10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android to Download 2023

Video graphic content has become a common thing on the social media platform. Be it promoting any new product or even trying to portray any message, videos act as the best medium and replace the thousands of words by just a few seconds or minutes of the display. Honestly speaking, with the time crunching schedule of the audience, it is always preferable to go for eye-catchy videos that grab the attention of the viewers and automatically spark the interest within them.

And to add up, now the facility of video editing is available on every kind of platform- be it IOS, Android, PC, Laptop, Mac, and Chromebook. In this blog, we would be discussing the top 10 video editing apps for Android.

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android to download 2023

Though there are hundreds of apps in the Google Play Store for video editing, the following have been selected as our take on the top 10 based on their reviews given by the existing users:

Adobe Premiere Rush

  • Adobe Premiere Rush tops the list due to being a simple software and designed for newbies to make up good quality of short videos.
  • The overall app interface is very interactive, with all of the tool icons sized perfectly to come up with the required aspect ratio on the touch screen.
  • It is based on drag and drop option of bringing in the external media files, thus saving up on the time for import processing.
  • Keeping in mind about the short videos, only four small video clips, and three audio clips can be added per output file.
  • Just like other Adobe products, it is also synchronized with Creative Cloud, where the files can be saved for future references.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor

  • Magisto is another of the top-rated app of Play Store, attributed majorly by its Artificial Intelligence backed interface and tools.
  • The app usage is very hassle-free and just requires the user to open up a new work environment, import the video and picture files from the device, and select background music from the library.
  • The in-built AI brings up the best based on the inputs and any further modifications can easily be done from the tentative file.
  • The premium version can be bought at a reasonable subscription fee and used to unlock more advanced tools for professional applications.

GoPro Video Editor App

  • The owners of GoPro can readily rely upon this dedicated application for the device, as it takes the video editing to new heights.
  • Upon getting connected to the device, the entire editing process becomes easy, including automatic importing of the videos and photos and direct synchronization with the selected music.
  • More customized options like time-lapse, photos, graphs, GIFs, etc. can be added by the user to make it more interactive and engaging.
  • The ideal high-quality output from the app is perfect for sharing on social media handles.
  • The pro version can unlock advanced options for more soundtracks and easy upload to the cloud service.

Download GoPro Video Editor

FilmoraGo Free Video Editor

  • FilmoraGo is another of the well-rated apps on the Play Store that provides tools to perform the very basic video editing options of trimming, cutting, timestamp, themes, slow motion, transitions, and many more.
  • It offers video screen size to be decided as per the platform of upload, like 16:9 for Youtube and 1:1 for Instagram.
  • Even in the free version, you would be getting features like real-time previewing, a large collection of templates and effects, easy sharing to the social media platform, and many more.
  • The premium version can remove the default watermark in the videos and unlock the other professional editing tools.

InShot Video Editor App

  • InShot is the perfect choice for the users who just want to edit the videos and not include heavy pictures or slideshows in the same.
  • With an easy degree of usage, the app offers easy choices to trim the videos, add and edit background music and control the playback of the same.
  • The optional background selection offers the chance to overlap different images to create a unique background.
  • The best thing is that the entire app is free and has also been rolled out to the iOS users, after staying in the Android ecosystem for long.

VideoShow Video Editor App

  • VideoShow has received quite a share of laurels ever since its inception and owes the same to the easy interface, essential functions, and special features of text and effects addition as per the requirement.
  • The free version offers about 50 different themes and the option to even compress out the final file based on the size requirements.
  • Even at the compression ratios, the files do not lose their net quality and remain the same.
  • The winning features also include enhanced audio and video options, the blurred background to bring focus on particular elements, and multiple audios in the background.

KineMaster Pro

  • The pro version of KineMaster is the top-level choice for professional video editing with the support of a multi-track editor.
  • The advanced features include multiple layers of video, audio, and images, precise trimming of the video as per the frame, adjustment of the audio clip, and accuracy to the sub-frame level.
  • The Pro version unlocks the features of chroma key composition, volume envelope control, speed control, additional filters to name a few.
  • The best thing is that the default watermark is cleared off in this version and thus the user can alternatively opt for its customized marks.

Download Kinemaster App from Google Play Store

Quik Free Video Editor

  • As the name suggests, Quik is the go-to choice for making fast and free videos at the end moment.
  • Post importing of the photos into the work environment, the app has a special feature of auto-video creation, along with the regular editing tools.
  • The quality of the video can be selected up to 1080p and then directly be shared online.
  • The special winning features include compatibility with GoPro, automatic synchronization, smooth playback, and easy storing of the drafts.

PowerDirector : Video Editor App

  • PowerDirector is one of the recommended choices for professional video making and comes up with an interactive interface.
  • The library comes up with 30 different themes and transition effects in the free version and can be upgraded in the pro version.
  • The tutorials support the users on different tools and clear out their queries.
  • With the pro version, the watermark gets removed, videos can be exported up to 4K quality and chroma selector gets activated for the video layers.

 Movie Maker

  • Movie Maker is the last that comes into the list of the top 10 and is also popular for its easy interface, like the other counterparts.
  • The basic features include trimming, cropping, and reordering of the videos as per the focal points, and the advanced ones can go up to customized filters and special video effects.
  • The winning features also include motion track animation, music slideshows, and different options for the stickers and filters.
  • The only irritating thing is the high number of ads that come up during work.

Hope we have covered the list of best android editing apps.


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