How to Cast Oculus Quest 2 on Samsung TV ?

The Oculus Quest 2, one of its most impressive features, allows you to cast it onto your Samsung TV. Oculus has some of the most innovative VR games available today. It would be great to share these games with others using your Samsung TV. You can play in VR mode while others in the room enjoy the same experience.

Here on this page we are going to provide you detailed guide on how to cast Oculus Quest2 on a Samsung TV and at the same time we are going to answer few general questions related to Oculus casting on Samsung TV.

Casting Quest 2 on a Samsung smart TV totally depends on which model of Samsung TV you have. For Casting to Samsung TV we must have [ require ] below mentioned things.

Internet Connection.

  • Oculus mobile app
  • Your Quest 2 headset
  • Airplay for iPhones
  • A Samsung TV
  • If the TV does not have built-in casting, a Chromecast device can be used
  • SmartView and SmartThings

If you are not a Samsung TV User or if you are looking to cast Oculus Quest on a TV other than Samsung, then this guide is for you.

How to Cast Oculus Quest 2 on Samsung TV ?

There are multiple ways through which you can cast Oculus quest2 i.e. with VR headset, with Airplay etc.

1) Connect Oculus Quest 2 via Airplay

  • Tap the Oculus logo on the Oculus controller to access “Menu”.
  • Click the “Share” button in the upper right corner of the menu.
  • Select “Cast”, then select “Cast To the Oculus” app.
  • Confirm the connection with your mobile device.
  • Slide down from the right side of your iPhone’s screen and then choose Screen Mirroring.
  • You will see a drop-down menu. Now, choose your Samsung TV. Check if the two devices are connected to one WI-FI network.

2) Via external Chromecast Device

  • It is easy to cast to your Samsung TV using a Chromecast device.
  • To open the menu, press there Oculus Logo with your controller
  • Click the Share icon on the right side menu
  • Now select cast and choose your Chromecast device

That’s it.

  • First, ensure you have the following: Chromecast is built into your Samsung TV. If not look if an external Chromecast is connected to your TV.
  • Look out for the option that reads “Cast From”.
  • Next, select your Samsung TV and hit the start button.

3) Via Headset

a) How To Cast Your Oculus Quest 2 To Your Samsung Television Using Your Headset ?

  • Use your headset to open the universal menu
  • Click on Sharing and then click Cast
  • Choose the device that you wish to cast
  • Click Start

To indicate casting has started, you should see a red dot in your VR.

b) How To Cast Your VR Headset To Your Samsung Television Using Your Phone.

  • Turn on the Oculus Quest, and the TV
  • Open the Oculus App on your smartphone
  • The Cast icon is located at the top right hand corner of the screen. It looks like a headset emitting a WiFi signal. This icon is available by pressing the “Tap” button.
  • The Cast From section should detect your headset automatically. If you see more than one headset in the area, ensure that you choose the right one
  • Select your TV or Chromecast device from the Cast To section
  • To cast, tap Start at the bottom of the screen. Next, place your headset on and accept the prompt.

Why Won’t My Oculus Quest 2 Cast To My Samsung TV?

1) Oculus Quest 2 and TV are not on the same Wi-Fi Network

The TV and Oculus Quest 2 must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Your mobile device must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to reduce network latency.

If there is no screen on your cast, it could be that your Wi-Fi has not been set up properly.

2) Your TV isn’t set up for Chromecast

Chromecast must be enabled on your Samsung TV. SmartThings can only be used if you don’t have a Samsung smartphone. You cannot connect the Oculus Qest 2 to the Samsung TV if Chromecast is not set up.

3) Oculus Quest 2 Isn’t Turned On

This may seem obvious. It is often the most obvious problem that causes many problems. After you’ve checked everything and made sure that all connections are correct, you can check your Oculus Quest 2. It must be turned on to view the TV screen.

4) Casting is not supported by the app you are using

Some apps on Oculus Quest 2 do not support streaming. These should be clearly marked on the Oculus Quest Store. There is a high chance that the app you are trying to use is not compatible with your Samsung TV. It is unlikely that you will be able fix the problem.

SmartThings on a Samsung TV Works for Streaming Oculus Quest 2?

SmartThings can only be downloaded on Samsung phones. It cannot be downloaded on other devices.

SmartThings, as you probably know, is Samsung’s answer for Chromecast. SmartThings is compatible with any Samsung phone.

It works exactly the same way as Chromecast.

Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Oculus Quest VR Headset

You can stream TV, movies, or videos. Oculus Quest is compatible with platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Prime. Each platform has its own app that optimizes the viewing experience. You can now watch your favorite movies and shows in a unique way.

You can watch a sporting event or concert. You have the option to join in with other users or to enjoy a more intimate experience.

Connect with new people: Virtual reality allows for social interaction in unprecedented ways. Online multiplayer games are not new. They have never allowed players to fully embody characters for the purpose of interacting with others. VRChat does just that by hosting a large community of gamers, content creators and musicians as well as artists and anyone else looking for fun connections in a unique universe.

Oculus Quest allows you to do even more. We will soon publish an article about it.

You may be facing an error :

If you have trouble casting from your Quest 2 on your Samsung TV for some reason, follow these steps:

  • Restart your TV and phone.
  • If Bluetooth is preventing the WiFi connection between two devices, disable it.
  • Try using a different phone if possible.

Oculus Quest Alternatives :

Oculus is the dominant player in VR, but there are other options available that offer similar features & Overall user experience. After going through several blogs & reviews, we have come up with 5 best Oculus Quest replacements.

Top 5 alternatives to Oculus Quest VR headsets:

  • Pico Neo 2
  • Pico Neo 2 Eye
  • HTC Vive
  • HTC Cosmos
  • Valve Index

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