Best Snapchat Alternatives with Awesome Filters for Android and iOS 2021

With social media becoming an integral part of our lives; sharing of pictures and daily activities have become the norm of the day. This gave rise to the trend of selfies. As the technology progressed and various other social platforms got launched following the popularity of Facebook; plain old selfies started to get boring and outdated.

Specialized photo sharing and selfie apps got launched which also gave you the option to beautify your selfie. Later various apps like Snapchat came along which had awesome filters and allowed you to add filters to make your filters look funny and quirky as well. Snapchat was the first app that allowed you to heavily edit your selfies with cute stickers or filters and share them with your friends and other dear ones. It also allows you to send messages and update stories. Moreover, all content gets deleted after a certain specified time which made things more fun.

Even though Snapchat has constantly been introducing new filters or lenses as they are called; you might find your favorite lens disappearing or Snapchat not working in locations like India. Moreover, a plethora of Snapchat-like apps has been launched with some mind-blowing lenses. Hence, you are now spoilt for choice with Snapchat alternatives for both Android and iOS platforms. Let’s check out a few of the best Snapchat alternatives.

Best 10 Snapchat Alternatives App for Android & iOS

With few sublime filters and exciting beauty effects; this is the best selfie sharing Snapchat alternative that you can lay your hands on. You can easily add over 1500 of its diverse stickers with just a tap to your selfie and share them on various social platforms. Its facial recognition sticker can easily distort your face into a fun and cute animal. Its shiny effects and stylish analog filters get you the best videos. The best beauty effects can be applied with a single tap. The app even remembers your favorite filters for easy application the next time. The filters are of appreciable high quality. To add an extra cherry, the app allows you to create high-quality music and add it to your videos for over-the-top feel.

It is another terrific Snapchat alternative. It has an appreciable bounty of face filters, makeup filters, beauty cameras and filters, makeup filters, live filters, stickers and animal filters which animate your picture real-time to share with your friends and families. It even facilitates face swap. It also has video filters and swap filters. With a sizeable number of users, it’s a must-try app.

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Apart from all wonderful selfie stickers, this app also facilitates video chatting and text messaging. A remarkable feature of this app is its voice change filter which adds to the fun quotient. To use the app, you must first sign in using your email address, Facebook account or the Line account. The app is an excellent choice as a beauty app with its stylish AR makeup filters, natural skin tone effects, face stickers, etc. that are updated regularly according to the climate and demand.

It also has motion stickers, 48-hour stories and the GIF feature that you can use even while chatting. The app even allows you to go live. However, it is the best app for those who are more inclined towards beauty filters.

If funny, funky and entertaining filters are what you desire, then you must try this Snapchat alternative. It has a plethora of animation effects to make your video have a unique personality and life. Not only is its camera terrific but its amazing masks like those of notable celebrities, beats, festival images, makeup stickers, and even emotion effects make up some fantastic and high-quality selfies and videos that you can save as well as share with your friends. You can even go live with them on this app. It’s an app that can truly become addictive.

It is an excellent app for all those who love to swap faces and view and share its output. You can literally swap your face with anybody be it your friends, family, celebrities, funny animals or even statues of a museum. Apart from it, the app has oodles of motion stickers bracketed into themes like cartoons, animals, movies, etc. Not only are its images a tad better but also permanent. You can share it anytime as it does not get deleted.

The app is like an improved version of Snapchat and takes your funny and hilarious images and videos to the next level. Simple to use app, it can give you unexpected and extremely hilarious and funny images with its motion stickers, animated stickers, picture-effects. and real-time filters. Its AR filters are truly amazing. They can transform you into a Cinderella, princess or even a girl with her birthday cake smashed on her face. Mingled with its photo effects and tweak effects; you can create extremely creative, funny and inspiring images that are a breeze to share with all other friends and families and even compare them to take the fun to the next level.

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This messaging app is so easy to use that even kids use it effortlessly. You can use it as a text messaging and video calling app. The best part is that it makes your chat conversations truly interesting by letting you insert videos, photos, GIFs and Bigmoji. The AR backed geo and face filters make for some unique, funny and expressive fun and silly pictures. It even has 3D stickers and allows you to play games with your friends, post stories and do anonymous sharing. It is also a completely safe and secure app that gives you full control over your friends’ list.

This app needs no introduction. It is definitely a leading photo-sharing and editing app. It is the biggest rival of Snapchat. While its built-in face filters might not be as original or creative as Snapchat; they are still creative and funny. It does not have any pop-ups and allows you to share your videos and photos easily on other social platforms. You can save the pictures and videos in your feed, send them to your friend’s feed, use gestures, add stories, and do plenty of other exciting stuff. The fact that it gives you a private account increases its attraction to post the best pictures and videos to share with your friends and other users.

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Also known as FaceU, the app is notably popular in Japan and South Korea. Its dynamic stickers make your pictures and videos interesting and entertaining. You can even change the shape of your face with this app. Add to its various filters like the rain control, magic control, film-style filters and powerful beauty retouching function; the app is a deserving candidate to be tried as an alternative to Snapchat.

This app is often deemed as a clone of Snapchat but it has a simpler and better interface and has better speed as well. It too has self-destructing images, text, animated messages, and videos like Snapchat. You can even group chat with 200 people at one time. The messages are encrypted for security. The app supports Android Wear and lets you save data in a cloud. You can go live here, share updates, stories and have knowledge of everybody who is following your story. The filters are truly amazing. The only flip side is that the app works only on the iOS platform while all the above apps are compatible with almost all popular OS and platforms.

A Korean app; it is free to download. This photo editing and beauty camera app has some professional editing tools and many themed stickers, poster templates, art filters, video effects, etc. that make for truly inspiring and fun-filled pictures and videos. It has over 100 photo filters and even 3D stickers to let you go wild with your creative side. You can customize just about anything and truly go all out creative. You can even apply a cartoon effect. Facilitating a whimsical touch; it throws plenty of challenges to motivate you to try its advanced and funny filters. The app allows you to create weird and funny looks of images by combining its crazy filtered selfies and editing effects. The app is terrific for you if you are a fan of Korean animation.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of other apps like Yovo, Slingshot, LIKE, Imgur, Cluster, Snap seed, etc. that also has some cool face filters. But we hope that you do like our collected list. Almost all are compatible with all platforms and allows you to make really entertaining and funny videos and images. Do let us know which app you liked the best and if we have missed out on some cool Snapchat alternative.

Chime all your comments and suggestions below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and other well-wishers. Till then, enjoy creating and sharing funny images and videos!


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