How to Convert Exe File to Apk 2023 [ Windows PC & Android Phone ]

So you are planning to transform the EXE file on your PC to Apk file? You have landed on the right place. After doing ample research and going through multiple blogs we came up with a solution to convert the exe files you have download on your PC to Android Version i.e. APK.

There are numerous Operating systems available for techies/ computer users, and not all of them have gained the same popularity. Few of the OS, which has attained enormous popularity, are iOS for Apple products, Android OS from Google, Windows from Microsoft & MAC OS for Apple Computers.

Innumerable Apps are available on Google Play store. You can the download & install apk file from Google play store directly. In Google Play store you can find multiple apps related to single niche [functionality].

As we are dealing with the procedure to turn exe file to Apk, We will confine ourselves to this topic. Before learning about the process to convert exe file to Apk, let us know about “exe files” & “APK”.

This section is for people who are not aware of / have partial knowledge of what exe or apk files are. If you have a good understanding on exe & Apk, you can simply skip this & move ahead.

What is EXE File?

EXE : Executable.  If you see a file with .exe extension, you can execute and run it on windows computer. Apart from Windows, operating systems which supports exe file format are ReactOS, MSDOS,Open VMS etc.

You don’t need another application or software to open exe files. By default Windows can handle the exe file, once you double click on the file or run it.

You can complete information here [article on lifewire for your reference ]

What is APK ?

In general APK Stands for Android Package Kit. Similar to exe file for windows PC, Apk for Android. You can download & install apk files on your Android Phone.

If you are installing a app from Google play store, you won’t see any backend information or procedure i.e. file format you are installing etc.

If you are looking for third party app [not on Google Play store], then you have to download the apk file & you have to install it manually by giving the permissions from your end on the device.

Get complete information on APk from here

Why to Convert EXE to APK ?

Hope, now your understanding on exe & apk file is a little bit better than before.

Now the actual question which comes is “Why is it necessary to Convert to EXE file to Apk ?”.

Some People / Techies want to know different ways to install apps [ cross platform ]on their mobile [ out of curiosity ] and learn how they are working.

I have seen on many blogs that “Few Games/apps which are not available on Google Play store / Apk version can be converted from exe version which is available for Windows PC”.

But that’s not true.

Anyway without further ado, let’s see how to convert the best Windows PC Software to ApK version and install on your Android Phone. We have compiled 2 best ways to transform exe file to Apk file at ease.

How to Convert EXE to APK format? [Different Ways]

Before starting the conversion process, let me explain you few things..

  • Make sure you are using latest version of Operating System on your PC.
  • Android Phone with latest version of OS [ 4.4 or above ]
  • You cannot convert Windows Software’s / Games / Programs which requires huge memory. It is absolutely not possible.

There are many third applications available on the web through which you can easily convert exe file to Apk. But the app which you are going to download and install on your phone is trustworthy? If the answer to the above question is YES, then you can use it simply.

After going through many articles related to exe to apk converters, we came to a conclusion i.e. we cannot simply trust, app from an unknown source and use it in converting exe to apk.

One tool which has got good reviews from users is “ Change MY Software”. I have seen on many blogs and forums regarding “Change My Software exe to apk converter” and even I have tried it personally. I am really convinced by its performance and its ability to port exe to apk version.

Change My Software : EXE to APK Converter

We are going to use Exe to Apk converter tool named “Change my software” to accomplish this task. Let’s see the step by step procedure

  • Most important & initial step is to download latest version of exe to apk converter tool i.e. Changemysoftware 10 edition on you Windows PC. Here we have provided you the link to download Change my Software converter tool.
  • Downloaded file will be RAR format, so your next step is to extract it.
  • Double click on the Change My Software file to open & run it.
  • Here you will see two options a) I have a setup files b) I have a portable application.
  • You have to choose “I have a portable application” option.
  • Now choose the exe Software/ program which you want to convert to Apk .
  • Once the exe file is loaded on to the application, you will see an option “CONVERT”. Click on it to start the conversion process. Wait for few minutes. Conversion time may vary depending on the size of the exe file you have selected.
  • Once the procedure is completed, you will see “SUCCESS” message on the app.

That’s it you have successfully converted the exe file to apk. Now you can transfer this APK Converted file from your PC to Android Phone & Install on it.

EXE  to APK Converter Online : [  Not Working ]

Another simple way which doesn’t require any software to convert exe to apk is through Online.

You can fulfil the task of converting exe to apk just by uploading the exe file from your Web browser.

Note : We have gone through many sites who claim themselves as “EXE to APk Converter Online”. None of them are in working condition.

So we will update this space once we find a authentic & efficiently Website which perfectly converts exe file to apk through online.

Is it Possible to Convert Apk to Exe?

Converting exe file to apk is very tricky as there are limited options and most of them are not working, apart from the application mentioned above.

But installing Apk file on to Windows is very easy and millions of people are doing this around the world.

“Android Emulators” are there to serve the purpose. You can install any apk file on you Windows PC using Android Emulator. There are many Android Emulators available on the web and Bluestacks App player is pioneer among them with huge popularity.

We will see more about Android Emulators in our coming articles.


We have done our best to bring you the legitimate information on how to convert exe to apk format, and the tools required to convert exe file to apk.

If you have any queries & suggestions on changing exe to apk file, then please do let us know in the comments section.


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