Best Video Player for Chromebook 2023

Video Player for Chromebook :Along with the usage for regular work, Chromebook is also used for viewing video content in the form of movies, documentaries, explanatory content, or any other categories. To enjoy the most out of these, it is highly desirable to have a very good media/video player that supports different extensions of the content and has a good number of tools to improvise the experience.

Chromebook has a built-in video player that works pretty well for general cases and can be used for small-term purposes. However, it has its setbacks in terms of no subtitle support, issues while going to the full-screen mode of the video and unable to play AVI. Thus, today we would be discussing the best alternative to the default video player that can bring out the perfect viewing experience on your Chromebook.

Best Video Player for Chromebook : VLC Media Player

vlc media player for chromebook

When it comes to looking for the best video player on any device like laptop, tablet, Android, or even a Chromebook, the first and foremost choice that would come up is VLC Media Player. Available in Play Store as well as a Chrome extension, it provides the best usability in terms of video watching and is highly compatible with the Chrome OS. The following are the best selling points of this video player:

  1. It supports all kinds of audio and video file types and its updates keep adding the new extensions that are rolled out in the digital media world.
  2. Apart from the streaming of both online as well as offline content, it has supporting tools like subtitle support, video playback options at different speeds, playlists and audio equalizer that can adjust to the sound quality as demanded by the viewer.
  3. The package includes all kinds of add-ons and thus you do not have to worry about additional files that you have to keep in the system to support a decent video playing.
  4. It comes up in both Lite as well as desktop versions, where the former is simply a Chrome extension and the latter is a full-time application that you install in your system memory. With slight differences in these versions, you can expand to the different types of media extensions without having to pay any extra penny.
  5. It can refer the file manager easily to access the video or movie files and then you can customize it with required playback speed, audio level, or screen size.

Installing VLC Media Player on Chromebook

It is divided into two parts- as an extension or full-time software application. In the former case, all you need to do is go to the Chrome Store, search for VLC Media Player, and then click on Add to Chrome. As a result, the extension would get added to Chrome, and then you can use it anytime.

In the latter case, you can go to Play Store and search for VLC Media Player. Then follow the basic steps and it would get installed as a full-time software on your device.

Best Alternative Media Players for Chromebook

Best Media Players for Windows PC

Apart from VLC Media Player, some of the other decent alternatives that you can think about include SMPlayer, MPlayer, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Windows Media Player Dragon Player, and Lollypop to name a few. As per our prime recommendation, it is best and safe to go for VLC Media Player and enjoy the videos to the maximum extent.


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