How to Edit Videos on Chromebook ? Best Video Editor Tools for Chromebook 2023

Video Editing on Chromebook : Working on multimedia files often brings in a wide number of different factors. As a result, the need for editing them pops up and you can find not a single video today online that has not been edited or modified by some tool or the other.

Editing refines the raw files and brings out the best aesthetics from them that can appeal to the viewers easily. With Chromebook belonging to a different genre, it is also obvious that the tools for editing videos on it would also be different. In our today’s blog, we would be covering up on the Best Video Editor Tools for Chromebook and would brief up a bit on the top choices as per the current Chromebook users.

5 Best Chromebook Video Editing Software to Edit Videos

Power Director

The first application that comes into the user’s choice of the list is Power Director. The following are the selling points for it:

  1. It has a highly interactive UI and is similar in both the mobile as well as desktop versions.
  2. It has the features of adjusting the frames per second, trimming the scenes, adding the effects, stabilizing the audio quality, converting to 4K videos to name a few.
  3. The best thing about the application is that it is completely free and you can optionally opt for more features by making in-app purchases.

Thus it would be worth giving a shot to it and be assured of the safety of the device.

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The next in line for the race is WeVideo. Being a purely web-based application, it needs a stable internet connection for proper functioning and you can download the extension from Chrome Store. The selling points are as follows:

  1. It has an easy interface that can also be used by the noobs who are completely new into the world of video editing and want to ace in it.
  2. The best feature in it is the free library of video effects, transitions, and sounds that can be easily used and integrated into the editing by the makers.
  3. Supporting on both mobile as well as desktop, it offers all of the requisite features like the other applications, including the feature for slow motion.

However, one peril is in the fact that the watermark gets added in the free version and you need to purchase a plan to remove it and gain additional features.

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You would have heard the name of KineMaster in the Android video editing and thus would be amazed to know that it works perfectly well for Chromebooks also. Like the other applications, it also has the options for multi-layer timeline, effects, audio control, speed control, and 4K conversion. The storehouse of music and audio clips is also excellent and you can gain more features if you pay for the advanced version. Like the previous case, it also imports the default watermark and can also be removed by going for the advanced version.

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Just like KineMaster, VivaVideo has also gained the populace in the Chromebook world after Android. Along with the basic features, the best addition in it lies in the fact that now you can include stickers and GIFs also in the videos and can thus make them more interactive with the viewers. Pay a bit more and you can get all advanced features unlocked.

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YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the right application for the video editors who keep uploading their content on the platform and can thus save the hassles by using the Studio from where they can edit using the normal tools and then upload directly into the web. All you need is a Google account to sign into it and gain the easiest way of video modification.

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Thus, we conclude on all of the trending video editors for Chromebook. Do let us know your experience with these tools in the comment section and if you have found better applications then you can freely share the knowledge.


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