Best Stock Trading App 2021 [ Stock Buying Apps ]

The lucrative market : In today’s time, people look out for various alternate sources of income and aim towards safeguarding the futures of the family. One of the pivotal fields that aid out in the same is the stock market. There are some people, who prefer investing in mutual funds with limited growth and keeping the same activity for a long time.

And then, others love to take risks of investing in stocks and play with the market metrics. Once you gain a fair knowledge of the stock market, profits are a must to go in the pockets. But, for that, you need the guidance of trading apps. Read on to find more.

How can the trading apps help out?

As defined by the name, the stock trading apps are specialized in providing information related to the active stocks of the market. This includes information on NAV, research on investments, portfolio tracking, stock performance and forecast, fees and commission, and other requisites.

In short, the entire dashboard of the market is presented to the reviewers to help out in finding the best fit for them.

Signs of the perfect app

Some of the ideal signs of the perfect app include the following:

  • Updated market information on different stocks.
  • Perfect interface for the users to utilize different tools and take the best out of each.
  • Minimal brokerage and trading fees.
  • Faster processing of returns in case of withdrawals.
  • Filters to compile the information starting from simple to complex investors.

Now, the upcoming section speaks on the list of the top stock trading apps for 2020.

Top Stock Trading & Buying Apps in 2021 [ As per User Reviews ]

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade App

When it comes to the list of the best stock trading app for 2021, TD Ameritrade fared perfectly in the eyes of the investors. Known for its excellent pricing and information, it is the perfect platform for beginners and casual stock traders looking for an ideal place to manage their investments.

Key features related to the platform include the following:  

  • No minimum deposit is required for the investors to begin with the trading experience.
  • Zero commission on the online stock, ETF, and options trades, but charges additional amount on the other types.
  • A large group of tradeable assets with links to standard, retirement, education, and other major types of accounts.
  • Extensive research tool with details on the stocks before finalizing on investing in any.
  • Also, open for the advanced traders to play with the professionally-designed platform.

The recent update states that the platform will be acquired by Charles Schwab by the year-end of 2020 and thus, there are high chances of being one common platform for these two brands.

Fidelity Investments

 Fidelity Trading app

Fidelity Investments is the perfect tool or app for beginners, who want to learn about the field of the stock market and have a focus on long-term and retirement investments. It offers a myriad of stocks at zero commission fees and different investment types.

Some of the classy features include the following:

  • Perfect compatibility with different OS and thus offers basic tools sufficient for the beginners to learn about the field.
  • Includes the tradeable assets of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, fractional shares, and many more.
  • The interactive screen to showcase live performance in the market.
  • Customization to the trading account in the style of social media feed and thus helps out in maintaining the list of portfolios.

There is a scope to enhance some of the required complex features in the app to further increase the learning for beginners.


Webull stock trading app

When it comes to the technology-centric trading apps, Webull tops the list and makes its suitability for the investors having some experience in stock marketing. It has tons of useful features, that not only aid in bringing out the best profits to the traders but also chart out additional features and add-ons.

Some of its classy features include the following:

  • No commissions on the platform, thus making it the ideal tool for investment.
  • Community chats to have interact with other like-minded traders and enhance the knowledge base.
  • Free stock promotions on the new joiners and existing traders who have recommended the app to others.
  • The latest addition of cryptocurrencies as tradeable assets, apart from the existing stocks, ETFs, bonds, and others.
  • Live news on the global markets to influence the decision of trading.

The only improvements in the app lie in enhancing customer service options and asset availability in the market.

SoFi: Social Finance

Sofi Invest trading App

Social Finance is another platform for newbie investors interested to learn about this lucrative field and offers banking and loan services also. With a requirement of a minimum of USD 1 account balance, it offers the best trades and fractional shares at zero commission fees.

Some of the well-known features of it include the following:

  • Integrated learning resources to teach the newbies on dos and don’ts of trading.
  • Perfect and non-cluttered interface for different tools to be easily used for earning profits. 
  • Easy browsing and filtering of the stocks and funds as per the user requirements.
  • Account types are limited to self-directed and managed portfolios, retirement accounts, and cryptocurrencies.

Improvement lies in increasing the number of assets and account types for investors.

Interactive Brokers

IKBR Trading App

Interactive Brokers IKBR is the platform meant for active trading and offers plenty of features related to the field, starting from Trade Workstation to a mobile app with all of the core features. Thus, it is meant for investors having intermediate to advanced knowledge of the field.

Some of the classy features include the following:

  • Perfect app to assess the market condition and new openings within it, when compared to the conventional trades.
  • A wide selection of indicators, charts, research, and other requisite to judge the overall performance of any stock.
  • Website experience on the app with improvised scanners and trade alerts.
  • Quick trading decisions in form of options and filters.

The only limitation lies in the lack of drawing tools and a multi-device approach (since it streams data to only one active device at a time).

Tastyworks app

Tastyworks is the ideal app for the traders looking out for options investment and provides the workflow in the required manner to assess the same. Therefore, it gives up more flexibility to the trader for exploring the market. The classy features include the following:

  • Drag and drop selection in the mobile platform to eliminate keyboard entry for options trading.
  • Streamlined features that can suit different experience levels of option traders.
  • Visual space that is available only for desktop platforms to enter into heavy options trading.
  • The video feed on the live status of the market and other requisite information that influences the buyer’s choice.

Improvements are required to add further desktop features to the app to make it more lively.


Ally trading App

The last app in the list of the best is Ally. It offers investment, savings, and high quality checking accounts under a single umbrella. Low-cost and easy to use brokerage accounts are the first-liners when it comes to describing the overall platform.

The classy features include the following:

  • The pairing of bank accounts directly with the investments to streamline the process.
  • User- friendly options on stock trades, ETF, and options that do not ask for heavy commission or processing fees.
  • Basic charts and data to aid out in making fine bank-based transactions.
  • Self-serviced and managed portfolios for easy management.

It lacks some of the advanced trading tools and mobile research.

With this, we conclude on our list for the best. Remember to learn about all of the details on the platform before beginning to invest in it. Understand the pre-requisites and act accordingly to make the perfect returns on your investments.

As goes without saying, let us know of your thoughts or queries in the comments section and they would get answered soon. Stay subscribed to our channel for more of such blogs.


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