPhone Hidden code, you should read its description carefully.

Hide Caller ID: *31#mobile number

Just dial *31#mobile on your phone’s dialer to make the call. The receiver’s phone will not show any caller ID or unknown.

This feature is not supported by all countries. The code is the same for all countries. If you are from Australia or Hong Kong, however, the code is 1831 or 133.

Enter Field Test Mode: *3001#12345#*

  • Field test mode allows for you to see all information about your network from your iPhone.
  • However, the code works only on iOS 10 and older devices. Before you check out the code, make sure you have a compatible device.
  • To view network information, type the code from your phone’s dialer.
  • Hold the power button down until you see the slider. Then, hold the home button. You’ll then see your network strength in the status bar of your phone.

Check IMEI number : *#06#

International Mobile Equipment Identity (or IMEI) is a 15-17 digit unique number that each phone is assigned.

It is important to keep track of your phone, especially if you are selling it. You will need to know your phone’s IMEI number. To check this, dial *#06#.

Call Waiting Status:

  • *#43# (To Check Status).
  • *43# ( To Enable)
  • #43# (To Disable)

Call Waiting allows you to receive a notification about a second call even if you are already on a call.

It’s better to dial *#43# if you are unsure if call waiting is turned on for your iPhone.

Call waiting can be enabled by dialing *43# from your iPhone. To disable it, dial #43#.

Check & Modify Call Barring Status

  • *#33# ( To Check Status)
  • *33*Sim Pin# ( To Enable)
  • #33*Sim Pin# ( To Disable)

You can turn off call barring to stop receiving calls and make calls from your iPhone.

You can check your call barring status by dialing *#33# from any device.

If you do not want to receive calls from anyone, dial *33*Sim pin#.

Or, if the feature is already active, use this code #33*Sim pin# to turn it off.

*21# Enable/Disable Call Forwarding

To enable or disable call forwarding, open the dialer and type the *21#. Then, press the call button.

Call forwarding will not be enabled if the code isn’t enabled. If it is enabled, this iPhone secret code will disable it.

*21 phone number# (Divert calls)

To divert all calls to another number, you can use the call forwarding function.

You can check its status by dialing *#21# on your iPhone to see if it is enabled or disabled.

You can also dial *21#. If call forwarding has been enabled, it will be disabled. If it is disabled, you can activate it from there.

Show your Caller ID: *82 Number

If the number is blocked for any other reason, your Caller ID may not be visible on the receiver’s phone.

To show your number to the receiver, you can use the secret code [*82] with the number you are calling.

Find the Local Traffic Information : 511

Many navigation apps for iOS devices are available, but they are ineffective if not connected to the Internet.

This code can be used to check traffic information even if you don’t have an internet connection. This code will show you the current traffic information.

Check & Disable Alert Systems :

You will receive alerts from the government, emergency services, and public safety if you enable the alert system.

To check if the status is enabled, dial *5005*25371# on your iPhone to verify.

This system may be annoying to you, so dial *5005*25370#.

*5005*25370# ( To Disable)

*5005*25371# ( To Check Status)

Get SMS Center : *#5005*7672#

Sending a text message to someone sends it to the SMS Center Number, its server or the recipient’s number.

From your iPhone, you can view the number from which you have received previous messages. All you need to do is dial *#5005*7672# and all the details will appear in front of your eyes.

Missed Calls : *#61#

You can’t see how many missed calls you have on your iPhone.

There is a way around it. You can dial *#61# from your phone’s dialer, and type *#61#. It will show you which number you received missed calls and how many times.

Additional Important iPhone Secret Codes Which you may find useful

  • You can use a postpaid sim to check your available minutes and bill balance by dialing *646# (or *225#) respectively.
  • To check your balance, prepaid customers can dial *777#
  • Check out the IMEI number : *#06#
  • *3370# Increase the quality of your iPhone’s voice and audio.
  • #33*Sim PIN# Enable call-barring status.
  • #43# Disable Call Waiting on the iPhone


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