10 Best Receipt Scanner Apps to Scan and Manage Receipts

Expense management is a crucial aspect of business and personal life. Being aware of your expenditures at all times allows you to manage your money in an efficacious manner. Scanning and tracking money receipts is an excellent way of being aware of your expenditures and finances. With the rapid digitalization, managing receipts has become easier than ever before. Gone are the days when you had to keep track of the physical receipts.

You can scan and keep a copy of your receipts in a digitalized form through various applications. The major advantage of using an app to keep all your receipts organized and in one place is that you can access any of them anytime. No more rummaging through drawers, desks and coat pockets to find a tiny, yet, important piece of paper. Thus, without further delay, let’s dive into learning about some of the apps that you can use to keep your receipts safe and easily accessible.

10 Best receipt scanner apps to scan and manage receipts

 Applications at a Glance:

  1. Expensify
  2. Smart Receipts
  3. Evernote
  4. Zoho Expense
  5. Receipts by Wave
  6. Neat
  7. ABUKAI expenses
  8. Clear Scanner
  9. Microsoft Office Lens
  10. Shoeboxed


Expensify is one of the biggest and most-used applications for expense management and receipt scanning. The app is available on both Apple and Android operating systems. Expensify makes tracking expenses on travel, fuels, meals, and other items abundantly easy.

You can simply scan the receipts of your expenses and the text recognition of the app will smartly file the receipts. You can then search for the receipts using the date and amount of that transaction. The app comes with various tools that facilitate expense reporting and filing.  Ensure that all the details of the receipt are perfectly scanned in the image to make searching for it abundantly easy.

Smart Receipts:

Smart Receipts works quintessentially as a receipt scanner, a mileage tracker and an excellent expense report generator. This comprehensive system of receipt management allows you to classify your receipts by various data types, including dates, price, tax, currency, receipt categories, payment methods, etc.

The app is widely used by professionals for both business and personal uses and all of them find the app enormously utilitarian. Moreover, the app also generates routine expense reports in the form of PDF that informs you about your expenditure. This can make the management of financial resources quite convenient. You can keep a backup of the data using Google Drive and keep your receipts safe if you are switching to a new phone.


Evernote is a pretty wholesome application that can manage personal notes, moments, business work, expense receipts, photos, and whatnot. You can install the app on virtually all your devices such as desktop, mobile, phone, and tablet and synch important information to always be ahead of the curve.

The photo feature of the app allows you to take a snapshot of all your receipts and keep a soft copy of it on your Evernote account. All the information that you save on Evernote will remain there perpetually until you manually delete your account. The information can be accessed from any device owing to its cloud-based storage. As a bonus, Evernote allows you to share the information and photos you have saved with your family and friends so they are always in the loop.

Zoho Expense:

Zoho expense is a prominent expense reporting software that allows businesses to store and file monetary receipts and keep track of the cash flow. Zoho is a cloud-based storage platform that is used by various professionals to keep a track of their expenditure.

You can easily scan the receipts and upload them on the cloud system and access the data anytime you want. It comes with an expense form feature that gets auto-filled as soon as you upload the scanned picture of the receipt. Using the details such as date and price, you can access the receipt easily. In addition to this, it is also an ideal platform for managing calendars and emails.

Wave receipts:

Wave is a massive brand for accounting software that offers myriad services that allow people to manage their expenses. One of the services offered by Wave is the receipt management service. This app is available on both iPhone and Android and is free to use. Wave receipts allow the user to scan and store unnumbered receipts.

The receipts are stored in the cloud storage of the app and accessing this is super easy. Cloud-based storage offers great benefits, one of them is, you can access the data even if you lose your phone. Therefore, you never have to worry about losing your data.


Neat is an easy-to-use expense tracking application that manages your receipts, and important documents in an enticing style. Owing to the neat services it offers (pun intended), the subscription to the app requires a fee. You can check out the available plans at the official website of Neat.

This app allows you to scan and store receipts, documents, business cards, and other official files in cloud based storage. The text recognition feature of the app reads the details of the receipts and stores them in an accessible manner. The text recognition saves the name, price, and other details of the receipts, using which, you can summon the receipt any time you want.

ABUKAI Expenses:

ABUKAI is a user-friendly management app that stores and manages monetary receipts and extends expense reports. It is a simple app with just one function, managing expenses. Owing to its one specialty, it offers superior services at managing expenses.

You can organize all your expenses through two simple steps. All you have to do is take a picture and save it. The system of ABUKAI will file the saved document which allows easy access. It comes with both, free membership and premium membership, with the latter offering enhanced management features. It is available on both, Android and iOS.

Clear Scanner:

Clear Scanner is a comprehensive scanning app that enables easy scan of documents and files and converting the same into PDF. This PDF is easy to store and share and thus, Clear Scanner is an excellent app for conducting official tasks. Not only can you scan bill receipts, but with this app, you can save virtually any paper document. Whether it be important cards, papers, contracts, and notes.

Owing to its compatibility with the cloud-based storage system such as Google Drive, iCloud, and Evernote, you can create a backup and keep a copy of all the important files perpetually.

Microsoft Office Lens:

This app is a service provided by Microsoft. It is equipped with super abilities to scan and save documents and files as PDFs. The comprehensive system of the app magnificently edits the pictures that are scanned and make the document legible.

You can scan your monetary receipts, label them, and save them for easy and quick access. The scans can be transported and viewed in other image editing platforms of Microsoft Office such as MS Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You can manage virtually all of your paperwork using this application which is compatible with both, Android and iOS.


Shoeboxed is an easy-to-use app that files the documents you upload and renders the information relevant to you. This app scans your receipts and keeps a close track of your mileage. The scans you upload are easily accessible.

The app extracts all the relevant data from the image you upload. Using the excellent features of the app, you can have your own virtual paper drawer and export the data anytime you want. This app is available on the App Store and Play store. In addition to storing receipts, Shoeboxed can also prepare an expense report for a holistic understanding of your cashflows.


The digital world has made our lives abundantly easy. This is evident from the fact that scanning apps have replaced the efforts of rummaging through desks and drawers to find tiny pieces of slips. You no longer have to be at the mercy of your drawers now that you can scan and keep a soft copy of all essential data. These apps render us with excellent features that enable us to keep all our paper work organized. We can summon any document in a jiff, owing to the quintessential management services they offer.


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