Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail [ Disposable Email]

Security and privacy of our email address have become a top concern in this digital era. Many websites make it mandatory for you to provide an email address that makes it more vulnerable to hacking. You also find your inbox getting a barrage of spam and marketing emails. But thanks to an equal amount of supply of secure solutions; you can avoid the headache by using services like 10 Minute Mail.

As evident by its name; it lets you create an email address that lasts exactly for ten minutes. However, the email sent via that email address remains in the recipients’ inbox till the time they delete it. Hence, its rising popularity is understandable. It helps you maintain anonymity as well. But like any other digital offering; you are bound to find alternatives to disposable email providing sites as well. We thus, list out a few robust alternatives that you can use to remain digitally secure and anonymous. Check them out!

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Best Disposable Email Services to send Temporary Email

Having been around for quite a long time, Mailinator is a reliable and robust disposable email provider. Its user-friendly interface allows you to set up a temporary email address in just around half a minute. It offers you a clean, simple, elegant and user-friendly interface. It even gives you a suggestion to create email addresses which helps people who fail to come up with their ideas. The email address gets deleted in a couple of hours.

It allows you to get millions of inboxes with one email address for free but gives you No Privacy which might be a concern. It does not need any log-in or sign-up for a free account but does require it for its paid account. It is ideal for email testing purposes and bulk storage of enterprise-level emails. But you must remember that you can only receive emails but not send emails using the temporary email provided by the site. The email gets deleted after a couple of hours but the email remains.

  • Maildrop

This is again a free and open-source disposable email provider that is quite similar to Mailinator. You can either decide your own email address or use its suggestions to create one. It too does not need any of your personal information. It has a modern clean and user-friendly interface which adheres to Google’s own Material Design guidelines. A completely free and open-source disposable email provider; it uses the domain for its emails which are accepted at most websites but few might reject it.

This free disposable service can almost be hailed as a bare-bones application. As you head to the site, you get greeted with a disposable email address and an inbox button on the top-left corner. You also have the choice to generate your own creative email address. Refreshing the page will give you the chance to generate a second email. It gives you just this basic service and nothing else. One pointer to keep in mind is that the site does not have its SSL certificate and thus you need to use your discretion while using the site.

The design of this site hasn’t undergone much change since its inception in the ‘90s but its functionality in providing a disposable email address is still excellent and impressive. Without needing any registration and personal information, it lets you create disposable email addresses in a few seconds. You can use as many domains as you fancy for creating the emails. It does not give you any set timer for the deletion of an email address but once you exit the site; the email address is gone forever.

With an easy to understand user interface; it is a highly popular alternative to 10 Minute Mail. It lets you generate a fake email in the easiest manner possible. Working right out of the box; it gives you a fake email address and its associated inbox the moment you visit the site. The menu on the left lets you copy, change or refresh the email and even delete it. Clicking on change allows you to create a fresh email address. However, it does not allow you to put your own domain name and you must only select those provided by the site.

A convenient and delightful feature of this application is its Google Chrome Extension. Installing the extension saves you the hassle of opening the website and grabbing a temporary email address fast every time you need it.

With a much cleaner and easy to use interface than other similar service application; it makes your job of getting a fake email address effortless. Once you land on the site; all you need to do is press the ‘Get Temporary Email’ tab in the center of the page. It takes you to a randomly generated inbox. It gives you pretty cool domain names and also the flexibility to change both parts of the email address. It is as easy as it can get.

Dispostable is the place to go if you wish to forego all hassles of additional text. The site has absolutely nothing else but your temporary email greeting you on the screen. It does not suggest any email to you and lets you create any with domain name Post creation, you click on ‘Check inbox’ and you are good to go. The generated email lasts up to three days.

This fake email generator is a little different from the rest and looks closest to authentic email service. A change experienced here is that your temporary email remains active as long as the temporary domain name provided remain active on the site. In case, you do not wish to lose access to the inbox, you can add your genuine email address as well. It can also give you level 1 and level 2 domains for your chosen email. You also have the facility of sound and pop-up notifications. You can almost feel as if you are using a genuine email service.

This site is also similar to as your temporary email remains active as long as the domain name is active. You get the list of domain names along with its uptime. In case you want to use your personal created domain name; you need to set up its DNS via the Emailfake nameservers. Overall, it is a good provider of a fake email address for all your requirements.

  • Minuteinbox

This service can be deemed as a true alternative to the 10 Minute Mail. On visiting the site, you get your fake email address which remains active for the duration decided by you, be it 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days. You even have the flexibility to extend the expiry time of the fake email address which is a feature not found in any other similar service provider discussed so far.

It is another praiseworthy site that comes with a Chrome Extension as well.  But you need to register to this site first using your Google or Facebook account. With a simple UI; it lets you create disposable emails. It also allows you to set the expiry time of the email from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

As evident from its name; the disposable email generated from this site has a lifespan of 20 minutes. A unique feature of this site is that it provides you with a recovery key attached to an account so that you can revive your expired account in case you need it back. But this site does not have its own SSL which might raise some security concerns.

This site also comes with a Google Chrome extension for easy accessibility and lets you create multiple inboxes simultaneously. This feature is unique as most allow you to create one inbox at a time. Using this service is also seamless and easy.

Last on our list, this site is a little different from all the above sites. You need to register to this site using your genuine email address. The site then sends you an email address with a link to your inbox. You can create, edit, check or delete your disposable email address using this link.

Wrapping Up

As evident, you are spoilt for choice as far as alternatives for 10 Minute Mail is concerned. They help keep your primary inbox clean and secure. Most sites discussed are safe and secure and are accepted by most web forms. Thus, next time you are asked for an email address; you can make a judicious choice.

We hoped to have helped you in getting what you were looking for. Kindly share it with all others who will find this information useful as well. If you have any comments or suggestions, shout it out at our comments section below! Till then, stay connected!


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