Do Chromebook Needs Antivirus ? 5 Best Antivirus Software for Chromebook 2023

Is the built-in Chromebook protection sufficient? : With the increase in data theft and cyber crimes, tech developers are becoming more and more serious in enhancing the internal security of devices like laptops, mobiles, and tablets. The same is also the case with Google’s Chromebook. With every new model or update in the Chrome OS, the in-built security system against the malware and viruses is getting strengthened and seems to be self-sufficient to handle the installation of any third-party software or application.

However, as it is evident that with the technological advancements even the cyber criminals also research new methods to by-pass these in-built systems and ultimately cause harm to the device. So it is always better to stay on the safe side and keep a backup of antivirus software on the Chromebook that can strengthen the security further against new varieties of malicious content.

Today, in our blog we would be discussing the 5 Best Antivirus Software for Chromebook that would be helping in achieving the mentioned purpose of additional security.

Best 5 Free / Paid Antivirus Software for Chromebook 2023

Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Kaspersky Internet Security has been the preferred choice of many of the Chromebook users, even in the year 2023 also due to the wide range of tools in the suite that gives excellent protection against the malware and other viruses that get transmitted through online sources.
  • The most favorable tools of the same include a real-time scanner, anti-phishing tools, anti-theft tools, and web filters to protect the user data from all forms of online as well as offline viruses.
  • It has been tested well with even Android, iOS, and macOS devices by the developers and thus defines the very good ratings that it holds on an overall security factor.


  • Next in-line comes Avira that is more known for its ultimate protection against the ransomware.
  • It not only keeps scanning the files, applications, downloaded content, and external port devices but also safeguards the data from internal attacks.
  • The real-time malware scanner rates the applications that you look for in the Play Store or online and warns you against any kind of data privacy or concerns that might come up with their installation.
  • It also aids in safeguarding the backup made on Google Drive or cloud storage and prevents the viruses from encrypting any form of user sensitive data.


  • Malwarebytes is also a favorite choice amongst the Chromebook users due to its primary feature of privacy audit.
  • As per this, it clearly shows the lists of the permissions or privileges that would be offered to the application after installation on the device and hence can show you a clear picture of the applications that would be associated with any particular component.
  • Apart from this, its real-time scanner also helps in scanning all local files as well as external devices for malware and providing the quarantine action for the same upon detection.
  • It is available as a Chrome extension and can thus help you in safeguarding your privacy during online surfing for your regular job.


  • Bitdefender comes up in this list due to the in-built VPN that it offers along with the regular antivirus features.
  • The VPN can provide the ultimate masking over the device location and information and can prevent Cyber criminals from misusing the data while you download content from the internet.
  • The basic version would allow only a cap of 200 MB per day, whereas the premium version goes for unlimited bandwidth.
  • The other seller points of this software include automatic updates of the pivotal security patches, malware protection, and email monitoring that can show the attempts made against hacking of the same.


  • ESET is considered a beginner’s antivirus software due to a very easy user interface that can guide properly the newbie Chromebook users for data safety.
  • The best fact about it is that it can adjust easily as per the full-screen settings of the display and thus make the tools visible to the users.
  • The selling points include anti-phishing, anti-theft, malware protection, security audit, and Wi-Fi scanning tools.
  • Along with this, it keeps looking for updates every hour and thus keeps the Chromebook protected always. This time duration can be customized by you easily based on the requirements.

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