Does Instagram Notify When you Screenshot a story ?

The growing social media : Today’s time has been witnessing the growth of social media for a very long time. Be it Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, or Instagram, all of these handles are getting popular amongst all of the age groups- starting from teens to old age people. And there is nothing wrong with it.

Social media has been connecting people spread across different continents. Also, it relays the information in a faster way and makes something sensational within few clicks. Keeping this in view, it is very important to maintain privacy on the accounts and give enough personal space to everyone.

Ever since Instagram rolled out the feature of stories (that disappear after 24 hours), there have been enough discussions on its link to the privacy breach. Thus, the blog of the day discusses majorly one of its aspects- if the app notifies the user of any screenshot being taken of his or her story.

Why do we Take Screenshot ?

In general, the practice of screenshots is followed only when you find some content attractive and want to save it for future references. There is nothing wrong with doing so. It’s just that the intention needs to be right. Malicious use of such features would earn a heavy penalty from both the court of law and Instagram developers.

Taking Screenshots is very simple now a days. Inbuilt feature was built specially for the purpose of taking screenshots. You can take screenshot on Windows laptop using Print screen, similarly you can take screenshot on HP laptop, MAC PC and on Chromebook. Only issue is why we are taking the screenshot and for what purpose we are using it.

Does Instagram Notify you of Screenshots ?

Now, coming to the main question of Instagram notifying the users of any screenshots taken for their stories, there is no such concrete proof on it. As of now, there is no such feature officially declared by the developers and the same has also not being reported by the users.

The platform did try to run it in beta version for some of the users during mid-2018 and after some time, it was discontinued. Thus, it is not sure when the developers would restart the feature and roll the official update out for everyone.

Clearing the confusion

However, this should not be confused with the disappearing photos or videos that are taken by the Instagram camera and then sent to someone in Direct Message (DM). In such a case, the sender is notified of any screenshot alert taken by the receiver, and accordingly, the former can enquire about it from the latter.

But the rule is not applicable in the case of non-disappearing messages (like feed posts, texts, hashtags, and others). In such cases, you can easily take the screenshot and not worry about any of the notifications.

Staying on the safer side

It is said that Prevention is better than cure. Similarly, it is always recommended to stay on the safer side and follow authorized practices on Instagram. Thus, go for the given tips to ensure it:

  1. If you want to capture some posts that you liked very much, then you can always bookmark it by the option given at the bottom left of the post. It serves two purposes in one arrow- Not notifying the poster about the process and preventing the regular hassles of taking a screenshot and then getting it lost under other pictures of the gallery.
  2. Make the profile private, in case of any concerns related to someone taking screenshots of your posts or stories for malicious reasons. In such cases, add only those people whom you know very well.
  3. Beware of the third-party apps that claim to send notifications to the users of anyone taking a screenshot of their posts or stories. Report the same immediately and do not fall into such traps (unless notified by the developers of the platform).

Thus, keep an eye on the updates regularly and adhere to the same. Let us know your queries in the comments section.


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