How to Check Chromebook’s End-of-Life Date/ Expiration Date / Chromebook Auto Update Expiration

As technologies keep advancing, most new devices and operating systems become old and decrepit. Both hardware and software improve which leads the companies to stop the software and the firmware support after a specific time. The same goes for Chromebook.

Chromebook Built-in Expiration Date : Facts

Of late, we all have become aware of the built-in expiration date of the Chromebook. All Chromebooks run on the operating system, the Chrome OS that receives updates like any other OS. But after a specific auto-expiration date (AUE), Google stops sending these auto-updates. Google is transparent about it, and you can thus know the exact year and month of it.

As per Google’s policy, Chromebook devices are supported for five to six and a half years. The day starts from the initial launch date of that device launch. Hence, if you buy an old device, you do not get the full window of updates. Google sends an update to all Chromebooks every six weeks, which gets downloaded and installed automatically.

How to find the end-of-life date for Chromebook

Before we let you know all the details, it must be pointed out the information would apply to all Chrome OD devices irrespective of their manufacturers like Acer, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc.

Earlier, you needed to select your device’s manufacturer at Google’s website and find the final update date. The information is available on the Automatic update policy page. But finding your specific Chromebook in the massive list was quite hassling.

However, Google has made it much easier to find the information by adding the Update Schedule Section in the Chrome OS Settings app. The steps to find it are as below:

  • Foremost, open the ‘Settings’ Menu of the Chromebook.
  • Now click the option ‘About Chrome OS.’
  • A right window will open. In that window, click on ‘Additional Details.’ If this option is not available, it implies that you are running an older version of Chrome OS. In that case, hit the ‘Check for Updates’ button. You would get to speed with the current version.
  • For others, under ‘Additional Settings,’ locate ‘Update Schedule.
  • Under this section, you would find the date after which your Chromebook will no longer receive the updates. For devices whose EOL date has already been crossed, the message would read, ‘This device stopped getting software and security updates in…”

What to do once Chromebook reaches EOL ?

Once the Chromebook end-of-life has been reached, it would still function. You would be able to use it effortlessly, but it would no longer receive the latest security updates. It would make your system vulnerable to malware. In case the EOL Has been reached or is near-approach, you can do the following things.

  • You can buy a new device as the EOL means that your device is quite old and outdated. The newer Chromebooks are not only more energy-efficient than their older version but also have greater RAM and hard drive capacity. Moreover, Chrome OS devices manufactured after 2017 can support Android and Linux apps.
  • You can also install Windows 10 and turn your Chromebook into a Windows PC. It will also let you run several other programs that you cannot run on Chrome OS.
  • Another easy option is to install Linux in your Chromebook. If you also install the Crouton program, you would even have the option to switch between the Ubuntu Linux and the Chrome OS.
  • An excellent alternative is to install CloudReady. It is a program that is used to run Chrome OS on Windows PCs. Installing it on a Chromebook lets you receive updates even after the end of life date.  The method requires opening up the device and replacing the system BIOS.

Wrapping up

We hope that you now know how to find the EOL of any chrome OS. Always opt for a device that has maximum EOL. In case the Chrome OS has expired, it’s always best to buy a new one so that you can take advantage of all the new chrome OS features.

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