How to call your voicemail on an android phone?

Voicemails have made dodging calls easier than ever before. You can get important messages without having to make small talks. Hurray! Although, text messages are gradually replacing the feature of voicemails, yet the latter has unnumbered advantages that triumph over the former. For example, you can access your voicemail inbox even via somebody else’s phone. This makes it easier for you to get your messages even if you do not have access to your own phone. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

Perhaps this is the reason why voicemails are still being extensively used by a wide array of android users even today. This begs the question, how do you access your voicemail from an Android phone?Let’s take a look.

4 Ways of checking your voicemail on an Android phone

  • Dialing 1:To check your voicemail on an android phone, access your phone’s dial keypad, the tab where you usually type out a number whilst calling. Press and hold the key 1. After a long beep, your phone will begin calling your voicemail.

You will be redirected to your voicemail inbox wherein; you can find all your voice messages left by your callers. This method of calling voice mail is even available on iPhone operating systems. 

  • Calling yourself: In this method, try dialing your own number to access the voicemail. You would probably hear the message “I can’t pick my phone right now so leave a message after the beep”, subsequently, press the button ‘*’ before this message ends.

This action will redirect you to your voicemail inbox. However, this method of accessing voicemails is limited to only certain phones. Some phones have their exclusive combinations for accessing voicemails. In case this method fails, you can try dialling *99 or *98.

  • Calling your voicemail from somebody else’s phone: If your phone is not within your reach, you can still access your voicemails via another phone. For this, call your own number from somebody else’s phone. The message “I can’t pick my phone right now….” will ensue. At this, press the ‘#’ key on the dial pad.

You will be asked to enter your voicemail pin. Once the voicemail pin is entered, you will be redirected to your inbox. This method can also be used if the other ways of accessing your voicemail fail.

  • Using a Voicemail app: Most phones nowadays come with a built-in voicemail app that saves all your voice messages which can be summoned anytime. Simply launch the voicemail app, enter a voicemail pin if it asks for it and you will be given access to your voicemail inbox.


These 4 methods of calling your voicemail can be performed even if you do not have access to your phone. Ergo, you will always be in touch with the people who are trying to reach you, even if you are purposely trying to dodge their calls. No judgements. If none of these methods worked for you, it is recommended to contact the customer care of your cell phone brand and get yourself acquainted with their modus operandi of accessing voicemail inbox. 


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