10 Best Vtuber Software for Virtual Youtubers 2023

A VTuber software is a program that lets users create and manage animated 3D characters which are used to make videos. They are commonly referred to as VTubers, and are commonly utilized to create livestreams, pre-recorded video as well as other types of media digital.

The program typically comes with an array of tools and features that allow you to create, animation and control the characters of VTuber. With these tools you can edit 3D models, create animations for the characters and ofcourse you can control the character’s motions and expressions.

Certain Vtuber software includes live streaming features as well as support for integration with streaming platforms that are not part of the system, so that users can livestream the VTubers they design.

VTuber software is able to create a range of characters, from basic 2D animations to highly precise as well as realistic 3-D model or realistic human-like characters.

VTubers are now a wildly well-known form of online entertainment and content creators and their fans are using this technique to create videos, livestream and interact with their fans.

A lot of VTubers utilize technology to create their own avatars to present themselves online which allows them to produce content without disclosing their real identities.

In the end, VTuber software provides a user with the ability to design and manage their own digital characters which they can then use to create an array of video content, live streams and interact with their viewers.

Making your true self visible to the world can be a challenge for anyone who is a content creator. The introverts have the most difficulty having a camera pointed at them all the time. Many YouTubers prefer keeping their personal identities private from their personal lives, which creates some distance from their viewers.

This is the point where Virtual Youtubing comes in.

How Does Vtubing Work ?

VTubing, also known as virtual YouTubing is the process of creating and using animated 3D characters to create video content. This process usually involves the use of specific softwares like Live3d, Waraku, Vstudio etc. which we have listed below.

In general Vtubing involves [ here is the outline ]

1)First & Foremost step is creating a character of the VTuber. It is typically done making use of software to make a 3D representation of the character.

2) Now After the character has been made, it can be animated with various methods including Keyframe Animation, Motion Capture or facial motion. This lets that the VTuber to appear animated with authenticity and realistic manner.

3) Record or stream live with VTuber. Certain programs also have integrated live streaming Support.

4) The video will be edited and processed to add effects, sound, and to fine-tune the final output.

When the video is finished and published, it is able to be viewed on various platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or other streaming platforms.

The method can be improved by the addition of live commentary and interactions, in order to provide a live-streamed appearance of the actor which would require the use of a microphone as well as a camera, which could be integrated into the software to make the VTuber’s lips-sync and the body language of the character more fluid.

Features to Look For in a vTubing Software

If you are looking for the right VTubing software There are a lot of essential features that you might want to look at to make sure that the software is a good fit for your requirements.

  1. Ability to design and then animate 3D characters with facial expressions.
  2. Clear Facial expressions and lip-syncing is a must in choosing Vtube Software.
  3. Motion capture could be used to add realistic motion to VTubers. Certain software has an integrated tool for motion capture which allow users to capture their own movements and then apply these to their respective VTubers at a real-time pace.
  4. If you intend to use your VTubers for live-streamed content, you should look for software that has built-in live streaming capabilities.
  5. A software with easy to use & User Friendly Interface is another factor we should consider.
  6. Before purchasing the software , we should analyze its Real time performance. You should be able to create the animation and control its characters in real time, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable experience for the viewers.
  7. Compatibility is another essential feature.
  8. Last but not least look into Pricing Details. Choose the Vtuber software based on your budget & requirements. Check whether the software comes with an annual subscription or a one-time fee.

10 Best VTube Software for Virtual Youtubing 2023

There are numerous programs that can be used to create Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) which permit users to create animated 3D characters which can be used in the creation of videos. The most suitable option for you is dependent on your level of technical proficiency as well as your budget and particular features you’re seeking. A few of the most popular choices are:


Live3D is one of the well-known software application to begin the process of vTubing.

The Maker tool is able to handle virtual cameras and push streams, motion tracking, behavioral effects, and more. By using the Editor module you can modify the vTubing models you have downloaded created by Live3D or build one completely from scratch.



VSeeFace is a free software that precisely determines the position of your face and hands and transforms that information into a 3D-animated puppet. It’s basically an VSFAvatar along with a VRM animating software. If you’re in search of vTubing functions like Luppet, Wakaru, and 3tene You must check out VSeeFace.

You can also connect the app with mobile applications such as MeowFace, iFacialMocap, VTube Studio, FaceMotion3D, etc. which make use of your phone to track your movements. You can also record live streams with this tool.


V-Skin is a blend with Live3D and 2D VTubing software that is available on Steam. It captures facial expressions using iPhone applications and webcams.

VRoid Studio

vroid studio

VRoid is undeniably most well-known software program that we have listed and with good reason. VRoid isn’t an VTuber streaming or performing software, but instead an artist. It is extremely flexible and allows you to control the way you are your character’s appearance on various streaming applications. The best part is that it’s free.

Animaze by Facerig

Animaze is yet another VTuber character creator software which is a bit like VRoid.

It is a real-time animated software that allows you for creating animated character that can be controlled through face tracking technologies. It is compatible with both 2D and 3D models of characters and is able to design a range of characters.

One aspect that makes it superior to the latter is the fact that it offers an array of styles of art, not only anime. There’s a free version of Animaze but if you are looking build career, then we recommend you to go for paid versions.

Animaze Plans & Pricing :

Anime Comes in 3 Plans i.e. Individual, Business & Enterprise.

Individuals : For Individuals Animaze is available in 3 different pricing i.e. Basic, Plus & Pro. [ Plus : 19$ per year & Pro Plan : 99.99$ per annum]

Business : Two Pricings under this Businesses plan i.e. Small Business [ $499.99 per year] & Business Plus [ $1699.99 per annum]

Enterprise : If you are looking for enterprise plan or customizable plan , then you should contact them.


A lot of people appreciate the ease of Animaze but are skeptical about the fact that it doesn’t have hand tracking.

This is the area where Luppet excels. Luppet blends Leap Motion with webcam tracking to produce high-quality animated avatars. It offers all the features you would expect from a Vtuber program that includes a variety of character customization options as well as expression shortcuts.

Its lip-syncing features and calibration of webcams is unbeatable and it has a simple user interface that’s simple to use for novice users. Should you be willing to pay some cash to get a better Vtuber app, Luppet is the way to take.


Wakaru is often referred to by a lot of guides as the most effective Vtubing application, and for great reasons. It provides the ability to control your facial expression, including head-pose controls, the ability to capture your eyes as well as mouth shape capture and real-time tracking of gestures.

Vtube Studio

Vtube Studio is a great Vtuber maker that is designed for streamers with no experience with a unique method of operation. Similar to Animaze it eliminates the need to work from full-body motion capture as well as hand tracking to make way for straightforward facial tracking technology.

It is available in both Android & iOS versions. With ease you can lip-sync to a Live 2D Cubism character with your own facial expressions to make high quality animated videos.


iClone is a 3D animation software commonly used to create animated videos for video games. It offers a variety of features and tools that allow you to create extremely detailed real 3D characters.

Reallusion Cartoon Animator 5:

This software is focused upon 2D animation, much like Live2D however, it’s designed specifically to facial expressions, and it is a great choice for those who want to create facial animation in real-time and a quick workflow.

That’s it from our end. We have gathered and compiled the complete information on best vtubing software’s available in the market [ both free & paid]. If you want us to include any other tool in the list then please do let us know in the comments section.


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