How to Connect to Wi-Fi Without Password?

There was once a time when connecting to Wi-Fi did not require any passwords. But gradually the internet started taking over our lives. Not only most have smartphones, but multiple gadgets run in a house using internet data. Thus, a Wi-Fi password was created to make sharing easy and well as define internet data per user.

It is human nature to forget things. Hence, it is not uncommon that you forget your Wi-Fi password. If that is the case or you would like to connect to the Wi-Fi from public places like a restaurant; you can connect your device to it without feeding in the password. You might be surprised but it indeed is possible.

Before we share the hacks to do it; we emphatically state that it must always be used for legal and ethical reasons. If you try to connect to your neighbor’s locked Wi-Fi without their permission; you would be doing illegal activity and might face legal consequences for it. Hence, your judicious decision is required before you connect to any Wi-Fi without a password. Now, let’s walk through the tips and tricks to connect to Wi-Fi without a password.

Simple Tricks to Connect to Wifi Router Without Password

The WPS Trick

WPS or the Wi-Fi Protected Setup is the security standard protocol that facilitates the connection to any fast and secured network without any password. For this trick to work, you need to have physical access to the router as the connection is made using the PIN and physical button on them.

Foremost, the WPS feature needs to be enabled in the router. Few routers have such a physical button in their menu options. For others, you need to access the settings menu and enable it from there. After it, the steps are pretty simple as you just need to get the settings right on your smartphone. Let’s check it out.

First, go to the Settings menu of your smartphone and then tap on the Wi-Fi option and then click on advanced. You would see a ‘Connect by WPS’ button. When you tap on it, a dialogue box would open up asking you to turn on the WPS button on in the router. You have about 30 seconds to turn on the WPS on your router by either hitting the button or enabling it from its settings menu. The WPS handshake protocol times out automatically after 30 seconds. If times out, you would need to repeat the entire process. If executed successfully, your smartphone will connect to the Wi-Fi connection and you would be able to access the internet on your Android phone.

Few routers have a WPS PIN instead of the button. You can find this pin no. on the label of the router. In that scenario, you would need to feed in this number in the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone. You are then good to go.

The method will also work on the Windows platform but unfortunately, would not work on Apple device as they do not support the WPS standard.

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Router Guest Mode

You can execute this option if you have network administrative rights. You can set up a guest network on your router using which any guest can access your Wi-Fi. Most modern routers boast of this feature which makes the job easy for you. You can access as a guest with a blank password bar or having an extremely simple password that is willingly shared.

For this method, you need to first find the IP address of the router that would be printed on it somewhere. You need to paste it on the address bar of your PC and open the page. Log into your router account using your administrative credentials.

Next, browse to the ‘Guest Network’ option that is often under the ‘Wireless Settings’ section. Enable it and give it a name that you would remember.

You can leave the password bar blank or assign a simple password and then click on Save. Any of your guests can now use this network and access the Wi-Fi.

Using Wi-Fi Cheat Tool

There are some freebie cheat tools available in the net that facilitates accessing any Wi-Fi connection by bypassing the password. These are also popularly known as port scanner tools. You can download any that you are comfortable with. We are selecting the Wi-Fi Port Scanner Tool V4.17 or V4.90. You can download it from here

Next, open the tool and scan for the IP address of the victim’s Wi-Fi. Now tap the ‘Show List’ option. Check the ports named 80,8080,8088. Save your work. If the option ‘Scan Ports’ is not checked, do so. Next, feed in the IP Address in the Start and End of the scanner. The tool will automatically scan the given IP address. From the result page, locate the port 80. This port allows you to hack the Wi-Fi.

Now, go to the router page by pasting the IP address on your PC browser. Now log into the account by using ‘admin’ as both username and password. You will be taken to the router page where you can uncheck the password field. This will eliminate the need to use the password to access the Wi-Fi. You can check it back after your need is over.

Wrapping up

Well, we hope you are happy with the information and is now able to access any Wi-Fi by bypassing the passwords. In case you have any queries, feel free to get back to us. If you liked it, please share it with others so that they can use the information as well. Till then, Enjoy!


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