How to Delete Netflix History | Clear Watch History & Viewing History

Netflix and Chill! : Yes, by now you would have surely come across this tagline several times. Indeed, the inception of Netflix has brought every one of us out of the boring closets. Bored out of the regular Work from Home schedule? Not able to think of anything productive during the weekend? Want to have some good moments with the near ones? The answer to all of these lies in Netflix.

With time, the experience of Netflix has been made dynamic to suit the interests of the people. If you are sharing your account with others in the forms of different profiles, then you also have an option to keep a track of your viewing history. Thus, in our blog of the day, we would be further discussing the steps to delete netflix history gradually.

Reasons Clear & Delete Netflix Watch History

The reasons to take up such a drastic step can vary from individual to individual. Still, on a common scale, some of the important ones include the following:

  1. To maintain privacy in terms of the content viewed and not create any kind of misjudgment on the others.
  2. In the case of account sharing with kids, you would never want them to come across any content that is meant strictly for adults.
  3. You do not want others to know about the genres that you like, especially if that one is not favored by many.

So, irrespective of all of these reasons, it is very important to understand that you have good control of the account, and clearing out the watch history is one of those.

How to Delete Netflix Watch History on PC

In the case of multiple profiles under the same account, removing the viewing history can be done only in individual profiles. Follow the given steps to do so:

  1. Visit the website of Netflix and unlock the credentials of the account.
  2. Hit on your profile picture and go to ‘Your Account’.
  3. Hit on the drop-down symbol in the right of the profile options.
  4. Out of the given options, click on Profile and Parental Controls and select Viewing Activity.
  5. The list of the recently viewed content would pop up on the screen. Hit on the small circular icon at the right of each of the titles.

As a result, the title would get hidden from the usual viewing history. It would take about 24 hours for the hidden titles to get deleted out permanently.

How to Remove Netflix Watch History on Mobile [ Netflix App ]

Be it Android or iOS, deleting the account history on these devices is slightly different from the PC experience. Follow the steps given below to execute the same:

  1. Launch the Netflix app on the device.
  2. Hit on the More tab at the bottom-right corner and select on Account option.
  3. Scroll down to the Viewing Activity. It would open up the list of the titles that have been viewed recently by you.
  4. Hit on the circular icon at the right of each title to hide the same from the history one by one.
  5. Alternatively, you can use the option of Delete All to clear out the entire history in one go.

Thus, the complete control of your viewing activity is also set.

Alternative way to Clear Netflix History

In case if you are thinking of deleting the account history just because your kid also shares your profile, then you might reconsider it. Recently, Netflix has rolled out a feature of Netflix Kids Experience. As per this, the following features get applied:

  1. Simplified look and options for genres.
  2. Removal of direct access to the account settings.
  3. Comes up with shows meant only for the kids.

As a result, now you can control the content that you want your child to watch. To activate this, follow the procedure of adding profiles to your account. Just remember to select the option of Kids and accordingly the feature would get embedded with the profile.

With this, we conclude on our steps to go for Clear Watch History & Viewing History. Let us know your queries and doubts in the comments section.


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