How to Copy and Paste on MAC?

The feature of copy and paste is beyond excellent,all the students reading this article would know what I am talking about. Am I right or am I wrong? While the basic concept of copying and pasting is the same for both the windows and the MAC, the procedure that achieves it is sort of different. People who have recently switched from Windows to MAC would especially experience difficulties whilst getting accustomed to the MAC OS. Fret not, we’ve got your back. There are plenty of ways in which you can copy and paste any text or any file. Let’s take a look at them.

3 Ways to copy and paste on MAC OS

Keyboard shortcuts:

This should be a familiar term for windows users as well. Keyboard shortcuts are quintessential to ways to get anything done on computers. If you know the correct keyboard shortcut for a particular command, you can make your computing experience abundantly easy. Keyboard shortcuts are also a good way of copying something onto the clipboard and pasting it on the desired location.

To copy an excerpt into the clipboard, highlight or select the text and press Command key and the C key simultaneously. The command key can be found on the left of the space bar. This will copy the selected content into the clipboard. Now, go to the location wherein you want to paste the copied content and press Command key and V key.

The content will be pasted on the page. However, copying and pasting using this shortcut will also copy the writing font and size. If you do not want to copy the same size and font, press the command key, the shift key and the V key simultaneously.

Using the mouse:

Using the mouse is the most conventional of giving commands to your computer. If you don’t have a keyboard and can’t trigger an action using the keyboard shortcuts, the mouse has got your back. To copy a text or a file using a mouse, first select the content. Then, right click on the mouse and select the tab that says “copy” from the menu.

Go to the location wherein you want to paste the file or the text you copied to the clipboard. Right click again and wait for the menu to open up. Click the “paste item” tab from the menu. You will find your content safely pasted on the desired location.

Option Key:

This is one of the simplest ways of copying and pasting some content. Highlight the text or the file you want to copy, just as is done in the other methods. Now, drag the content by holding the left key of your mouse whilst pressing the ‘option’ button. Here, the option button is the trigger for copying the item.

Take the item you copied and go to the location you want to paste it on. Once reached, release the mouse and the option key at the same time. If this does not work on your device, you can press and hold the command key instead of the option key and perform the same task. One of the two methods is bound to work.


The switch from the Windows to Mac can be tiresome owing to the massive differences in the two operating system. Everything is quite the opposite, albeit, a few exceptions. The command of copy and paste is one thing that remains unchanged, with just a slight variation. But if you have found yourself in a pickle when it comes to copying and pasting some content, I hope these compiled ways helped you in finding your way out of the pickle.


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