Chrome OS vs Windows vs Mac. Which is Better ?

Currently, the choice of OS for laptops and tablets is limited to 4 options that have dominated the market- Chrome, Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. It would be a very tough job in selecting the best and suitable out of these since several unknown parameters come up and need to be considered to make the smart choice.

We are here to reduce the load off your mind by detailing out the best and bad of each of the OS of Chrome, Windows, and Mac so that you can weigh down the factors accordingly and make the choice that meets your requirements and expectations.

Chrome OS vs Windows vs Mac

Chrome OS

This OS from Google was created with the simple idea of setting up an interface that requires all of the work to get done within the Google Chrome and demands only for a stable internet connection. Now, it has metamorphosed with many new updates and features. The following are the winning points for it:

  1. The entire functionality runs around one browser and the cloud services connected to it. Thus, the complexity gets reduced to a major extent and now you can work everything online.
  2. The compatibility between Android and Chromebook has strengthened up and you can freely enjoy apps originally meant for the former into the latter. Just activate Google Play Store on the Chromebook and voila! The magic happens to allow the majority of the applications.
  3. The Linux programming done for the OS has made the device very prompt in running a good number of extensions and thus the major target customers for it include the home users and school-going kids who need to be introduced into the tech world.
  4. The OS and the hardware are very cheaper alternatives compared to Windows and Mac counterparts and you can afford them easily in case of lower end of the budgets.

However, with this simplicity, you would miss out on the gaming part, as the Chromebook lacks the drivers that allow extensive gaming. Thus, if you are not looking for just basic usage and want to use for gaming or other high-end software, Chrome OS would not be the ideal choice.

Windows OS

Currently, more than 70 percent of the market is dominated by this giant and you would find nearly 7 out of 10 laptop users bearing it. Running as the highly preferred choice for a major chunk of laptop and tablet brands in the market, the winner points for Windows OS include the following:

  1. Its compatibility is something that can be boasted about, as it runs on laptops, tablets, general PCs to the high-end and customized ones. All of the applications and drivers are universal and runs similarly, irrespective of the brand of the manufacturer.
  2. The next feature is the regular updates that are rolled out to the users, in terms of general functions and the security patches. The users cannot skip them forever and there comes the time where the option displays for Update and Shut Down. 
  3. The response time is very fast and the majority of the applications run smoothly on it.
  4. Gaming and high-end software are easily run on it, as the developers keep Windows OS as a must requirement in their list.

So, it is the best choice for our gamers and customers with a significantly fair amount of budget to spend on the hardware. However, the downside lies in the fact that sometimes the updates create issues in terms of data deletion, certain serious bugs that come up with some of the fixes, and the performance irregularities that might pop out due to hardware differences from one manufacturer to the other.

Mac OS

Often considered as the high-budgeted OS, Mac runs on only specialized products and is currently running under the monopoly of Apple and its products. The winning points for it include the following:

  1. The OS goes under rigorous quality testing and optimization for best performance and therefore you would always get the perfect returns out of the investment made for it.
  2. Going by the tagline of ‘It just works’, the entire interface is very interactive and can be used even by the newbies into the Apple world.
  3. The applications and cross-platform choices are very broad and one can enjoy dedicated platforms for media, emails, and other basic functionalities that the user looks for.
  4. The compatibility is maximum with iOS and thus you can run iPhone and other smart devices of Apple in synchronization with the Mac.

The downside, however, lies in the points that currently the number of devices under Mac are limited, several popular games cannot be run on it as their Mac OS versions are yet to be rolled out, connectivity issues with the general and public Wi-Fi connections and lastly, switching from other OS to it would be tough in the beginning as you need to completely change your entire hardware ecosystem to completely get accustomed to Mac.

Thus, if you have higher budgets and are ready to completely move into the Apple system, then Mac OS is your choice.

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