Disney Plus not Working | Different Ways to Fix the issue

Taking up the fun of OTT : Today’s time is defined by the popularity of OTTs amongst the internet audience. The number of subscriptions to the same shot up in the initial days of the lockdown caused by the global pandemic. And when it comes to India, a significant share comes under the platform of Disney+.

Originally started as Hotstar, the app got the biggest upgrade after acquiring the partnership of Disney to stream movies and shows of the latter, along with the ones from Star Network. Therefore, buying out the Premium subscription of Disney+ would give higher returns by the end of the year.

But just like other applications, it is not aloof of various glitches that might hinder the overall experience of the viewers. In simple terms, the viewers have also faced several cases of Disney+ app not working or getting down unexpectedly. Therefore, in our blog of the day, we would be discussing in detail the different methods to resolve it out.

Disney+ Error Codes :General issues popping out

The following list showcases the general problems encountered by the viewers while using the app:

  1. Error codes like 24, 29, 42, 43, and 76, to name a few.
  2. Error code xx i.e. trouble connecting to the account and thus re-enter the account details to try again.
  3. The video requested cannot be played. Please refer to Disney+ Help Centre in case if the problem persists.
  4. Slow connection speed on the platform.
  5. Not authorized to view the video content.

Sometimes the errors can also be a combination of either of the above choices.

How to Fix Disney+ Not Working Issue ?

As the initial steps of troubleshooting, you can always refer to the given list:

  1. Check up the speed of the internet via speed test to see if the downloading speed is sufficient to meet the streaming requirements (minimum of 5 Mbps).
  2. Refresh the connection to your device by shutting off the option and then reconnecting after a gap of some 30-40 seconds.
  3. Reset the router of Wi-Fi and then reconnect to see if the speed has been ramped up accordingly.
  4. Sign out of the Disney+ accounts from all of the devices and then re-login to check if the issue has been resolved.
  5. Update the app to the current version or go for fresh installation on the device.
  6. Try out the web version of Disney+ to check if the problem persists over there also.

The upcoming section discusses in detail the individual error codes.

Error Code 83

Error Code 83 is the primary bugging issue that causes a lot of hindrance to the viewers of the platform. It refers to the case of device incompatibility i.e. your current device is not able to run the content smoothly. There can be different causes to it, as the older version of OS, upgrade required in the accessories, and many such.

Therefore, go for these tips to troubleshoot the issue accordingly:

  1. Reboot the device to clear out the cache and clutter that might be causing the issues of connecting to the service in the first place.
  2. Check up the device compatibility with the platform in terms of a new app update or firmware update.
  3. Check up for the system’s settings to ensure if any new OS update has been rolled out or not.
  4. Log in to another device that matches the compatibility requirements of the platform.
  5. Delete and reinstall the app on the device.
  6. Write back to the help center if the issue persists.

Error 42

Error code 42 refers to the server issue created from Disney+ side or connectivity issue from the Wi-Fi of the user. It happens generally in the cases where the peak limit of streaming is reached by the platform and it fails to accommodate the extra viewers.

Therefore, the troubleshooting techniques for it include the following:

  1. Log out of all of the devices and then reconnect to your Disney+ account. The extra devices might be causing unnecessary inconvenience.
  2. Reset the Wi-Fi router and then try connecting the respective devices to it.
  3. Ensure that the devices that consume the maximum amount of bandwidth are not connected to the source.
  4. Remove the cache data from the browser, as unnecessary storage prevents a stable connection with the platform.
  5. Go for changing DNS settings of the Wi-Fi.

Error 73

Error Code 73 refers to the incompatibility caused by the device location. In other words, if any episode or movie is not available in a particular region, there are high chances of the same popping up on the screen. Also, if you are trying to use proxy settings and it does not work, then also the error gets displayed.

As a troubleshooting method, the following two things can be done:

  1. Checking up the availability of the particular content in the region of device location.
  2. Resetting the router or modem in the home and then ensuring that the location is set as per the original details.

Error 39

Error Code 39 is exclusive to the users who stream the content of Disney+ via the Xbox controller. The best-case solutions for this include establishing strong connectivity of the HDMI cable with the device and ensuring that no other device is using up the same Disney+ credentials as the Xbox.

Error 24

This pops up in cases of login issues or simple words, you are not able to enter inside your account irrespective of correct credentials. The troubleshooting methods for it include the following:

  1. Disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet source to improvise the connection with the platform.
  2. Checking up the billing cycle to ensure that no pending subscription is left for the account.

Troubleshooting for home devices : Disney+

There are also cases where Disney+ shows issues with the home theatre devices (like Firestick, Xbox, Smart TV, and others). In such cases, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Restart the respective device and then reconnect to check up the resolution of the issue.
  2. Reinstall Disney+ on all of the devices that get connected to it.
  3. Turn off and on your modem or router to ensure adequate connectivity.
  4. Change the location or orientation of the router to ensure that the device is within the region of excellent strength.

With this, we conclude on our take for the different methods to resolve the issues of Disney+ not working. Let us know your queries in the comments section. Till then, stay tuned to our channel for more of such information.


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