10 Best Navigation & GPS App for Android

Navigation apps are best to guide you about map directions and by following them you can reach your desired location. Many advanced navigation apps have advanced features with voice notes, downloading the map of the country, use offline maps, different colored locations on the screen, signboards, traffic signaling, and much more. You can easily put your desired location by searching and navigate through GPS and it will automatically make a path to your location, so no need to waste money on travel guides, you can now explore many areas in the world with these apps having crazy features.

10 Best Navigation & GPS apps for Android 2020

BackCountry Navigator

It is one of the best GPS apps for android that enables you to have the benefit of high-resolution maps, faster maps available and you can record your tracks.

This app has amazing features as it can save offline maps without cell service or internet connection and GPS in your android phone can get its position from GPS satellite and you can get maps easily in different colors, contours, and used for navigation offline.

It’s a full-function navigation program without a separate handheld GPS unit, you can add comments, used as a hiking GPS, for hunting, and much more.

It has an active developer who responds to your issues instantly.

It’s a free app but it has in-app purchases to install a pro version of it.

Here WeGo

here wego city navigation gps app

This app is also an offline app and you can download the maps in it so the app can navigate you when you are heading somewhere without worrying about internet connections and you can alter maps as well.

You can easily set your destination, the system automatically calculates directions and the route to your destination will be displayed by different lines and colors, and it’s perfect in guiding you to your desired location.

Tt will find the quickest routes for driving, transit, and walking, estimated arrival time, alternative routes, and traffic jam alerts.

This is a free app and you can also save the desired location in collections and you can also share a destination with other people that makes this app worth its amazing features.

MapFactor Navigator

Mapfactor gps app

This is the best navigation app that gives you access to free maps(updated every month) from open street maps so that you can use them offline.

This app gives you voice navigation guidance in different installed languages, cross-border routing,2D/3D maps allow visual maps on your screen, search the desired place by postcodes.

This is a free app but has in-app purchases that give access to advanced features.

It provides you with routing maps, turns by turn navigation, toolbar customization, and live head traffic information.


Mapquest Navigation app

 This is one of the best navigation apps, guiding users to their desired location and driving direction and bike riding and also gives an estimation of fuel to be used on the way.

The benefits of this app include optimized routing, best in class geocoding, custom with icons and notes, texts, markers, and colors, and provides alternate route and live traffic alerts and incidents.

It also gives a choice of either choosing licensed data or open data.

It is a free app and powerful toolkit for mobile developers with advanced zooming in and out of the desired location.

Waze GPS Alerts & Live Navigation

Waze Gps & navigation app

This app is best for travel bloggers who are searching for navigation and GPS apps,  giving access to live traffic alerts, police patrols, check for errors on the route, and uses a magical algorithm for speed checks.

This app searches different gas stations along with estimated time, and an alternate route for traveling.

It gives turn by turn guidance with voice notes, customized color schemes,2D/3D view and you can sync your calendar with it to set the traveling schedule and planned drives.

This app is free and It allows users to communicate with friends and requires GPS support and wifi connection and maps can be downloaded for offline use.

TomTom Go Navigation GPS Maps

TomTom Go Nagivation GPS Maps

This app has remarkable features,3D Building map view for a clearer and fine view, alternative routes, informing of traffic alerts, can be placed in the car to sync with your destination, containing over 100 voice notes.

Tomtom goes users can also download the map of the country for offline usage. Moreover, it has zoomed in/out buttons speed camera warnings, supports the speed zone, and changes color when you exceed the limits so it’s a wonderful feature of this app regarding the safety of its users.

App users can also share trips with other friends.

This app is free but includes in-app purchases and demands a subscription when you exceed the certain limit of distance traveled.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps App

Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps App

Sygic is a wonderful navigation app providing safety cameras, safe parking locations, nearby fuel stations, emergency numbers, warns about the traffic lights and gas stations.

Sygic also shows a small window that enables the user to which lane the driver should be on.

Sygic enables the 3D view of the desired location, showing a speed limit of the vehicle to ensure security and suggests the best alternative routes to the desired location.

This is a free app but includes a one-time subscription so that you can access yourself with the advanced features of the app.

Google Maps Go

Google Maps go

This is the best android navigation app, users can search for gas stations, allows you to add traffic and satellite layers to your map, showing the estimated time, supports voice-activated controls.

The app is concise and easy to use, showing speed limit and an indication of speed on the route and changes color when the limit exceeds, clear lane indication on the road.

You can switch on to travel by alternative routes and download the maps on this app but they are very limited.

This app is free with accessible and advanced features for easy travel guidance.

CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic

CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic

It’s an offline navigation app, where you can get turn by turn navigation, speed limit while driving, enabled to be set on the night mode, zoom in/out the location.

It can be switched on the 2D/3D model, access to nearby gas stations, restaurants and coffee shops, and much more.

It informs about live traffic, voice control support, and preferred route of traveling by bicycle, car, or public transport.

This app has a free seven-day trial, after that, you need to subscribe to access the features of this app.

Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up App

Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up App

This app is not so popular but has amazing features that even other apps don’t support, you can save and share your location by navigation.

You can download the offline maps, travel time estimation, leading to the best routes speedometer which shows the limit, you can switch to audio mode, night mode, showing speed camera

Scout also surfs the car so that you can find the car where you parked and this app also shows alternative routes to the desired location.

This app also includes a subscription where users can access its features.


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