How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook ?

Basic Chromebook Functionality [ Copy & Paste ] : Chromebook is a special category of laptop or tablet that is based on Chrome OS and has dedicated cloud storage for the files. Getting slowly into mainstream usage, the users look for various journals on its usage and other regular commands that are somehow different from the general laptops. One such case is about the copy and paste options that are used on an everyday basis in a repetitive cycle. Do not worry as we have covered it here in this blog on how to do the regular copy and paste activities on Chromebook.

How to Copy & Paste on Chromebook : General method

Yes, you got it right. The general text copying is the same in all varieties of laptops and tablets and thus you can find the same here in Chromebook also. Follow the given steps for the same:

  1. If you are using a mouse, then left-click on the first line that you intend to copy and then drag it to till the end that you want. In case of using the Chromebook touchpad, simply click it on one finger and then use another to create a box that selects the text portion.
  2. Now you can either right-click the mouse to open up the menu for Copy, double-tap the touchpad, or use the conventional Ctrl+ C shortcut to copy the selected portion.
  3. Then go to the new area where you want to paste the copied content. Either you can right-click the mouse and select paste option, double-tap the touchpad or use Ctrl+ V shortcut to paste the text in the new location.

The text stays on the clipboard unless a new copy command is initiated and thus it can be pasted multiple times. However, text formatting is not copied along with the content and thus you have to separately do the formatting.

Copying the image and video link on Chromebook

Copying and pasting images and video links also follow a similar principle as mentioned above. The following are specific steps that you should follow when you want to copy your favorite image or share the link to a new video with your circles:

  1. In the case of a mouse, just right click on any part of the image to make the dropdown menu appear. Else, you can also tap the touchpad with two fingers to select the image. For the video links, the same process can be followed in the URL bar.
  2. Click on Copy Image from the dropdown in case of images and Copy Video Link in cases of the video URLs.
  3. Go to the new area and either right-click the mouse and choose Paste option or use the shortcut of Ctrl+ V to paste the image or the video link over there.

Thus, using the conventional keyboard shortcuts or the external mouse, you can easily copy text, images, and video links to any location that you want. To add as cherry over a cake, you can also copy and paste an entire webpage content too. Just keep in mind that you need to use Ctrl+ A shortcut first to select the entire text and then go for Ctrl+ C and Ctrl+ V to do the rest of the work.

So, celebrate as you learned the easy steps to copy and paste stuff on your Chromebook. Do not forget to like, share, and subscribe to this with your circles.


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