Best Skype Alternatives for Cheap International Calls 2023

The popularity of Skype as a video calling and messaging app is undisputable. The popularity has risen to such a level that the word ‘Skyping’ has become synonymous with making internet-based calls on Skype. But as the popularity and the followers have grown; the app has also started manifesting several glitches.

The app has started showing plenty of glitches. Skype has also started blocking accounts and many ISPs of ‘highly regulated’ countries have also blocked Skype. The number of ads and unwanted emails from Skype has also increased. Many complain of its low-quality calls, excessive consumption of data, disconnection of calls, frequent crashes, high call charges, etc.

But one need not despair. For all ‘unhappy’ with Skype; there are plenty of similar apps that can be a highly satisfactory alternative to Skype. When looking for alternatives, we have paid special attention to apps that facilitated cheap international calls. Let’s check out a few of those alternatives.

Best Skype Alternatives for VoIP Cheap Video Calling


Viber is one of the oldest and closest competitors to Skype but with a difference. First, the app is free to download and works on all OS. The best part is that it is not ad-supported. It does not require any username but registers you with your contact number that adds to its ease. Besides, its data usage is much less than Skype that is a huge relief. It allows international calls between two Viber users free of cost. Like Skype, you can also make calls to the app’s non-users on their mobiles and landlines. But the call cost of Viber is lower than Skype which adds to its attraction.

The only flip side is that it does not support group chat or video chat between groups and does not facilitate viewing of shared filed with a user. It also does not give you the option to block any caller. Thus, it might not be suitable for business conferencing and other needs but is perfect for making internationals call virtually free of cost.


Google Hangout

Google Hangout is fast becoming the preferred choice with people unhappy with Skype. Its communication features are almost similar to Skype. It does not require any download on your desktop and comes as a pre-installed app on any Android Smartphone. Other mobiles can easily download this app.

You can chat, share files and make audio and video calls. It even supports group audio and video conferences of up to 10 people (Skype allows till 25). You can make a call either by using the number or the email address. It allows easy sync across devices for your ease. Coming from Google, it is bound to give you a seamless experience. It allows easy sharing of files, videos, and even emoji, stickers, maps and GIFs to keep things interesting. Calls made between Hangout users are free.

With the installation of one small plugin, it facilitates free calls to any number in North America through Wi-Fi for US and Canada citizens. Others require to pay a fee but it is substantially less than other paid VoIP calls rates. With this app, you can record your video conferencing session and can effortlessly upload it on your YouTube channel. Skype needs a third-party software for this service. Overall, the app is ideal for use for both personal and business communication.


The popularity of this messaging and chat app needs no testimony. A free to use application; it offers end-to-end encryption and is compatible with most desktop and mobile platforms. Whatsapp requires no account setup and can be easily assessed with your mobile number. It allows you to set up a group of up to 256 people. You can easily share texts, messages as well as audio and video files. Recently, it has also started group calls up to four persons at a time which can probably go high in the future. Given its popularity, it stands as the best competition to Skype. Moreover, the call between two app users is completely free.


With free user-to-user calls and amongst the cheapest international calling rates; Voca is hard to beat competitor of Skype. Its call rate to mobile phones and landlines is low enough to be deemed virtually free. With a clean interface and encrypted calls, it offers the same services as Skype. You can send messages and make audio and video calls amongst app users free of cost. The only flip side is that it requires a stable internet or Wi-Fi connection to function properly.


This app openly competes directly with Skype and presents itself as a better alternative to Skype. Compatible with most operating systems; the app has over 150 million downloads so far. Its user-to-user audio and video calls are bound to impress you with their clarity and high-quality, thanks to its patented Super Clear technology. It even has a desktop application. A video call can be set up with 12 people simultaneously. They need not sign up with Oovoo and can join the conference call using the unique code sent to them. Messaging, call recording and screen sharing are features that delight any business user. It even facilitates watching YouTube videos while messaging other people. It’s a must-try app.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of other apps apart from the ones we listed that are ideal for free calls amongst users but our list highlights those apps that offer the cheapest calling rates. You can try all of any of these apps and choose the one that best fits your needs. Additionally, do not forget to let us know about your experiences or if you have any queries. Also, do let us know if we have missed on any app worthy to be included in this list. All suggestions and comments can be communicated in the comment section below!


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