How to Turn on Chrome OS developer mode on Chromebook ?

Chromebook Developer Mode : Every device provides an upper limit to its users in terms of installing the applications and having overall control over it. The same is also the case with Chromebooks, where the Chrome OS has specialized built-in security features that put a limit on the user activity and prevents the violation of user agreement and developer confidentiality. In simple terms, you cannot do anything that you want with the device and need to enter the developer mode for something that lies beyond your normal scope. Thus, today we would be covering up on the basics of developer mode and how you can utilize it in your Chromebook.

What is a developer mode on Chrome OS ?

Developer mode is a special mode integrated into the Chromebooks where the user can gain access to the source codes of the Chrome OS and can edit it as per his or her requirements. In simple terms, you would gain a wider control on your device at the cost of the security patches that would get deactivated once you enter this mode. You can install another parallel OS on your device and enjoy features that would not be allowed in the normal case. But it comes up with the risk of forfeiting the warranty agreement i.e. you would be solely responsible for anything that happens to the device after you enter the developer mode.

How to enter the developer mode on Chromebook?

After analyzing all of the risks that come up with the Developer mode, you can move forward with activating it by the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Turn off your Chromebook first.
  2. While pressing the power button, hold the Esc, and Refresh keys together for some time and then release the power button.
  3. Your Chromebook screen would display as a recovery screen with the message that Chrome OS is missing or damaged.
  4. Press Ctrl+ D to enter the recovery mode and wait for some time to execute and process the complete command. The progress can be viewed on the screen display.
  5. After it is done, you would be prompted to hit enter, and then the system would reboot.
  6. After the reboot is done, complete the other steps displayed on the screen to finally setup your Chromebook in the Developer mode.

The new access

With the developer mode turned on, now you can enjoy a wide number of access factors like full control on your device IP address, connection to a Secure Shell, opening up the Chrome OS developer shell, and even setting up a new Linux environment with your own set of commands. You can execute all advanced Linux functions easily and set up another OS in parallel to the stock one.

How to leave the Chromebook developer mode?

After you are done with the advanced functions, you can turn off the developer mode. Just power off your Chromebook and then restart it to open up the same window showing that ‘OS Chromebook is not verified’.

Immediately press the Space bar to restart the verification and follow the instructions popping up to bring back the Chromebook to the original state.

Therefore, we learned today about how to enter into the developer mode of Chromebook and conduct advanced activities.

But, it is again reiterated that be very careful before doing so, as not only you deactivate your device security but also lose up all of the data permanently in case of no backup and it might take a longer time for the reboot to get completed and bring the device back to the previous mode.


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