How to Change Zoom Background | Best Place to Find Zoom Virtual Backgrounds?

Zoom App has been in limelight for the last few weeks, because of the Corona Virus outbreak across the world. Almost every Country is suffering due to Corona Virus Pandemic, some of them have imposed complete lock down to avoid further devastation.

Change Zoom Virtual Background image

During this Corona Virus Quarantine Period, most of the employees from top organizations throughout the world are relying on Video Conferencing Apps and Zoom App is the most benefitted one.

Before the Pandemic, Zoom app has 10 Million users and due to the outbreak Zoom’s Userbase surges exponentially and it now reaches to 200 million.  Apart from the fame, Zoom was also successful in acquiring public attention because of the security issues.

Zoom has gained gigantic popularity because of the features it had added to its arsenal. One such feature is “Changing Zoom app virtual background”. This feature may not stand top in the list, but still it was successful in creating good user experience.

There is no constraint in using the image of any size , but zoom recommends trimming of the image to be in harmony with the aspect ratio of the Camera.

Without further ado, here we are going to explain step by step procedure on how to change Virtual Background in Zoom application.

How to remove default Zoom Background & Replace it with best Background image?

We assume that you have already installed Zoom App on your Computer/MAC or your Mobile Phone. If not please download & install it.

After successful installation, click on the sign in button and login to the zoom account. If you don’t have one, please create a new Zoom account.

How to Change Zoom Background on PC?

After logging into the account, click on settings icon right below the profile icon.

Now navigate to the virtual background page and select the best virtual background which you likes the most from the list of available ones.

If you don’t like the default Virtual backgrounds in Zoom’s Directory, then you can choose your own customised background.

Simply tap on “+” icon, and upload your own image or customized one.

How to Change Zoom Virtual Background on Mobile [ Android / iOS ] ?

Incase of the Mobile Users, the process would be a little different. After joining the meeting, tap on the more option at the bottom of the screen [which looks like 3 dots].

Now Tap on the Background image option and handpick the best zoom virtual background from the default list or you can upload a new one.

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How to Remove Virtual Zoom Background and Put Back the default one?

Till now you have learnt how to turn on Virtual Background in Zoom and how to upload a new one.

Now it’s time to check how to disable Zoom Virtual Background option or remove the virtual background and stick to the default one.

  1. If you want to remove the Background image, then click on “X” option which you can find at the left corner of your screen.
  2. If you want to turn off the Zoom Virtual Background feature, there will be an option to disable virtual background feature [under settings –>Virtual Background ].

Zoom’s Beautify Filter to Enhance your Look

Till now we have talked about using background images while on video call, which may not directly enhance your look. But now we are going to talk about an astonishing feature, whose purpose is to make you look beautiful when you are on a video call.

“Touch Up my Appearance” is the name of the feature and you can enable it by navigating to Video settings option.

Video Settings –>My Video –>Touch Up My Appearance

By turning on the feature, you can make yourself look great while attending the Video conference with you colleagues, Friends & Family Members.

It works similar to Beautify App which removes the imperfections and blemishes on your face.

Best Websites to Find High Quality Zoom Background images for Free:

Are you looking for places to find stunning Zoom Virtual background images? Then you are at right place. , , , ,, are few sites where you can get cool background images for free.

A subreddit was started which is solely dedicated for Zoom Background images. You can get thousands of Zoom virtual background images from this section.

By seeing the ongoing craze of Zoom, even Netflix has tweeted few Free Zoom Background images.

You can use them as your Zoom Background image, if you find it cool & interesting.

Facing any Issues in Changing Zoom Virtual Background image?

If you are facing any issues regarding Zoom Virtual Background, then here are few tips to resolve the issue.

  1. If Could not find the Virtual Background option in Zoom App, even after turning it on, then the simple trick to sign out of the app and log in again. In most cases the issue gets resolved.
  2. Another simple tip is, manually select the background colour to make sure the colour you have selected is correct one.
  3. Zoom in its guidelines have clearly illustrated, to accomplish perfect Zoom background effect you have to use solid colour as background. If possible Green is the best option.

Still if you are facing any issues, then the best way to troubleshoot them is to get in contact with Zoom Customer support.

Conclusion: Changing the Zoom Background image is very simple and can be done with few taps on your mobile screen. There are many sites on the web from where you can obtain free background images. If you have any queries or suggestions on Zoom App, then please do let us know in the comments section.


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