10 Best Websites to Download Subtitles of any Movie & TV Show for free

The world is a diverse place, where different cultures thrive together and get involved in sharing the practices amongst each other. From these cultures originated the ideas of regional films that bring the basic flavors associated with each. And by now, the advent of technology has made individuals gain access to wide regional movies and TV shows effortlessly.

But with this comes the setback of understanding the language. For example, you may be a fan of Japanese anime series and would love binge-watching the latest series. But, it would be of no use if you watch it completely in Japanese without understanding a single word.

This is where subtitles come to your rescue. Read on to find more about it and the 10 best websites to download subtitles of movies and TV shows for free.

More about SubTitles

Subtitles showcase the dialogues delivered by the characters in the movies or series in the languages that can be understood by you. This aids out in the following ways:

  • The hearing-impaired viewers can enjoy the scenes by understanding what is going on actually.
  • You can set up your journey for learning a new language by beginning with the movies and using subtitles to learn different words. 

In some of the downloads, the subtitles come by default and you can jump between the options to view the same. You may also need to set up the lag time between dialogue delivery and subtitles to ensure that they go in synchronization.

Factors for the best subtitles website

The following are some of the identification pointers for the best websites that deal with subtitles:

  • Support to a wide variety in languages and thus the repository of a large collection of subtitles in different languages.
  • Multi-device support.
  • Present in different file formats that can be used as per the convenience of the customer.
  • No regional bar to allow free downloads.
  • Perfectly embedded files, with minimal lags to allow effortless viewing.

With all of these factors in mind, the upcoming content shows our take on the top 10 websites that deal with subtitles. The list has been compiled after taking into consideration reviews and ratings from the existing viewers of foreign content.

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10 Best Websites to Download Subtitles for Free 2021


Open Subtitles

When it comes to downloading the best quality of subtitles for your content, OpenSubtitles comes as the first choice. With one of the largest collections of subtitles on the website (near to 5 million), you can find out your file easily and in the required language. Some of the other classy features include the following:

  • A truly international website that allows downloads all across the globe, starting from Aragonese to Vietnamese.
  • Movie name, comments, ratings, and upload date given to each of the files to give an overview to the user before downloading.
  • The advanced search bar allows filtering of the results according to age, rating, format, and many more.
  • Collection of subtitles for regional movies and TV series.
  • Forums to guide the newbies and offer support in case of further queries.

There is absolutely nothing that the website lacks and hence comes as the No. 1 recommendation from our side.


addic7ed subtitles website

The next one in our list is Addic7ed (read as Addicted in the simple language). Intending to be the number 1 solution for foreign movies and series subtitles, it offers a wide range of downloads like OpenSubtitles. Some of its classy features include the following:

  • Dynamic search bar to allow fast searching of the required contents on the website.
  • RSS feed that speaks about the latest releases on the platform.
  • Schedule updates of the running movies and TV shows to keep the viewers updated on the same.
  • Available in multiple languages, starting from Arabic to Swedish.
  • Forum to support the FAQs and other queries of the viewers.

Just add your account on the website and unlock the box of happiness associated with it.


Another one on our list for the best is Podnapisi. Though it supports different languages, starting from Arabic to Xhosa, the primary subtitle files are available in the English language. Thus, if you are a fan of specific English movies and TV series, then it is the choice for you. The following elucidate its features:

  • Collection of 58000 movies, 6000 TV series, and about 2 million subtitles in the repository.
  • Clear sections that show the categorization based on most downloaded, top-rated, and most commented files.
  • Advanced search tool to narrow down the choices further.
  • Forum to support the answers of the viewers.
  • Translation of the website available in different languages.

YIFY Subtitles

Yify subtitles

Another official website for subtitles is YIFY and it is known for a clean interface and clear synchronization between dialogue delivery and time of display. However, it has only movie subtitles and thus you can find only content related to the movies. The following are its classy features:

  • Safe and piracy-free content for different movies, starting from English to regional languages.
  • Categories separating the movie genres and languages.
  • Front display with the latest and trending movies across the globe.
  • Advanced search tool to narrow down the selection time.
  • Details on the movies displayed while searching for the subtitles.

The only issue lies in the fact that you cannot upload your subtitle files on the website.


Downsub Subtitles

The next in our list of top 10 is DownSub. The special feature about it is that along with downloading of subtitles of Tv series and movies, it holds the repository of subtitles for trending videos on different platforms like Youtube, Hotstar, Facebook, and others. The following are its buying features:

  • Easy search bar to access the wide collection of subtitles and genres suitable for the viewer.
  • Search bar to copy and paste the video URLs and generate the list of available subtitles accordingly.
  • Formatting between the subtitle formats to get a clear view of the contents.
  • Multiple languages and device support.

But brace yourselves for the high number of ads shown here.


Subscene is another popular website that allows regular uploading and downloading of subtitle files. Owing to this, it stays updated throughout the year and you never run out of the contents. Some of the additional features to it include the following:

  • A dynamic search box that narrows down the time of viewing the different contents available on it.
  • Updated database as the users can also download their subtitle files.
  • Details of the files mentioned, like movie genre, release date, downloads, and ratings given by the users.
  • Forum to discuss the bottlenecks and other hurdles for the users.

You may not be that impressed with the overall interface provided.

English Subtitles

As the name of the website suggests, it hosts only the subtitle files related to English movies and TV series. Thus, if you are a fan of these, then you can easily find your pick on them. It deals majorly with the .srt formats of subtitle files.

All the download buttons are enabled properly and thus allows you to access the contents easily. Just there are few challenges as follows:

  • Not that developed website interface.
  • No advanced search box to narrow down the choices of files.
  • A wide number of ads on the website.

Thus, it comes as a moderate recommendation from us.

Subtitle Seeker

As the name suggests, it is the website that allows you to refer to the contents of the other subtitle websites. For example, if you search for any subtitles, it shows the links available under different websites and then you can move ahead with the selection as per the need.

The major chunk is available in the English language and .srt format. Thus, go for the option if you are not aware of the many subtitle websites available. Just beware of the high number of ads that would keep popping up.

DIVX Subtitles

DIVX is another classy website that connects you to some of the best subtitles available on the web. The unique thing about it is the large collection of classics kept under it i.e. you can easily find the collection of old movies and TV series subtitles under it. The other features include the following:

  • Easy search of the files as per different filters displayed on the screen.
  • Latest updates category to showcase the new releases in the market.
  • Support a wide variety of languages and their associated content.
  • Multi-device support.


The last one on our list is TVsubtitles. As the name suggests, it is meant for only the TV series available on the internet. The following are its classy features:

  • Easy uploading of fresh content without having to create a separate account.
  • Display of the sizes of subtitle files and their respective formats.
  • Ratings from the user i.e. Upvote or Downvote based on their experience.
  • Global setting to showcase all of the contents of the list in a go.

But it lacks in some of the areas, like support in only 6 languages, generic search box, and certain downloads being spam files. Thus, assess it carefully before moving with the downloads.

With this, we conclude on our list of the top 10 subtitles websites. Let us know of your suggestions on these and they would be updated further. So now, just sit back and enjoy your movies and series with the perfect quality of subtitles.


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