10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad 2023

The dynamism of the video editing : Video editing has reached new levels of dynamism these days. Gone are the days when the people used to rely on the low quality of reel video content to get information. These days, eye-catchy and time-saving videos are on the trend to relay awareness on different issues. It can also be stemmed down to the budding businesses aiming to create their niche in the market by specific engagement with the target customers.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing package if you click the raw videos on the IOS platform and then use editing software on it to get the best quality of video output! Therefore, in today’s blog, we would be discussing on the 10 best video editing apps for the iPhones and iPads.

10 Best Video Editor Apps for iPhone & iPad [ Editing Apps ]

The following is our take of the top 10 video editing apps for iPhone and iPad:


iMovie belongs to the native iOS ecosystem and is thus the first choice for this specific platform.

Compatible to even the new generation of iPhone and iPad, it can handle the imported videos and images on the interactive platform to convert into the best quality of the videos.

The striking features include eight best themes package with the requisite titles, transitions, animations and music, customized soundtracks and filters, drag and drop feature to simply bring down the files into the work environment and specialized text overlays.

With the video quality of 4K at 60 fps, it is highly suggested for professional editing on iPhone and iPad and is sure to help the businesses in creating the required social media presence.


Splice is the next in line app and is the brainchild of GoPro, with the purpose to bring out the reality in forms of 4K videos.

Along with easy import of the files from device and cloud storage, the app also offers the features to add tracks from iTunes, customize the background of the video and good range of the video editing suite.

The editing suite starts from basic tools like trim, filter, text placing, and playback speed control, to the advanced ones like chroma editing, vector tools, and many such.

Sharing on to the social media websites directly has now been made easy by the app.

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LumaFusion is a paid but highly professional video editing app that is used for a lot of serious content on social media.

The UI is one of the best in the market, with no ads or popups and very smooth environment to complete the entire work.

A good number of video aspects, like portrait, landscape, and square types are provided and it is also very easy to switch between each of these.

The environment can hold up to 6 video files and 6 audio narration files that would be going up with the library of effects, transitions, and royalty-free music.

The unique feature lies in the magnetic timeline that can ease up the clip manipulation after getting imported into the environment.

Videorama Video Editor

When it comes to making videos in different orientations, Videorama Video Editor would be one of the ideal choices and some of the good videos on Instagram are based out of it.

Along with the importing features, the app also offers free downloading of the royalty-free music, video, and audio effects straight from Pixabay.

The editing timeline is packed with all kinds of tools and can be used easily due to the perfect positioning of the icons.

The free version allows the creation of the videos up to 720p, but the pro version can go up to 1080p and even unlock the advanced features of 60 fps videos and longer duration of the final output.


Cameo is another preferable video editing app for the iOS platform, owing majorly to the clean interface that would be a good start for the beginners to enhance their creative curve.

It is equipped with very basic tools like trim, add, themes, transitions, and renders and thus helps in making out the videos only for basic and casual purposes. 

Supporting the video formats up to 4K, the finalized and polished files can also be saved in the cloud support of the app and referred easily at the later parts.

The entire app is free and yet provides a good suite of tools when compared to its lower competitors.


As suggested by the name, Quik is the perfect choice to make out short videos in a very quick fashion.

All the user needs to do is import the media files, select a theme and soundtrack, and the interface would do the entire work of processing and presenting the final output.

It also offers the options to bring some customized edits in the middle as per the requirements.

The finished videos can be put up in different orientations based on social media platforms, like 16:9 for Youtube and square for Instagram.

At free of cost, the user would be able to create short and catchy videos.

Adobe Premiere Clip

You can easily trust this application from Adobe suite of design and editing software, and it brings along with it an unlimited Creative Cloud Storage to save the files.

The automatic tool in the work environment can be activated to directly bring the necessary changes in the imported video files, as per the theme input given by the user.

Alternatively, the user can also go for the manual controls to edit the highlights, effects, shadows, exposure, and transitions independently.

Though the library does not have that good collection of stock music, the users can freely add the same from internet sources.

InShot Video Editor

InShot would be another of the ideal choice to combine the editing tools with the high quality of input videos from the iPhone, to bring out the perfect editing experience.

Starting from the basic to the advanced tools, everything can be found in the work environment and the latter can be unlocked by making various in-app purchases.

Flexibility is also offered in terms of the music options, sound effects, and video layering to stay in line with the viewer’s expectations.

Along with funny stickers and GIFs, the app also allows to create the flip and rotatory effects on the videos, which is something offered by very few apps in this category.

The only irritating thing in the free version is the excessive number of ads that can bring disturbance to the work.


Magisto is specifically focused on the social media quality of the videos and can create magic via its advanced AI.

All of the works are divided into different styles, like travel, memories, wedding, and many such. Based on this selection, the respective suite opens up to add the transitions, background music, effects, filters, and touches.

The professional and premium versions can enhance the duration of the output file and unlock more tools to enter into the advanced editing.

The files can then be released into the respective social media platforms with just a simple click.

Enlight Videoleap

This application is known in the Apple Store for its high degree of versatility in coming up with different varieties of the videos.

The library is equipped with different variety of effects and editing tools and thus, based on the user intent the respective ones come up in the work environment.

The customized tools of masking, transformation, and blending modes ensure the best quality and highly personalized output of the video file.

The in-app purchases unlock the advanced tools and add up some more tools in the existing suite.

Stay tuned to our channel for more such content and feel free to write back on your experience with these apps.


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