How to Block Emails on Outlook ?

In today’s time, mail apps are very beneficial in conveying information to the requisite users. And when it comes to the professional front, nothing can beat the magic of Windows Outlook. It is the most used software by several organizations across the globe.

By default, the company IT team configures Outlook in a manner that all of the spam and unwanted contents are filtered out, without you having to do any further. But, when it comes to the use of Outlook on personal PCs, things are not that rosy.

Just like the issues with Gmail, you would find yourself receiving unwanted, irrelevant, or even spam emails continuously without any stop. Thus, the developers have devised strategies to tackle the issues.

Read on in today’s blog to find more about How to block sender in outlook.

Initiating the blocking Emails on Outlook

If you are continuously receiving unwanted messages from a sender, then you can go for blocking him or her. Follow the given steps to do so:

  • Select the last message sent by the individual to you.
  • From the toolbar, go to Junk->Block. In some versions, it might come as Spam->Block.
  • Confirm OK and the process would be done. Thus, you would not be receiving any unwanted messages from that user.

Adding emails to the junk folder

If you prefer sending the emails to the junk folder, then go for the given steps:

  • Select the messages that need to be sent to the Junk folder.
  • At the toolbar, select Junk->Junk and move the message to the spam folder.

Accordingly, the read messages and future ones from the sender would automatically enter into the Spam folder. Mails kept in the folder would get deleted by default after 30 days.   

Blocking up all of the unknown senders on Outlook

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Similarly, it is also highly advantageous if you can think of blocking all of the unknown senders from the beginning and prevent such inconveniences in the future. Then go for the given steps:

  • Open the option for Safe senders and Domains from the Outlook settings and go to Add.
  • Type the email addresses or domains of the contact list that you want to be kept in the field and hit on Enter.
  • Under the option for filters, select the options for Only trusted emails from my Safe Senders and Domains, and Block attachments, pictures, and links from anyone not on Safe Senders and Domains.
  • Click on Save and then relaunch Outlook.

Hence, the changes would get saved in the interface and it becomes easier to manage the blocked list on Outlook.

Other alternatives

Apart from the option to block someone on outlook, you can go for alternative methods as follows:

  • You can keep updating the blocked senders’ list by adding more and more emails in Blocked Senders and Domains. Hit on Save and relaunch the software to save the changes.
  • In case of getting subscribed to too many newsletters, you can go for unsubscribing those from the reading pane. Just hit on the Unsubscribe link and confirm the changes.
  • You can use the automated rules to remove unwanted emails from the mailbox. Just follow the steps given below:
  • Open rules and then go for + Add new rule.
  • Every rule needs three constraints- name, condition, and action. Keep adding under each category to put the constraint.
  • Save the work and relaunch Outlook.

Therefore, you can choose any of these methods to successfully block and unblock the senders and maintain safety on Outlook. Write back to us in case of queries or suggestions from your side.


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