How to Change Date & Time on Chromebook Manually ?

Like most other operating system devices, you can change the basic settings in your Chromebook like the display settings, date and time, and other such parameters. But there is a difference. It does not always display or show the time and date in its system tray as with different OS like Windows. In this writeup, we would walk through ways to change the time and show the date on your Chromebook. Read on!

Changing the Date and Time on Chromebook Manually

The Chromebook can automatically detect the time zone and set the time accordingly when connected to the internet. Its clock settings are based on the geo-location of the device.  But it might not know your exact location- especially when you are travelling. In that scenario, you can change the date and time provided you have the owner privileges. To do so in Chromebook,

  • Foremost, sign in to the Chromebook.
  • At the bottom right, click on Time
  • Now select Settings
  • Scroll down the newly opened Menu and select ‘Advanced’ from the left pane.
  • From the expanded ‘Advanced’ section, select ‘Date and Time.’
  • A Menu will open in the right pane. There will be an option called ‘Time Zone’ there.
  • Click on the arrow beside it and click on the option, ‘Choose from list.’
  • You can then select the right time zone and get the right time and date.
  • You can also click on the option ‘Use 24-hour clock’ if you wish to use a 24-hour clock. Chrome uses the standard AM/PM clock by default.

It will change the date and time on the lock screen as well. It would also fix the issue of incorrect time on the Google Chrome browser.

  • If you are using a Virtual Private Network, you can allow the Chromebook to use the Wi-Fi or data networks to find the date and time.
  • For it, follow all the above steps, but instead of ‘Choose from List,’ select the option, ‘Set Automatically’ in the Time Zone Menu. It will make the Chromebook use your IP address or any near network and then detect your approximate location. The Google Location Services processes this information to give you the required date and time.

Wrapping up

We hope that you are now able to set the date and time manually on your Chromebook. Do reach out to us for any further queries or doubts. And never forget to share this write-up with all those who might need it and find the information useful. 


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