How to Check Traffic to Work or Home using Google Maps?

Google Maps is an efficacious web-mapping service offered by Google to both the Android and iPhone users. While it is a pre-installed app on Android, iPhone users may have to go out on a limb and download it from the app store.

Google  maps check traffic

Google maps can give you comprehensive information about the route that you have set, including the distance between your current location and your destination, the estimate time of arrival, traffic between the locations, the terrain and even the 3D view. Such meticulous details can help you reach anywhere on the planet, even if you have no prior knowledge about the route.

This app can also come in handy in getting an estimate about the traffic between your workplace and your home. How can you check the traffic to work and home on google? Let’s take a look.

How to Check traffic to work and home?

On Google Maps App

Launch the Google Maps on your phone. To check the traffic between two locations, they need to be saved on the google maps. This can be done from the “commute” tab of the app located at the bottom bar of your screen. Now, to see the traffic between your home and your workplace, click on the same “commute” tab and press start.

A live map will appear on your screen which will let you know about the shortest route from your home to work. Between the two destinations, a colored route can be observed. This indicates the traffic. Red indicates heavy traffic, yellow indicates moderate traffic and Blue indicates relatively less or no traffic at all.

On Browser:

Open the Google maps website on your phone’s browser or the desktop’s. Locate the menu section at the top-left corner of your screen. Select the saved location that you want to reach. And press ‘Start’. The live directions will appear. Click on the menu section again and press the “traffic” tab. The system will let you know about the traffic distribution between your home and workplace using the same color-coding that I mentioned before.


Google Maps is perhaps the best creation of google since that is how I get around my city without having to memorize any of the routes. While the app enlightens you about the directions to your destination in the most elaborate way, you can also get comprehensive information about what lies between your current location and your destination, including the traffic. 


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