Contact Roblox Customer Support 2023 [ Email id, Phone Number]

Roblox has become an immensely popular gaming platform. It provides users with access to millions of games and allows them to create and design their own titles. Although Roblox Support provides numerous options for those who have questions or need assistance with their accounts, it cannot guarantee perfect service all the time.

Why & When to Contact Roblox Support ?

Roblox users often reach out for customer support with various reasons. Common issues include experiencing difficulties while playing a game that cannot be fixed, reporting bugs to the platform, hacking an account, being unable to log in to one, having no Robux purchases made, the Roblox app not being installed, and inappropriate behavior by users that needs reporting or banning.

Furthermore, Roblox Support can assist with billing information access, dispute resolution concerns about gift cards/toy codes, as well as refund requests.

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Different Ways to Contact Roblox Customer Support ?

Roblox Support can be reached in three ways: emailing an issue, filling out the online form, or calling the Customer Support hotline.

Contact Roblox Customer Support through Online form

The preferred method is filling out the online form as it allows users to provide a detailed description of their issue and enter their contact information. However, those under 13 must include their parents’ email addresses in the form. Any queries will be addressed by our team via email.

Contact Roblox Support through email

If sending an email is convenient, users can email with any queries or issues about their account.

Contact Roblox Customer Support through Phone

Alternatively, users can dial 1-888-858-2569 to speak directly with a live representative about their Roblox bill or any complex issues. The hotline is open 24/7 and instructions on pressing the next number will be given via voice message.

Roblox users have the option to ask general questions and express concerns through its social media accounts, even if they don’t need specific account information. This platform serves as another means for connecting with the Roblox Support team.

Roblox Social media Accounts

Below we have given all the social media accounts of Roblox, just login to the account on that platform and comment or message them about your issue. Below all the links of Roblox Social Media Accounts

In conclusion, Roblox offers users an array of games and the freedom to create and design their own titles. While there may be issues on occasion, Roblox Support is always ready to assist users with any queries or complaints. You can reach them via email, online form, customer support hotline and social media accounts.


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