14 Best Subtitle Apps for Android & iOS [Subtitle Editor / Creator / maker ] 2021

With the raise of OTT Platforms worldwide, many people binge-watch the movies or web series. Back in the day people used to watch movies in their dialect or in the language which is very known or comfortable to them.

But now the language barrier is no more a concern. People are accustomed to watch movies and web series from any language on planet if they find it interesting.

You may be thinking, how it is possible to watch a movie without even knowing single word of a alien language. “SUBTITLES” has made it possible.

With subtitles you can watch any movie from any language. Add subtitles to the Video in the language you are perfect and watch it without any difficulty, as if you are watching it in your own language.

Besides, there is another advantage of watching movies with subtitles. You can learn the foreign language very easily. Almost all the tutors say “To learn a new language it is better to watch a movie with subtitle.”

Most of People cannot afford OTT platforms or not interested in them. The next available option is download movies from third party sites. Download Movies in tandem with the Subtitles. If you didn’t find subtitles for a particular movie, then you need not worry.

There are manifold apps available for Android & iOS device to get Subtitles for the movie or Web Series you are willing to watch. Selecting the best among them can be laborious task for you. We have lessened the burden on you, by gathering the list of best Subtitle apps for Android & iOS.

7 Best Subtitle Apps for Android 2021

Here we have collated a list of 7 top android subtitle apps. Few of these android apps are useful in editing the subtitles or creating subtitles for videos.

Mighty Subs

Mighty Subs Subtitle Downloader

Mighty Subs is undeniably the best android subtitle downloader which is available in two variants i.e. free & paid version.

You cannot access to all features of mighty subs with Free Version. But in my option it is more than enough.

Mighty Subs free version allows you to download only 10 Subtitles per day. You want to download more subtitles in a single day then you have to go for premium plan.

Mighty Subs works with top subtitle fetchers like Opensubtitles, Subscene.com, Addic7ed,BetaSeries etc to pickup subtitles for your video.

Another notable feature is, you can turn on multiple languages at a time.


GMT Subtitles

Another Android Subtitles downloader which has attained gigantic popularity because of its efficiency and automation is “GMT Subtitles”. Pretty Clean & simple UI design makes it easy for anyone to download subtitles for movies or Web Series.

GMT Subtitles automatically scans the videos on your phone and looks for relevant subtitles from its database. You will find this feature exiting only if the video on your phone is popular.

Few features of GMT subtitles which you may find interesting.

  • It is possible to download subtitles manually from leading subtitle fetchers like Podnapisi.net, OpenSubtitles.org, BetaSeries.com.
  • You can share subtitles with your friends through Bluetooth or email.
  • It supports umpteen languages.
  • GMT Subtitles is a free Subtitle downloading app for Android, which is completely free from irritating ads.

Download From Play Store

Get Subtitles

Get Subtitles Android Subtitle Downloader App

Get Subtitles is Android subtitle downloader app which seamlessly supports multiple languages. It is very easy to download subtitles for your favourite TV shows & Movies because of its user friendly interface.

Get subtitles, automatically scans the videos on your mobile phone and picks the best subtitles for them. If you don’t want Get Subtitles to automatically Scans the Videos on your phone, because of the security and privacy concerns, then you can disable it and opt for manual search option.

  • You can download the Subtitles manually on to your phone.
  • If you are playing movie or Web series on VLC player or MX player, It automatically attaches the subtitles to the video.
  • Get Subtitles also supports Chromebooks.

Download from Google Play Store

Sub Loader

Sub Loader is noteworthy Subtitle downloader app specially designed for Android devices. Sub Loader automatically scans for the videos on your phones and fetches the best subtitles which is in sync with the Video.

Ofcourse you can delve for the subtitles manually, if you don’t want Sub Loader to it for you. Sub Loader Collects Subtitles information from OpenSubtitles.org and Subscene.com. It supports more than 45 languages.

Subloader has both free and paid versions. Both the plans have same features expect “Ads”.If you are looking for Ad-free version of Subloader than you have to pick the premium service.


MX Player

MX Player App for Subtitles

MX Player is undeniably the top Video player for Android phones which supports any video formats. So we recommend you to have MX player on your device, as there won’t be any issues like “video format not supported”.

Another exhilarating feature of MX player is, “Subtitle Support”. MX Player is equipped with the feature to download subtitles from OpenSubtitles.org. Unlike the subtitle downloader apps specified above, it requires manual effort to download Subtitles.

You will have an option to search for Subtitles while the video is playing.MX player would search for available Subtitles on OpenSubtitles.org and lists them for you. Now you have to download it manually.

It supports all the subtitle formats like .srt,.sub,.pjs,.smi and many more.

Download MX Player from Play Store


Subtitles App

Subtitles is a plain and undecorated subtitles downloader app for android. This App fetches subtitles data from leading open source Subtitles fetcher i.e. www.opensubtitles.org.

With these Subtitle downloading app, you can download subtitles for all movies & web shows on your android phone straightforward. It supports more than 71 languages.

Download App from Play store

Subbr Free : Subtitle Editor

Subbr Subtitle Editor for Android Free Download

Subbr is a free subtitle app for android which specialises in editing & converting subtitles.

Facing issues like non sync of subtitles with the audio, then Subbr App can help you in proper synchronization of the subtitles.

If you find any errors in the subtitles, you can automatically correct them at one click and save them in any format supported by Subbr.

Another salient feature is reading & writing of Subtitle. Supports various formats like MPL,SubViewer 1.0,TMPlayer,SubViewer 2.0 MicroDVD, SubRip (SRT) etc.


There are few more subtitle downloader apps like Sub down, Easy subtitles etc which you can try, if you don’t find the above apps worthy.

7 Best Subtitle Apps for iOS [ iPhone ] 2020

We have compiled 7 best Subtitle apps for iOS device which you can use for downloading subtitles, for creating subtitles or for editing the subtitles.

Subtitles Viewer

Subtitle Viewer Free iPhone App

Unquestionably the best Subtitle Apps for iOS device [ iPhone & ipad]. You can get this application from apple store and we have given the link below to download it.

You can add subtitles to the video / movie on your iPhone with a single tap on the screen. Another interesting feature to mention is you can subtitles in any language.

In addition to adding subtitles, another outstanding feature which you don’t find on every app is “ You can just play the subtitles. Very efficient for people who have difficulty in hearing. They can watch the movies on TV or Cinema Theater by reading the subtitles.


Over Video

Over Video iPhone App

OverVideo is a simple iOS app which is capable of adding text & Music to the Videos you have created or downloaded from somewhere.

You can add custom Subtitles [Your own poetry or text ] to the video, to make it more exciting. To make the video lively, you can add music as a background to the video. Just pick the song from the music library and add it to the video. You can add song from the beginning or from the middle or anywhere between where you find the beat interesting.

Stylish Fonts and effects like opacity, reflection can take your edited video to next level.


My Subtitle

My Subtitle iPhone Free App

One More Subtitles app for iOS Device which makes your task of adding subtitles to your Videos Easy. It is not a subtitle downloader app.

MySubtitle is a movie editing app, through which you can attach subtitles and images to the Videos. After completing the editing portion you can share with your friends or on Social media easily. Stylish design and simple UI, made it a leading Subtitle Editor for iOS devices.



Vemely Add subtitles to Video on iPhone

Veme.ly is an iOS app specially designed to create viral videos on your mobile. With Veme.ly creating social videos have become never such easy.

You can add Subtitles to the Videos you have create to make them viral on social media sites like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram etc.

You can select from 100+ templates available on Vemely to create a video and you can decorate it with stylish text, add gradients, add backgrounds etc.

Few features of Veme.ly which we want to emphasize are Cropping, trimming, Loop Videos, creating subtitles, adding water marks & progress bars.


Mix Captions

Mix Captions Video Subtitle App for iPhone

Mix captions is Video Captions apps created by Mixcord Inc for iOS Devices. With Mix Captions you can generate Subtitles instantly and automatically. Having subtitle for the videos will instantly boost views on social networking sites.

Editing Subtitles on Mix Captions is very easy and you can change the position of captions to bottom, top or middle as per your need.

Customizing the font, colour and background of your captions can be done at one tap. Mix Captions is available both in free and paid versions. To completely unlock the potential of Mix Captions Subtitles app, you must shift to the paid version.


Add Subtitles : Automac

Automac Add Subtitles App for iPhone & iPad

Add Subtitles: Automatic is one of the best subtitle app for iOS Device. With Subtitles iOS app you can create subtitles automatically for your videos on your iPhone or iPad.

This App comes with inbuilt voice recognition technology, that automatically reads the voice in the video and generate subtitles accordingly.

Full automatic feature which generates subtitles, when you speak or deliver your very. Effortlessly you can translate subtitles from one language to other.


Sub Reader

Sub Reader is one more Subtitle App for iOS Device. Its functioning would be somewhat different from others which we have mentioned earlier.

Sub reader app read aloud the subtitles of the movies and Tv series which you are watching on your phone. Sub Reader works absolutely great with OTT streaming platforms like Amazon Prime & Netflix.


Conclusion: we have done our part of listing out the best Subtitle apps for Android & iOS Platforms. Not all the subtitle apps have the same purpose. Some of them are to download subtitles, few of them are to edit subtitles, remaining are to generate subtitles by reading your Voice. If we have missed out any subtitle app, which you feel should be in the above compiled list, please do let us know in the comments section.


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