8 Best Video Conferencing Apps 2023 [ Free & Paid ] [ Web Conference Tools ]

There are situations which are not under our control, which sometimes forces us to choose alternative path. Corona Virus outbreak has created similar circumstances to us, where we are mandated to stay at home.

During normal days people used to attend meetings physically and if the situation demands they prefer a web meeting by using web conferencing tools. There are hundreds of web conferencing tools available on the web, choosing the best from them is an arduous task.

It totally depends on your purpose of using the web conferencing tool. If you are using the Online Meeting Tool, just for group Video calling & Chatting with your friends and family members that Whatsapp would be more than enough.

Again here is another limitation in using Whatsapp Video calling i.e. Whatsapp allows maximum of 4 people to join the video call at a time. So if your friends or family group is large , then Whatsapp Video Calling feature doesn’t suits you. Here you have to hunt for another Video Conferencing App which meets your requirements.

If you are looking for Web conferencing tools for online classes, then most the Online meeting applications on the internet won’t be helpful for you.

Similarly for Business [Small or big], they have some set of requirements i.e. privacy & security issues, HD Video Calling & ability to talk to more number of people etc.

After doing rigorous research and going through various blogs, we have compiled here the list of 8 best free Video Conferencing apps 2023.

People who choose to Work from home, who are staying in the remote location, who cannot meet their loved ones directly [because of pandemic] can be benefitted from these tools. Applications which we have listed out here can be used for personal purpose like video calling with friends and family members. However these tools can be handy to professionals i.e. for business people, for online classes to students etc.

8 Best Video Conferencing [Calling ] tools for Business & Personal Use 2023

  1. Google Hangouts

Free Video Calling [conferencing app ] from Google which allows maximum of 10 participants. With Google hangouts you can send messages to friends, chat with them. You can do voice call or video call with your friends and family members.

Google Hangouts has made it easier to plan a group chat and sending GIFS, emoji’s  was never easy before.

Google Hangouts Video Calling is only for Desktop users and have group calling with 10 people [maximum].

G Suite enterprise Edition & G Suite Enterprise Edition for education have more features i.e. you can conduct meetings upto 250 participants, Live streaming upto 100000 Viewers. Another impressive feature is you can record the meetings and save them on Google Drive.

G Suite Enterprise Edition is perfectly designed for business meetings and for conducting online classes to students.

Zoom Video Conferencing App was successful in getting public attention. During the Corona Virus outbreak its popularity has surged multitude times.

Zoom.us is one stop solution for all the Conference related business. It is available in various plans which includes Free & paid ones.

Zoom Basic Plan, which is available for free can host up to 100 participants. There are certain limitations for basic plan, so it not possible to explore all the features.

Zoom Pro, Zoom Business & Zoom Enterprise are paid versions which can host participants from 100 to 1000.  Zoom has created dedicate plans for different domains i.e. “Zoom for Education”,Zoom for Telehealth”, “Zoom for Developers” etc.

Sign up for a free account on ZOOM and start hosting a meeting with your friends, family members or colleagues.

You can host a meeting on Zoom with 3 options i.e. a) With Video off b) With Video On  c) Only Screen Share.

There are umpteen features on Zoom which we are going to discuss later. One such feature of Zoom Video conferencing app is to change Virtual background image. We have covered this article in our earlier blog post.

Skype is another Video Calling application from Microsoft, through which you can stay in touch digitally with your friends, family & office colleagues. With Skype you can video Conference with 50 people at a time and is available for free of cost.

You can host a meeting on Skype in two ways either from the application installed on your Device or through the Web Interface [browser].

With one Click you can host a conference call on Skype.

Just follow the link and click on “Create Free Meeting” option. Now share the generated link with the people with whom you are willing to have a conference.

Few features of Skype which had confirmed its entry in top league are “Screen Sharing”, “ Call Recording” for future use, option to “Blur the background”.

You can have access to a Video Conference on Skype App or Skype Web and is available on all the devices.

Webex Video Conferencing tool is specially designed for business users, that doesn’t mean normal people can’t use it. You can use Webex for free just by creating an account with them. You need not provide any credit card information while signing up. Free Webex Plan allows you to talk to 100 participants at a time.

Webex also has a premium subscription which allows you explore the complete features. There would be no restrictions and limitations in accessing the video conferencing tool, unlike the free version. To know about the precise pricing plans just contact the technical support team, as they have not mentioned anything on the website.

Webex Online Meeting Tool promises you the best video quality, so that you and your conference members can have clear picture.

Joining or hosting a meeting is very easy and you can do it from any device and any platform.

It is effortless to know the list of members and can send them messages individually.

With automatic transcriptions built-in, it’s hassle-free to record your online meeting.

Sharing your screen is simple. You can even share you files or applications with members for the group.

Join.me another top contender in the space of Web Conferencing and Online meetings.

Hosting a meeting on Join.me is as simple as joining a meeting. To host a Video Conference you must have an account and you can get access to free trial of Join.me just by creating a new account.

You can customize the Video Conference as per you interest. You can create personalized meeting id [may be your brand name] and share it with the people for whom you are hosting a meeting].

Screen Sharing can be done on a click and you can customize the meeting background to make the conference more fun and exciting.

Join.me is compatible and easy to use on any device & platform. Another exciting feature is you can schedule the meetings in advance with their convenient Scheduler or Google Calendar or Outlook.

This tool is awesome for individuals & business users who are working from a remote location.

Another leading Video Conferencing tool, which has gained immense craze i.e. GoToMeeting. It is available in 3 Plans i.e. Professional, Business and Enterprise.

GoToMeeting professional Plan allows 150 participants, Business plan allows up to 250 participants, whereas Enterprise plan allows up to 3000 Members.

You can sign up for the trial account [which don’t require credit card info]  and get access to the premium plan for 14 days.

GotoMeeting  assures you the HD quality video and you can easily share screen with participants. You can have unlimited meetings and time for each meeting is limitless.

There are many extra features like Meeting Lock, Co-organizers, Cloud Recording, Slide to pdf, Smart assistant, Taking Note & Drawing tools.  Gotomeeting is best tool for people who are looking to conduct online classes for students.

Another Video Conferencing & Screen sharing app which attained great popularity is Bluejeans. BlueJeans Web Conferencing tool is available in 3 variants i.e.

  1. Business standard : [ can host up to 50 participants ]
  2. BlueJeans Pro : [ Can host up to 75 participants]
  3. BlueJeans Enterprise Plan [ up to 100 Participants]

Bluejeans standard Plan is perfect for small business and individuals who doesn’t require and IT Managements tools or third party integration tools.

Pro Package includes the access to IT management tools and various third party tools. So it best for business of any size.

  • Jitsi

Jitsi is a free open source project which is funded by 8X8, which uses Jitsi project in its own products like VoIP. It is a perfect platform to create & deploy video conferencing tools.

Jitsi Free Video Conference tool can be accessed from https://meet.jit.si/. You need not put any efforts to use this Web conference tool, as it is already hosted. You can also download it and host it on your own if you want a more customized version.

Simplest way to do a video conferencing is visit https://meet.jit.si or download any one of the Mobile apps [ Jitsi Android & jitsi iOS ]

Jitsi has many features added to its belt and few them are here : Locking a room with password, simple way to stream your conference to Youtube Live, Screen Sharing, easy to integrate on third party apps and sites.

You can even record the Jitsi Video Conference call. You can accomplish this task by streaming the conference on youtube live and record it.

There is no limit for the number participants and time duration for each is meeting is limitless.


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