How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger on iPhone & Android ?

The social detox : The world of the internet has created various sub-categories amongst the user communities. Be it for shopping, banking, working, social media, you would find this boon to be applicable in nearly all of the fields. And in the past decade, social media has also taken various leaps and bounds to transform the lives of the people.

Yes, social media has indeed worked a lot in shaping up lives and creating breakthroughs for new ventures. But, it is also true that these days, several people have started taking detox out of it due to various reasons. One of the recent trending ones is the deactivation of Facebook Messenger on both iPhone and Android devices. Today’s blog speaks in detail on it.

Reasons For Deactivating Messenger

The following lists down the reasons for which the people are claiming to detox out of social media, particularly Facebook:

  • Addictive nature of the website amongst the teenagers, who lose interest in the purpose of life at an initial stage.
  • Data privacy concerns raised currently by various researchers, where they have proven out the facts about Facebook monitoring sensitive information of the users and using the same for its benefits.
  • Regular updates on Facebook and Messenger apps often irritate people and they tend to take a break out of this to prevent the notifications altogether.

Therefore, if you are planning to deactivate your Messenger account, then probably your reasons might be coming out of either of these.

Deactivating Messenger on iPhone

One of the plus points about iPhones is the easy mechanism of deactivating various service accounts and add value to the consumer. Therefore, go for the steps given below to successfully deactivate the Messenger app from your device:

  • Launch the Messenger app on the mobile and click on the profile icon present at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Out of the number of options displayed on the menu, scroll to Account Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll the next menu that opens up and go down to Your Facebook Information.
  • Tap on Account ownership and control and then move ahead to Deactivation and deletion.
  • You would be presented with two options- Deactivate the account or permanently delete the account. Go for the former in this case.
  • Hit on the next prompts coming up on the screen and finally, your Messenger account would get deactivated on the iPhone device.

Deactivating FB Messenger on Android

Coming to Android devices, the process is almost similar as mentioned above for iPhones. But the only variation lies in the process of reaching the deactivation option.

Just hit on the profile picture at the top-left corner of the screen and then go for Legal and Policies-> Deactivate Messenger. Follow the prompts coming up next and finally, you would be able to achieve the mission.

Things to clear out

The following things need to be cleared out before commencing with the overall process:

  • The deactivation of Facebook Messenger can only be done through mobile devices, not PC or MacBooks. In simple terms, the app is only meant for mobile devices and hence any action can be taken only out of these.
  • Messenger cannot be deactivated without deactivating the primary Facebook account. Instead, you can turn off the former in case if you do not want to deactivate your Facebook account.

Turning off Facebook Messenger

Go for the given steps to turn off notifications for Messenger only and not deactivate the Facebook account:

  • Hit on the profile picture at the top-left corner.
  • Click on Active status present in the display menu of the app.
  • Use the toggle to change between the On and Off options. Accordingly, the activity status would get altered.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to turn off the notifications by going to Settings->Notifications and Sounds->Do not Disturb.

If you want to take a permanent break from Facebook, then follow the steps as mentioned above and hit on Account deletion, instead of deactivation. However, think a lot before going for the extreme measure.

Hence, the steps to carry out the process are detailed in the post. Let us know of your concerns and queries in the comments section and the same would be answered at the earliest.


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