Does Panera accept Apple Pay?

If you’re an avid coffee and bread eater most likely, you have been to the Panera branch during the break from work or on your journey in the US.

Perhaps you’re looking to find out if they support Apple Pay as a payment method that will simplify your purchase. We’re here to help you clear your doubts.

Does Panera Bread accept Apple Pay?

Panera has been among the first restaurants to accept contactless payments and use Apple Pay in their payment methods. In 2014, Panera has been accepting Apple Pay for in-store payments. Since the beginning of the Panera application, they also added Apple Pay as a payment method.

Along with its convenience with contactless, Panera will offer you the chance to earn 3% cash back every day when you shop with Apple Pay. We recommend that you make all your purchases using the application.

How do I make use of Apple Pay at Panera?

You need to have at least an Apple device, like one of the iPhone 6, a higher version as well as an Apple Watch. After that, you need to connect your debit or credit card to the Wallet of your phone.

To complete the process step, open Wallet on your smartphone and then click on”+” to complete the process “+” symbol you’ll be able to see on the screen. It is necessary to snap a picture of the card you wish to add or can enter the information manually.

You need to confirm the details of your card and then accept Apple’s conditions and terms. The device’s account numbers will be allocated to you, not the same as the card number. This number is secure and assists you in keeping your cards safe.

If you wish to pay using an iWatch instead, you’ll need to connect it to your Wallet. It’s easy by logging into Watch using your iPhone. You then navigate to Wallet and then to Apple Pay.

In Apple Pay, choose the card you want to use for an option for payment, and you’ll be able make purchases using your Watch.

How do I pay with Apple Pay in Panera stores?

If you’ve already added your credit card to your Wallet You can then proceed to pay for your purchases at Panera. After you’ve selected the items you would like to purchase, simply go to the checkout area and launch your Wallet application on your smartphone or watch.

After you have logged into the Wallet Select the card you want to use. It will ask you to confirm your identity. If you’re using an iPhone you must confirm using the Face ID or Touch ID or passcode. If you’re using your iWatch, you’ll need to input your password.

After verifying your identity, put your phone or keep your eyes on the reader. You will need to wait a few seconds before you’ll hear an sound and you can see on the card that your transaction has been approved. This is the first transaction.

How do I pay for Panera Bread using the app?

To begin, you need to first download Panera Bread. First, you must download the Panera Bread app on your Apple device. After downloading, launch the app and login into your Panera Bread account. If you don’t possess an account you need to create one. Choose the “Create an account” option, and enter your personal details.

After you have established your account and signed into your account, select the store’s place. Select your purchase and then add it to your shopping cart.

Once you’ve selected your purchase, you must confirm your purchase in the shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout page. Select the payment options option and then select “Apple Pay”.


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