16 Best Tycoon Games on Roblox 2023

Tycoon Games are a popular kind of game available in Roblox. There are games that cater to every type of player, starting from running a resort to running your personal supermarket. Begin at the bottom, and progress to the highest point in the chain of management.

Tycoon-themed games on Roblox provide you with the chance to take on various roles, ranging to that of the restaurant’s owner, to a garage manager or even the owner of a luxurious resort. Start at the bottom and eventually rise to become the top in your field.

Here’s a quick list of the top Tycoon games to enjoy on Roblox in 2023.

16 Best Roblox Tycoon Games to Play in 2023

1)Navy War Tycoon

Navy War Tycoon is one of the top tycoon game on Roblox. It lets you control an army of warships in the seas looking for players to fight. Your aim when you engage in battles is to seize the oil rigs of enemies for yourself expanding your area of control. Since you have the option of choosing your country of choice and attack other players to rise up the leaderboard of famous sea captains. It’s an extremely interesting and intricate game that should not be missed in the event you’re looking for an unforgettable experience.

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2) Restaurant Tycoon 2

Restaurant Tycoon 2 has been an extremely very popular Roblox game for a number of years and with good reason. The players have the ability to design every aspect of their restaurant including the name of the establishment to the seating arrangements and layout of the kitchen. Employee uniforms can also be personalized.

Beyond that, Restaurant Tycoon 2 has an extensive menu system with recipes from across the globe. The player can unlock new recipes as they advance and their ability as a chef improves. Beginning restaurateurs can prepare the food themselves and invite guests to run their establishment, or delegate the task to their staff while they manage their restaurant efficiently.

3) Work at a Pizza Place

Although this may seem like a simple game in which to participate, but it isn’t. It’s because you’ll be able to select between different kinds of employees. This means that you’ll get to experience the challenges that each job requires. If you are an employee you’ll be required to ensure that you make the most profit from your pizza shop.

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4) Mega Mansion Tycoon

The most well-known game titles for tycoons played on Roblox, Mega Mansion Tycoon lets you construct and decorate a stunning mansion! Fill it with chandeliers, TVs, with a garage that can accommodate the most extravagant automobiles. Also, it’s a role-playing game. That means you’re able to walk through the city, chat with other players, go to their houses…and even run races.

The game gets regular updates that include new content, meaning there’s always something new to achieve.

5) Zombie Merge Tycoon

The game Zombie Merge Tycoon, the goal of the game is to build a formidable zombie army! Once you’ve earned enough zombies, they’ll meld to make them stronger. The more powerful zombies will provide you with more examples. Through these samples, you’ll eventually get more powerful weapons that you can deploy across the globe to take on zombies!

Begin by moving to the top, from the Crowbar to a massive machine gun, and create chaos in the servers.

6) Youtuber Tycoon

Ever dreamed of becoming a popular YouTuber? Well, now you can in achieve your goal virtually in Youtuber Tycoon. When you earn money from your conveyor belt to purchase additional tools, you can be seated at the computer and create and edit videos to get subscribers. That’s how to can decorate your YouTuber’s brand new YouTuber complex!

The goal to play the game straightforward Earn more cash and get more subs. It is possible to build up to four floors in the current version of the game. You can also decorate the space with all kinds of fun furniture.

7) Car Dealership Tycoon

With the variety of vehicles available each with its own options you can build your own car empire from starting point, and sell modified vehicles to people who want to live the high-speed lifestyle! It’s not the only way to earn money, since you could also race with your pals and explore the world to enjoy your luxury cars for as long as you like. Car Dealership Tycoon is a highly well-known game which sets the bar higher than other gaming because it’s an incredible experience.

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8) Airport Tycoon

airport tycoon

If you’re a fan of taking fly to the skies to explore we have Airport Tycoon. It’s a fascinating game where the player fly a variety of planes in your own airport therefore there’s plenty of options. It allows you to fly between airports, meaning you can go to your buddies and fly the planes with them. With continuous updates to include more content, this game is an absolute gem which you must definitely test out!

9) House Tycoon

house tycoon

As the name suggests, House Tycoon focuses heavily on collecting cars to live the midst of luxury. You are able to customize your home and garage however you’d like, however the main focus will remain on having as many man-made automobiles as you can. As it’s a well-known game, expect lots of updates the time you play by adding more cars and exciting features for players to take home. If you’re a big fan of Brookhaven RP, you’ll know that the game is enjoyable with your players from your group.

10) Tropical Resort Tycoon

Anyone who has ever dreamed of owning their own private island, Tropical Resort Tycoon is the ideal choice. This game is certain to give players a variety of goals to be worked towards and provide a multitude of opportunities to enjoy time while making money. New areas will be unlocked as the player progresses making their tiny lobby on an island into a huge resort that is surrounded by gorgeous cliffs, parks and much more stunning landscape. The players will also unlock vehicles that can aid them in traveling across the island. They eventually, they will discover a vast world (though not as large as the world that Skyrim has set) Skyrim) packed with unexpected surprises, as well as resorts nearby.

11) Fantasy Tycoon

If you’re looking for an alternative to the common tycoon scenarios, Fantasy Tycoon offers a distinctive visual style and gives players a distinctive concept: a tiny wooden platform that is suspended in the sky, which is then used to create. When the gameplay progresses the platform transforms into a tiny market and the player will gradually add every inch of the structure until it becomes a bustling business place at the top of the sky. The players can buy ships, fly to neighbouring billionaires, cultivate crops and generally experience stunning environments in a unique environment.

12) Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is a complete game that is a true fan of the theme and allows players to build an entire zoo from scratch. It starts with a small zoo that has just a few small enclosures, zoo managers will be responsible for taking care of their animals and feeding them when they expand their operation and the zoo becomes expansive and varied.

Zoo owners can design their own zoo and watch the animals move around their enclosures, or upgrade the items they have and all of this are essential for your success when playing Zoo Tycoon. Similar to many of the most successful businessmen, there’s plenty of strategies to think about when deciding on the best way to arrange structures, and the attraction of the game is hard to resist.

13) Anime Tycoon Roblox

anime tycoon

Anime Tycoon is a game which lets you build an assortment of the most popular anime characters you can. You can earn money through selling characters. You can use this cash to purchase even more characters that will help you grow your own anime universe. Select from characters such as Deku, Goku, and Naruto among others.

14) Super Hero Tycoon

Super Hero Tycoon is one of the most played Roblox game titles on the market with a consistent rate of between 15,000 and 20,000 users. The goal for the game’s purpose is to gather super heroes and display them as a sort of supervillain.

As you advance through the game, you’ll be able to collect more heroes as you build your base.

15) 2 Player Computer Tycoon

2 Player Computer Tycoon is an online tycoon game that is played by teams that differs from other games listed on this list. You must work with your teammates to become the biggest tycoon. The most powerful tycoon at the conclusion of the game will earn scores of points that you can be able to use to unlock cosmetics and other things.

The primary goal of your tycoon’s business is to create larger and more powerful computers that are more powerful and better. It will start with an old-fashioned ’90s computer equipped with a CRT-based monitor and huge keyboards and mouse, but you can move to a triple-stacked gaming system that includes a gaming keyboard, mouse as well as three monitors. Don’t forget to get that fantastic gaming chair.

16) Gym Tycoon

gym tycoon

Gym Tycoon is what tycoon games on Roblox is all about. And the numerous games for gyms that have appeared over time has led to this game of the present. The objective is straightforward to work out, become bigger, make money, and control the biggest and most popular gym on the internet. The more you workout and earn money, the more you’ll make.

The first few days will be small as a normal Roblox player lifting small heavy weights at the shore. After a few hours, you’ll be growing in size and have bought some more advanced equipment, and will be playing with other players on the server.

Hope we have covered all the best tycoon games on Roblox which are available for free. If you guys think that we have missed out few other tycoon games which have the potential to be listed in top games list, then please do let us know in the comments section.


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